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Things are so busy around the Ward household these days! We went to my mom’s house at the beach for 2 weeks after the last day of school to spend time with them, and my sister and her beau who was visiting from New York. Since we’ve been back, I have been extremely busy catching up on work and want to thank my wonderful clients for being so patient and allowing me to take a little time off. Besides catching up on work, we have to keep up the house to show at a moments notice (it’s on the market), and that is never easy. I don’t know about you but I don’t live everyday in a show-ready home! We are also busy searching for a home in Columbia and trying to make a little time for our little family. We are really looking forward to getting back to Columbia and cutting down on all the insane travel we have had over the last couple of years. My daughter can’t wait to start at her old school at the end of the summer. I can’t wait to get back to the city I have learned to call home. And my husband can’t wait for the day he doesn’t have to drive 3+ hours for work each day! My daughter and I can’t wait to spend more time with him. Right now he is off for a week and we are enjoying having him at home SOOOO much right now!

I wanted to take just a moment to post a few images from a recent newborn session. This family is so beautiful. Really lovely people. And I loved the images we got during the session. Big sis is only 2 and it was challenging to get her to participate in a newborn session – as it would be with any 2-year-old. But storytime was perfect! It worked out beautifully;) I hope mom and dad enjoy!








Danielle: Beautiful!!! Such wonderful moments captured of this family!

Karen: Ashley, I love those storybook pictures!! I also adore the picture of the kiss from the big sis!! Beautiful kids and family!

alpana: what a beautiful family! great job with these.

Brandi: What a beautiful famiy, I adore the series of images of them sitting on the couch! Perfect!

Jennifer Mott: Ashley, these are just gorgeous moments you've captured for them! I wish I had shots like these of my family...

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Lucas Catherman: 11/2/2016 @ 10:23:47: lorem ipsum

I had such a great time with this family! They were loads of fun and up for anything and everything, had lots of fun playing during the session, and even had some of their own ideas for their images. I believe when you have fun during a session, it really shows and makes the images even more meaningful;)

I hate to see this family moving from the Columbia area, but wish them lots of wonderful adventures, happiness, and success!

Mom and Dad, have 25 friends or family members leave a comment on this post to the blog, along with their name, and receive a 5×7 gift print on me;) Enjoy!









Erin: Do I count as ONE?? These are fabulous and I can't wait to see the rest. Thank you so much Ashley- you were wonderful.

Kristie: Love it, love it, love it!!! You are all so beautiful and special to me. I miss you already. Here's your comment. ;) -K

Catherine: These are unbelievable! You all were made for each other. So beautiful... best of luck to you guys! :)

Bri: They're all great but I love, love, love the one of y'all laying in the grass where Kiernan is cuddled up with Erin and Ethan is cuddled up with Keith!

Aunt Sue: Ashley, your work is fabulous! Those Bartlett-Murphy people are a scruffy lot, but you made them look like angels. It almost makes me want to get a family so I can be cute, too. Can I borrow the blue contact lenses? Seriously, gorgeous pix, all of you, and I hope I'm on your Christmas list!

Elizabeth: Awesome photos - ya'll are much cuter than I remember! Ha Ha - I may be calling this person to try and get a few of the Sclaters soon! Take care guys.

Lynda Frazier: These pics are fabulous. The Bartlett's are a very attractive family!

Wendy Taylor: Erin - you guys all look SO fantastic!!! What a beautiful family!!! I especially love the one with the "+" shape...everyone in a different direction...the color and clarity is awesome!!!

Ginny Bartlett: You have captured them perfectly... loving parents and crazy kids!! They really are beautiful but I may be a little prejudice..they're my family!!

Lindsay: These are amazing! What a beautiful family :)

Christine Hill: Go Bartlett's! Wonderful pics....Your kids are SO grown up!

Ashley: LOVE LOVE LOVE!! These look A-mazing!

father: Thank you so much Ashley, they are wonderful, if I can say so myself. Thanks for a wonderful afternoon. Peace

Renee: These are so amazing!! I'm gonna miss you guys so much!

