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Today I am announcing a brand new session experience for families expecting a new baby. This session focuses on the relationships and welcoming the baby into the family home and has a smaller time and financial commitment. It has been created for babies 4 weeks old and younger and has limited availability, so be sure to book your appointment early.
Check out the details below!

Kel Ward: Brilliant! I love the lifestyle work that you do and if I were closer and expecting, I'd be booking you in a heart beat!

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Do you know what my favorite part of a newborn photography session is? You might be surprised. It’s not when I get the baby to sleep so soundly that they barely stir when I position them….although believe me, that is a great moment. It’s not when I capture a smile crossing their lips as they slumber…..although that is a pretty sweet gift that I totally appreciate. And it’s not when I get to hold them and smell their sweet smell and feel a sense of gratitude pass over me for the time I get to spend in their angelic presence.

It’s the in-between moments. It’s the details of life….and love. It’s watching a mother look at her child in a way that portrays such deep affection, when the camera ISN”T pointed her way. It’s watching a big strong man turn to a big ball of mush that nuzzles his babe every moment he gets. And it is capturing the tiny little details that will be gone or changed before you know it……the changes you tell yourself are coming but when they do, you can’t believe they came so quickly. The tiny fingers and toes, the sweet lips and precious curls.

And I want to say thank you to all the families who allowed me to be present and be witness and capture this magnificent time in your lives.

This little princess came into the world a little earlier than we expected her to. And the first time I visited her, she was so tiny that we decided to postpone the session a few weeks. I’m so glad we did. Look how beautiful she is!!! And so loved. And mommy and daddy were so relaxed and natural. I asked them to repeat the things that came naturally for them so that I could capture the beauty of those moments. Here are some of the posed and some of the natural moments from our day together:)

Mom and Dad, tell your friends and family members to check out the images and leave a little love on your blog post. If you get 35 comments from unique visitors (with their email address), you can choose your favorite image for a 5×7 print on me! If you get 50 comments, it’s an 8×10!! Enjoy:)


Rowena: What an adorable baby! Beautiful family! Love your work Ashley!

lisa: Sweet. Sweet. Sweet. They will be so happy these decided to do newborn pics!!!! Love that little tush!!!!

amy b.: what a darling little girl. nice work ashley. I am sure they are thrilled.

Kate Craft: adorable

Julie Delgado: So beautiful. That last one is just stunning. Great work.

Brandi-lee: What a gorgeous looking baby, every single shot is a winner, lovely session. So much to say about this session - I love the multicolour banket and that last shot with that gorgeous colour background, you know just the right colours to pick. The shot with Dad holding her and you can see her precious newborn wrinkles on her bottom is precious. Honestly, I could say something gorgeous about every single shot!! My absolute favourite though would have to be the one with the parents on the bed kissing, it's totaly adorable that she is pouting her little lips just like Mum and Dad, absolutely priceless!!

Amber Jackson: All the pictures look great! My favorite is the last shot. I love the colors. I love this little baby! so precious and beautiful.

Fabiana Beatriz: Oh, Ashley. This isn't fair. How in the world will they ever choose? Stunning!!!

Donna: What beautiful images! I especially LOVE the last one! :)

Danielle McCarty: Gorgeous session, love every one of these! I can't choose a favorite! Perfect! :)

Tia: Lord, these are gorgeous! The photographer did an excellent job, and little Miss is beautiful.

Kari Wright: These are so adorable. She is the most beautiful baby and that little pucker - so perfect. Great job capturing real moments.

Monique N.: Absolutely stunning!!! Your family has been blessed Charise!

Tangy Wiliams: What a beautiful family! God has done it again, provided the world with another angel, beautiful little Brynn.

Christina: These pictures are adorable. What a lovely baby girl.

Britton Jenkins: Beautiful pictures! I love them all! Little Miss B. is adorable!

Jill Slater: I am speechless. These are the most adorable pictures I have ever seen.

Barbara Hurst: Ashley these are gorgeous, love that little tush.

Kelly Mack: WOW! The one of baby in Dads hands is amazing. I love your work so much Ashley!

Karioka: Absolutely gorgeous! What a beautiful family!

Yvonne Jones: These pics just take my breath away. Cherise, you have one beautiful family...and Brynn is a doll!!

Tiffany Spooner: BEAUTIFUL pics! GORGEOUS baby girl!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats on your little blessing!!

Crys: Cherise I am in love with Brynn! Can we get an arrangement with her and Terrell? LOL! Love the pics! Excellent job by your photographer!

