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August 23, 2012

I’m so excited today! This is the very first edition of a recurring post I will be featuring on my blog. It is information and inspiration for moms-to-be (and dads), new moms (and dads), or just anyone who enjoys reading and images pertaining to interiors, design, or nurseries.

I hope it’s no secret that I love visiting my clients’ homes! I see the home as a sacred space……a place to love and nurture and bond, to grow and bloom and dream, to teach and learn and create, to find encouragement, comfort, and joy. And I believe the home and the decor should inspire and nurture the people living there. And a baby’s room is so important. That very first room will be where they seek comfort and rest and where their sense of curiosity and wonder begins to develop. I know when I was pregnant with my daughter, planning the nursery gave me such immense joy. I felt that with every item I chose, I was pouring my whole heart into her environment. And when I visit the homes of my clients, I can see the love they put into their nurseries as well. I LOVE photographing a baby’s room. And I thought you might love getting a little better peek at some of these awesome spaces too and learning a little more about how they evolved. So from time to time you will see the Newborn Nestorations post and I will feature images from a client’s nursery. I will ask questions about inspiration, color, design, budgets, resources, and anything else I can thing of. I also have some special posts lined up with interview and articles from experts that you won’t want to miss!

So, without further ado……let’s dive in to this first post and visit Hudson’s nursery and talk with his mommy, Jordyn!

Hello Jordyn. Thank you for taking the time to answer some questions about Hudson’s nursery. I think other local moms and moms-to-be will find it very interesting and inspirational.

Q: Jordyn, I just LOVE Hudson’s nursery! Did you do the decorating yourself or did you have assistance from a professional?
A: I did all the decorating myself. While I would have loved to have professional help or a design team, our budgets did not lend themselves to those amenities. I used the same design method with the nursery as I did with decorating the rest of my house. I make purchases piece by piece and slowly (but surely) pull things together. I dislike the ‘matchy matchy’ way of design and love how different pieces complement each other once placed together. My original goal was to have some ‘antiquey’ pieces because I love that look, but as I started to collect I realized I was as far from that goal as possible.

Q: Did you have a particular theme in mind or a favorite color? What was your starting point for the design and where did you find inspiration?
A: We decided not to find out the sex of our baby. When this happens people typically turn towards neutral colors like yellow. I am definitely not a go with the flow kind of girl but this is exactly what we did. I was not thrilled at the idea of having an entire room painted yellow. While yellow provides a bright and cheery atmosphere I was a bit concerned about how loud it may be. I wanted a color that would tone it down and pair nicely with it so I started searching magazines and internet sights to find the trends this season. I loved the contrast between the gray and yellow and thought it would be perfect for either a girl or a boy. Once the colors were picked out I turned to bedding. After realizing that custom bedding was out of our price range and too overwhelming to choose from I searched the internet for gray and yellow nursery bedding. I found the chevron pattern at and fell in love with it. We matched the gray from the bedding as a wall color and decided to accent one wall with the yellow from the bedding to highlight the large window.

Q: Your paint selections are wonderful too. Do you recall what colors you used?
A: We purchased our paint from Lowes. Valspar ultra premium oatlands daisy was the yellow and Valspar ultra premium passive was the gray.

Q: What piece or item do you think had the biggest influence on the rest of the room?
A: I think the window seat had the biggest influence. I wish I could give myself credit for the crafty vision but after scouring baby rooms (especially gray and yellow themed rooms) on the internet I spotted this bookshelf. Originally marketed in the stores and catalogue as a vertical bookshelf, somebody had the vision to flip it horizontally which I just loved. I knew I had the perfect spot under the large window and could fill it with the Baby’s toys and books. This item was a must have and I had no doubts about it! The bookshelf only came in three colors (black, red and white) and therefore dictated the color of the remaining furniture in the room.

Q: Where did you purchase the furniture for the room?
A: We purchased our bigger items from two different places. We went to Baby Furniture Plus for the crib and the recliner and Ikea for the dresser and window seat. We had to go back to Ikea on 4 different occasions due to out of stock and faulty merchandise. This was quite frustrating! We purchased the white side table/drum and red lamp from World Market, another favorite of mine.

Q: Did you shop local for any of the furnishings or decor? If so, what items did you find locally and where?
I love the different art pieces in the nursery too. Can you tell me about them? Do any of the art items in the nursery have a special significance to you or your family?
A: We purchased two of the art pieces at Portfolio in five points. I have a friend who works there and of course love to shop locally whenever I can. They are Story People prints and the stories of these prints have to do with raising children and we thought that was a perfect addition to a room dedicated to our first child. We also purchased two of the three ‘friendship/witch’ balls at Portfolio. The blue one was previously given to me from a good friend. I thought that purchasing two additional balls would help spread more positive energy throughout the room. All three matched the color theme with the pillows below and I thought hanging them near a window would be a perfect way to expand the eye when entering the room. I also like their significance as they catch what’s good and spread it throughout the room as the sun reflects into the balls.
The palm tree is from Earnest Lee aka “The Chicken Man”. The irony of this purchase is that we bought it over five years ago and could not find the perfect place to hang it. As we were creating the nursery and removing items from what was once the office we found this painting. We thought the colors and theme of the painting was a perfect fit for the nursery.
The sunburst mirror was purchased at an antique shop in Charlotte. I think it’s the closest I got to getting something ‘antiquey’ as I mentioned earlier.
Lastly, the framed elephants are left over material from the pillows. I thought this was a fun and inexpensive way to incorporate more color on the wall and tie together the accents. The frames are purchased from Ikea.

Q: Leftover fabric from the pillows… did you make the pillows? Where did you find that adorable fabric?
A: I was thankful for a coworker who made them for me as a gift. I ordered the fabric online – 2 different sites only because one didn’t have everything I wanted. was one of the places I purchased from…I can’t remember the other place.

Q: Where did you splurge and where did you save?
A: The goal was to save throughout the entire decorating process. With the addition of a new baby we realized our already tight budgets were going to get even skinnier. We chose Ikea for this sole purpose and as a secondary benefit we loved their stuff. The dresser and bookshelf from Ikea, as well as the crib from Baby Furniture Plus, were all reasonably priced items. Where we decided to bend our budget was with the recliner. We needed something that could accommodate my husband’s height and larger frame with comfort and something that reclined. I was assuming we would be spending many hours in this chair. In hindsight, I’m glad we splurged in this area as my predictions were accurate – we have logged many hours in this chair and could not be happier!

Q: What would you say was your very best purchase in preparing for Hudson’s arrival?
A: In reflection on the nursery, I can honestly say that I don’t have a best purchase. The room feels so complete to me and everything seems to complement each other. If I had to choose something that was a favorite, I would pick the chevron and elephant pillows.. They were the last item to be placed in the room and really tied everything together.

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