Marina Alexandra: Gorgeous pictures and beautiful family. Truly nice and creative setting.

Aunt Laurie: Beautiful family and Ashley does a great job!

Bob L: Great job capturing the essence of the family!

Nana: Ashley - what a wonderful job capturing this beautiful, spirited and fun loving family! Can't wait to see the rest of the photos :)

Debbie: Beautiful family, beautiful pictures! Great job Ashley!!

Sherith Colverson: Beautiful pictures of a beautiful family!

Sean: Keith- do you always laugh when you kiss my sister?

Brandi: What a gorgeous family!! Beautiful session, as always!

Melissa: Ashley-these are gorgeous! What a gorgeous family!

Maya Kelly: Wow, Erin, beautiful pictures! What a special memory of Cola for your album! Maya

Linda: These are beautiful. I went to a wedding last year and these pictures are far superior to the ones made there.

chris: These are great!!

Maya Kelly: Erin, what beautiful family photos! And what a special way to remember your life in Columbia! Maya

Katie: That second photo is SO much fun! Such a gorgeous family and beautiful session!

Michelle: These pictures are beautiful! I especially like the last one. Gorgeous family!

alpana: love the freshness of the outdoors. beautiful family!

It’s been a while since my last post! My sister has been visiting at my mom’s house at the beach and so we took off for some family time and it has been wonderful! I barely broke the camera out while I was there – having way to much fun and relaxation. I did manage to take some images of my mom’s house and will have to post some of those here later. I am playing catch up now and am busy busy busy!

I did sneak away to photograph this beautiful baby boy during my break, however! Babies keep their own schedules and I was thrilled to be able to capture him at about 2 weeks old. He came a bit early so even though he was 2 weeks old, this session was prior to his due date! He was a precious, tiny baby boy and was so good for me – sleeping right through all the positions and movement;) The last image here is of baby H’s little hand on big sis’s hand – just 2 years old!

Mom and Dad, enjoy these images! And you know the blog routine;) See you soon!







nancy: Oh, I love these. I must be the luckiest person in the world. Thank you, Ashley!

Belle: these are all so sweet! beautiful!

Karen: SUCH a cute baby! Wonderful job!

Liz: Oh my word. How utterly delightful is this little one. Beautiful images for Mom and Dad to cherish....

Brandi: What a sweetie - love how you curled him all up in the third one!

Katie: So sweet! Great clarity.

This weekend I photographed Beth and her daughter. Oh, what a sweetie! She is an absolute doll! ALL girl;) And totally loved my little tea party props. I think she could have play with it for hours and been completely happy. It was hot, hot, hot outside but the light was absolutely scrumptious.

We also took some images downtown with big lollipops – “as big as your head!” – and of course, that was a huge hit as well;)

Thank you, Beth! You are both lovely and I thoroughly enjoyed my time photographing you. Have 25 friends and family members leave a comment to this post on the blog with their name and receive a 5×7 gift portrait of your choice from the session from me;)







Liz: Oh my heck...these are so delightful! Your colors are yummy and Mom and daughter are beautiful! They must be thrilled with these! I would be!

Sarah Anne: Adorable! I love those lolly pops. :-D

Aseel: Sooo cute! Love them all! Great colors.

melissa: I cannot get over the ones with the blue wall! So fun!

Joanna: She is adorable!!

Dani: These photos are beautiful!! Sadie is such a little model. I love the one with Beth and Sadie in front of the blue wall!

Jen: Sadie is so beautiful just like her Mama!

Stacy: SO CUTE!!! I love the one of you two at the table!

Stacy's mom: No wonder Stacy adored Sadie so much!! What a doll!!

lena: My favorite is the two of them at the table. Beautiful family!

Belle: what a fun session!!

Brandi: So fun!! I adore the last one - love your colours!

Jennifer Mott: Love this session! You are so talented girl!!!