Melissa. D: beautiful photos... hard to pick which one I loved the best b/c they are all so adorable.

Vickie J: Wow!! Very nice. Beautiful family and adorable little baby.

desi: och! just look at that tiny baby. love the shots. nicely done.

Chrystal J: Ashley you did an awesome job. These pictures are truly amazing. Thanks for capturing these moments for my niece.... Ur work is priceless... :)

Christina: What a beautiful family and sweet baby girl

Shalonda: The photo's are breathtaking!! You have such a BEAUTIFUL family!

Dee Dee: This was a long time coming, and everyone looks great. Beautiful family.

Marzena: You are a queen of lifestyle photography!!! Gorgeous family and perfect portraits.

Lekethia Cross: Beautiful pics! Brynn is so adorable!

Rahael: Brynn is just gorgeous, and the parents aren't have bad either ;)! Great photography! Number 5567 is gorgeous!

Teshia McSwain: ...she is adorable.

beth: Breathtaking!!! Both the beautiful photos and the gorgeous little gift that is Brinn :)

Ruschille Ford: Wow! These are wonderful pictures. I am sooo happy for your family. You guys look great! This photographer is awesome.

Julie Millager: Oh Brynn is just precious, I love the pictures and Cherise looks beautiful too. Awesome photo shoot!

Sylvia Borgo: So, sweet and lovely. I adore the love you capture in your images. It is just magical!

amy: OH WOW.. I love these. Totally darling..

Michelle B.: She is so adorable! I love her little booty pic :)

beverly j: What a beautiful family. I love every single shot. Love your work Ashley!

Tyler Davis: Beautiful baby, congrats again!

Nika: Adorable! I love the basket picture.

Kecia Harley: Too cute..

Gail: What a tiny little bundle of love!!! I adore all the shots with the parents - so many tender moments captured and all those detail shots - so sweet! Beautiful work Ashley!

Christi Stewart: OMG! So sweet and adorable.

Stacy: She is beautiful!!!! Congrats again!

De Andra: SHE IS SO BEAUTIFUL! I'm so happy for you guys! What a blessing!

Camille: i love the hair bow.

Jaquetta: Awww. I just love the pictures. Welcome to this wonderful world baby girl. Such pictures!

Tina M. Jones: Just adorable, especially the last one in the wash tub! Great work and subjects

Leah Jent: What a gorgeous family and a beautiful new baby! These photos are amazing!

Cherise and Idris: Ashley, we LOVE the photos. Thanks for capturing our daughter,the pics are perfect. We enjoyed working with you. Can't wait for our next session.

Megan: These pictures are so adorable! This little girl looks like such a Diva as she sleeps and you can really see the love in these photos. It brought a tear to my eyes to see how much in love the father was with this beautiful girl. Congratulations on such an adorable bundle of joy!

Felicia J.: These pictures are beautiful! What a little miracle!

A Simone: Wow, you're baby is so beautiful and these pictures are amazing! The one of her sleeping in a basket should be in a magazine!

B. Smith: This little baby is so cute! I love it! These are beautiful pictures. Congratulations!

Aisha: Adorable baby doll. she looks so peaceful and the last pic makes me want to pick up the basket and take her with me :)

Jennika: Brynn is beautiful! Love love love the pictures!

Lina: Oh my gosh, I love her velvety skin, amazing! Those are simply beautiful!

Tim Shahady: These shots are amazing! I look forward to checking out more of your great work.

Tiese: Beautiful Pictures! I'm so glad Vickie shared them with me.

Scarlett: what a stunning family! I have said it before but I love love love your lifestyle take on newborn photography. s owell done!

Adrienne: Beautiful, beautiful pics of your family! Brynn is absolutely gorgeous and the photography is top-notch!

Julie Wagoner: Oh, what a beautiful little angel! These are perfectly sweet and make me smile just looking at them!

mirae: Beautiful!!!

Kyle: This baby is adorable.

Tiara Watson: What a beautiful family! Cherise and Idris you both have a beautiful and adorable young lady! She is gorgeous! All of the pictures are my favorite. Awesome photos:)!

Tori Piercy: Awwww so sweet! Gorgeous parents and baby! They will adore these!

Dorothy: My favorite picture is Brynn at the foot of the bed in front of mommy and daddy.

Lillian: Beautiful newborn session. Brynn is gorgeous and beautiful family.

Stephanie B.: Every last photo is beyond amazing. Beautiful family & pictures!

amy: so adorable. love the one with the parents kissing it looks like the little babe is puckering up!!! the last one is gorgeous! they all are!

Kara Layfield: Beautiful baby girl! I just love your images...they are always so full of love.

The Mimms': prior to becoming a parent, I wondered what my children would look like. After seeing my oldest for the first time, "Beautiful" was the only comment I could utter. Feel free to borrow it, you two. These photos are breathtaking. She is truly a gift from the Creator. Peace unto you all.

Brenda: what a beautiful baby,so so sweet i see all ready she is your world.I loved every singel shot.

Letesha Jones: She is so beautiful.....Enjoy every moment.......I want me one........She is just adorable..........

Lorraine Troglin: She is precious

Amanda Leatherberry: Gorgeous baby! In that fourth image down of baby and her mom, she looks like a doll baby! Precious.

Keziah Campbell: Awwwwwwwwww tooo adorable!!!!! Beautiful family. Great job, Ashley on capturing the love of a new family on camera!!!

Meagan: B-E-A-U-TIFUL....enough said....

Jabari: she is toooooooo precious!!!!!!!!! in the pic with ya'll kissing...she looked like she was left out and wanted a kiss :-) congrats!!!!!!!

Gwen: Such a beautiful baby girl :-) Great family portraits!!!!

beverly: oh my goodness. this little one is so beauuuuutiful!!! lovely images of their family!!

Oh how divine! I fell in love with this little princess, her big sister, her mommy and daddy and grandmother too. And check out this nursery! It was like stepping into a fairy tale! At this newborn photography session, her royal highness definitely made us work hard ……. although you certainly can’t tell it by looking at the images! She looks so peaceful.

Both of these little ladies are gorgeous and as sweet as can be and I can’t wait to see them again soon!

Mom and Dad, tell your friends and family members to check out the images and leave a little love on your blog post. If you get 35 comments from unique visitors (with their email address), you can choose your favorite image for a 5×7 print on me! If you get 50 comments, it’s an 8×10!! Enjoy:)

January bookings are now filled. Please book now for your February, March, April session:)


Fabiana Beatriz: My jaw is dropping. Amazing clarity and color - and the girls are sooooo beautiful! WOW

Amanda: What a gorgeous session. Such a beautiful family!!

Brandi-lee: LOVE your style girl!! You've covered so much variety and each one is gorgeous! The colourful blanket and the ones with big sister are some of my favourites!!

Liz: What a glorious session!!! Beautiful work!

Jen Snyder: Oh, wow, this is just stunning! What a beautiful family.

amy: make that two for a jaw drop.. These are just stunning. Love them all. Mom and Dad are just gorgeous. Love all of them..

Slavie: These are simply beautiful. I love the first one of baby. Just perfect.

Kilbi Branch: These turned out so wonderful! Thank you so VERY much for capturing this special time for our family. They are perfect!

Jo from Peacock Invitations: Love!

Julie: Saylor is beautiful and you look like proud parents! Kilbi, you have a beautiful family! So Blessed!

Erica: These pictures are gorgeous! Baby Saylor is blessed to be part of such a wonderful family!

Megan: Absolutely beautiful! What a gorgeous family - the sister pictures are incredible - love them all!!!

Katy: Kilbi and Sean she is absolutely gorgeous Chloe too! Miss u guys so much as always u guys have AWESOME pics

Terri Wilson: The blessing of having wonderful pictures to grow with are an absolute joy. The pictures are worth a thousand words....

Alisha: Beautiful!!

Melanie Sampson: You are all beautiful in these pictures. I love the one of Chloe holding Saylor. What angels! Love you all!

mandie: amazing pics! i love this family :) congrats kilbs!

Hyun Ah Kim: PRECIOUS!

Kelsi Wilson: absolutely stunning!

Robin Covington: Beautiful family, beautiful pictures. The photographer has truly captured moments that take your breathe away.

Caycee Hewitt: Such a beautiful family!!! The pictures are some of the best I have ever seen! LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hailey: Gorgeous Family . Amazing photos!!!

Haven Anthony: AMAZING photos!! What a precious family you have, Kilbi! Thank you for sharing!

Brandi Hicks: Amazing pics Kilbi!! They are absolutely beautiful. I am so happy for you!!!

Courtney Peterson: They are all amazing photos!! Simply stunning and beautiful!

Candace Covington: LOVE LOVE LOVE baby Saylor :) The pics are AWESOME!

Barbara: Beautiful pictures- I love all the poses that make Saylor look like a little doll baby! She is absolutely precious!

Wende Trew: Wow!! Those are so fabulous!! What a gorgeous family!! Love the lighting in the house! You got alot of variety!

Katie Williams: LOVE LOVE LOVE every single photo.

Laura: Gorgeous pics and beautiful family!

beverly: beautiful Ashley!

CIndy: Love the photos - great shots and beautiful family!

Sarah: Adorable pictures!!!

Justyna: Amazingly beautiful again!

Victoria: Wow! These are just precious. You will cherish these!

Justyna: Amazing color and clarity is right on! Beautiful images.

Audrey: Eeek, first how absolutely devine is that nursery?!?!? Such a proud big sister, I love the one of her laying and looking at her little sis. She's so protective over her.

Catherine Thompson: Wow! These pictures are spectacular!!

Caren: Wow! Kilbi you know how to pick a photographer! These are amazing and will be enjoyed for years to come. Enjoy that baby girl

Nana: Awesome! Such creativity and captured the spirit of family. All the pictures were precious, just like the models. Loved the first one of Saylor and the ones in the basket and so cute of Saylor and Chloe. Beautiful !

Kel Ward: Another gorgeous session. You are so awesome!

Lori Elizabeth: This is SUCH a great nursery and such adorable girls!! These images are so **happy**!! Love this!!

JoAnna: These are absolutely gorgeous!

Brooke Ashley: Absolutely gorgeous! What a beautiful family. Love the sister pictures!

Cindy: Amazing photos of a beautiful famiy. You captured their joy perfectly.

Rachel Tatum: These are so beautiful!

Carrie Williams: LOVE these! Those are some good looking Branch girls!

Shu Shu: LOVE, LOVE, LOVE What gorgeous photos of my gorgeous girls!! Ashley, you ROCK!!!!!

Brenda Pierce: What a beautiful happy family. The pics are beautiful. Brenda

desi: oh wow! what a fabulous variety of gorgeous shots! i can see the baby is going to be much-loved, and bring tons of joy. well done.

Jo Viola: So sweet!

Heather Puljung: Love the pictures! :)

GBake: What a miracle! The pictures capture God's gift to Kilbi and Sean.

Sarah Johnson: These pictures are amazing!!!! What a beautiful family!

Holly Olsen: Wow! These really are gorgeous! These are going to be treasured for years to come. Love your work!!

Kristen: Beautiful pictures!

Kristen: Absolutely adorable! Beautiful work for a beautiful baby!

Linda Mathes: These pictures are so amazing and the love is captured in these special moments with Kilbi, Sean, Chloe, and Baby Saylor.

Eve Bradshaw: These are absolutely amazing! Such a beautiful family!

Gordon Mathes: Awesome!

Susie Davis: Beautiful pictures of everyone! Amazing them all.

Julie Wagoner: Oh, how gorgeous! The nursery shots alone are jaw dropping, but all of these are just fantastic images! LOVE!

Jackie Jean: these are so great!

Michelle Geis: Jaw dropping is right. What a stunning home and family! Beautiful work.

Maria: Amazing pictures, so beautiful!

Kelley: These are stunning! Congrats Kilbi and Sean (& Big Sis Chloe)!!

emily: Love these! What a beautiful family.

Sylvia Borgo: Absolutely stunning images. You manage to get such fantastic variety in your session. This beautiful family will surely be thrilled with these images!

Carrie: ***Gasp***

Laura Bowers: These are the most beautiful pictures! Congrats to you and your wonderful family!

Kris: As always - amazing!

bevelry warren: Sean, you and your family are breathe taking

Tulsa Wedding Photographer Sarah Mansur: Love these!!!! I love how you capture the families home in the images...what great memories!

Gail: OMG that nursery, those girls, the parents - the whole package is incredibly gorgeous and you certainly make it look easy! GORGEOUS work!

Lina: They are so smitten by the baby, it is adorable :)

amy: wow beautiful session!!! love that crib and nursery! gorgeous!! baby and big sis in that pink chair is adorable!

Brandie: In March spring apparel and equipment are normally on sale.

For this handsome little prince’s newborn photo session, I traveled to Charleston, SC. This gorgeous family welcomed me into their lovely home to document this wonderful time with their new baby. He was precious and gave me several sweet smiles that I was thrilled to capture with my camera. Despite a little bit of an upset tummy, he was wonderful and sweet I loved my time with him. He is obviously adored by both mom and dad and is one lucky little dude!

Mom and Dad, tell your friends and family members to check out the images and leave a little love on your blog post. If you get 35 comments from unique visitors (with their email address), you can choose your favorite image for a 5×7 print on me! If you get 50 comments, it’s an 8×10!! Enjoy:)

And to my blogstalkers (whom I adore:), I’m a little behind in the blog posting. Thanks for sticking with me. Be watching for 3 more newborn sessions and an older baby and a women’s session that I have already shot coming very shortly. With a couple more baby due dates and a momma- and daddy-to-be still left to shoot this month, the blog is gonna see a lot of action very soon!


Brandi-lee: Cant believe you got two little smiles, such gorgeous shots!!

Kelly Mack: Wow Ashley i just love your work! How beautiful. Gorgeous baby and family.

Audrey: He's such a happy little guy. I love these and I'm sure momma and daddy will too!

amy: Isn't he to cute. I love how you captured there connection and that last one of his room I love.

Liz: What a gorgeous session. I adore that nursery shot! Beautiful!

Emily Cook: Oh...LOVE the bed shot! The nursery shot is awesome also! Great job!

Michelle Geis: Such an adorable nursery! Gorgeous work Ashley.

Anelle: Wow! Ashley, these are gorgeous!!! LOVE each and everyone! I love the variety! That one of him on the brown blanket with the little smile is absolutely precious! The parents must be overjoyed with these!!!

amy: what a gorgeous little guy!! love his nursery! he looks so little on that ottoman. love the sweet smiles you captured on the brown blankets!! and the ones on the bed with his parents are beautiful!! i'm sure they will treasure these!

Kara Layfield: Love these!! I adore the shots with Mom and Dad and that nursery shot is amazing!! I know Mom and Dad must be thrilled...I know I would be! Beautiful work!

Stephanie: Ashley these are gorgeous as usual! The shot on green and the last one on brown are just divine! His nursery is gorgeous too and you really captured it perfectly! I'm sure mom & dad will just love these!

Nancy W: LOVE the sweet little smiles! And the bed shot. And the nursery shot. Beautiful work Ashley! And wowsers at mom! Totally doesn't look like she just had a baby!

Rachel Aberle: Awesome job on these Ashley! I really love the last few with him on the blanket, he's just so sweet all curled up like that.

Julie Wagoner: Wow, what an adorable session Ashley! That smiling shot is perfection and I would be buying it huge if it were my sweet baby!!

Kathleen: Beautiful session. I love the ones on the bed. It really shows how tiny he is.

Kari Wright: These are gorgeous Ashley! I love the ones on the brown blanket -so sweet. What a fabulous nursery he has - what a lucky boy.

Kristin: Gorgeous images!! I love your lifestyle newborn sessions. I love the nursery! Such a cute baby too!

Donna: I love these! What a cutie! My fave is the 2nd one with the smile. Gorgeous! :)

Kel Ward: These are gorgeous! I love the wide angle shots and your colors are so creamy and dreamy! I love that you caught a smile. He's adorable! Their nursery is really cute too!

Wende Trew: OMG! Those are sooo fabulous!! You got such a variety of images! What a beautiful baby!! Love them all! I bet they have a hard time choosing which ones they love! I know I would!!

Carrie: Absolutely stunning!!!

Cari Berry: Oh gosh, these are sooo cute. What an amazing capture of that little smile! Your posing and lighting and processing are really lovely. Great session!

JillianH: Gosh, I LOVE the variety in this session! From lovely and bright to rich and warm, you did an amazing job :)

Dori: Ashley, I've been following your blog since a friend of a friend pointed it out to me. I love your lifestyle newborn work & this is no exception! So many lovely images here. I particularly love those close ups on the blankets. You managed to capture the sweetness & joy of a newborn babe just as he is. And the last one of the nursery...lovely! I bet mom & dad are thrilled. Dori

Shanna Kreza: Oh my, that baby has the best room!

Shelby: What an amazing session. What a cutie! and so many baby smiles! They're all beautiful photos, but I keep going back up to the last one on the brown blanket. His parents must be thrilled to have such amazing photos!

Belle: sweet images!

beverly: oh, wow!! love all of his sweet smiles. what a cutie!!

Sylvia Borgo: GAH! The smiling shot is just adorable! I also love, love, love the images of hims with his mommy and dad!

Lina: Noah has a rocking room! :) Great captures, A.!

Sol Maddaleno: I ruminate this is a genuine outstanding editorial flier.Thanks Yet again. Truly Large.

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