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About 2 1/2 years ago, I met this lovely family for a family session of three. They were such nice people….the kind you just instantly like. And their little boy was just a doll. And recently I met up with them again for another family photo session and this time they had a new member of the family…….a little sister! I was thrilled to see the family again and super excited about our location. This great piece of property had tall grasses, an old farm structure that was weathered and falling apart, and a refurbished old Farmall tractor! What more could a lifestyle photographer want! I had great fun photographing my old (and new) clients and just nearly fell over with laughter a couple of times. I love being able to run and play with families during their photo sessions.

Mom and Dad, I hope you enjoy your preview. Tell your friends and family members to check out the images and leave a little love on your blog post. If you get 35 comments from unique visitors (with their email address), you can choose your favorite image for a 5×7 print on me! If you get 50 comments, it’s an 8×10!! Enjoy:)


Danielle: Awesome session!!! They are going to love these!! and SUPER COOL location!

Amanda Leatherberry: Such a great session!!! I absolutely love every single image here. The tractor ones are so fun and I adore the one of the little boy from behind running with his cape on!

Rowena: Very nice!! What a cute capture of the kids and really nice portraits of the family.

Zoe Berkovic: What a fantastic set of images!! I love every single one of these! I also want to go into that house and photograph in it!

amy lenhart: what a great location love the house in the first shot!!!! looks like everyone was having a fun time!!!

shalonda: WOW WOW WOW a these are gorgeous...and that red tractor is a fabulous addition to those cute kidlets!

Becky: Ashley, I am super excited about these! It's going to be so hard to choose.

Caroline: Love, love, love these pics.

Jenny: Beautiful family and pictures!

Cathleen Seay: LOVED the pics by the tractor. Especially the one of sweet Gracie desperate to grab that straw. Precious!

John skelley: Outstanding and creative, good use of natural background and light.

Cathie: Great pictures! What a great setting for family photos.

Allison: These are absolutely wonderful pictures. My favorite is the one with Grant and Gracie B in the chair together holding hands. So precious!

Cliff: Great pictures!

Candy: "Super" cute ... adorable family and great location :)

Wendy Jarrell: These are wonderful....Becky you'll have to get them ALL!

Shelby: Beautiful family, awesome location and fantastic photos!!! Love all of the fun images you captured of the kids!

missys: these are great! i love the one with the kids in the chair together!

Krissy Allori: Such a cool location! They all turned out so fantastic!

Amber: Oh my word, what an AWESOME location!! These are gorgeous! I love that you captured the kids being kids. Love all of these!

Meagan: These are adorable! I especially love the one of the kiddos drinking the coke (particularly the one where Grace is struggling to get the straw)! Makes me laugh every time! Coke may have a new face on their next ad!

Ben: Great pictures Ashley! I very much enjoyed the session.

Kelly: Great pics! They are all so good. Glad I don't have to decide which ones to get!

Debbie: These pictures are precious! I love the location and the action shots!

Wendy Player: Those are absolutely beautiful! I loved the last picture!


Meredith Cully: What great pics - I hope we have luck getting 3 girls to smile next weekend! I just love superman!!! Can't wait to see supergirl!

Meredith: Great pictures!!! The tractor and cokes are my favorite!

Kara Layfield: Such a great session!! Love those old houses, and that tractor is just so much fun!! These are just so creative...well done!

Frances R.: What a beautiful family! So many great pictures to choose from. Love Superman and Ballerina!

Theresa Thomas: I really love the pictures of the kids. They are growing so big.!!!!!

Pam: What a perfect family! I love the pictures!

Marzena: LOVE LOVE the ones with the sun picking out!!! I'd go for the house as well. PERFECT pictures.

Kel Ward: These are awesome! What a wonderful location!

Regan: Such Cuties! I like the tractor and cokes! Great setting.

Bekki: Great looking family Becky. Thanks for sharing!

Joanne: Great picures! Entire family is very photogenic.

Liz: Oh what a fantastic session! This family is gorgeous and you just captured them brilliantly!

Jan Thurmond: Love these pictures! The one of Grace in that little sofa chair is too cute! What a great location! And on her tippy toes with the red tractor, it scary as it looks like Grant is running her over! ha!

Michelle: These are fantastic! First I loved the lighting and the location, then I saw that adorable superman and the rain boots, then the little girl on the pink couch? Fabulous! What a gorgeous family.

Elizabeth Briley: Oh Beck, your family is just as gorgeous as ever!! I sure do miss you!! :)

Terra: I love this session!! Awesome light and location, you got so many awesome images!!

Jason: This has to be one of the best sessions I have seen in a LONG TIME!! Amazing work, I really love them ALL!! Too hard to choose a favorite, I would have to get a album!

alpana: these rock, Ashley. the tractor + the cola + the adorable kids = wonderful images!

Brandi-lee: These are amazing!! Love this session, the colours, the lighting, the props, what a fantastic variety this family has to choose from. It's going to make it very hard for them, I'd want them all!!

natalie lawson: OMG! love the location, love the props, love the adorable family, love the photos! GREAT JOB!

Anelle: The location is wonderful, and I love their outfits! I love these captures....

Laura Morita-Yeun: GAH! I LOVE THESE! Love his green boots. And that last one, where she's up on her tippy toes? I'm dying. Darling! Gorgeous location!

Danielle McCarty: These are fantastic Ashley! Love love this location and the family is absolutely adorable!

Julie Wagoner: LOVE this session! Such a beautiful location and you used it perfectly. And the cokes with the tractor..well that just knocked it out of the park, lady. :)

Cathy Skelley: Grandmommy is so excited about the photos of her superstars! Great family portrait and such a picturesque background. Great find!

Leiba Bernstein: I love these Ashley! the colors are so vibrant, and this family is so cute!

Karen Callaway: I love the pictures! A great location and such a beautiful family!

Jonathan: Ben, is that your new house??

Carrie: What an incredible blog post! I love the location and the images are fabulous and fun!

Laura: Oh I am so in love with this session! Knockout light, gorgeous location, adorable kids and perfect images. What's not to love? Beautiful work girl!

Anelle: The styling in these are amazing! I love all of them. But that last one makes my heart melt!

Katie: Aaaaah, LOVE!!!

Claire: OMG!! Love these and your location is spectacular!

Dezarae: Wow, what an amazing set of images! You are brilliant and the light is just divine!

Meghan Rickard: LOVE this session!!!

Sylvia Borgo: Amazing! Once again, your images capture love and creative energy. I adore #1 - 3!

Lori Elizabeth: I LOVE this location!!!!!! so cool!

becky: ahhh sooo stinking cute! i love your work soooo much, i want to be just like you when i grow up!!

I met this great family out at one of my favorite spots recently and we had a great time. I was so honored to have taken these images for them as they had not had a family portrait before! These boys were so handsome and I just love those smiles and freckles! Anyway, boys will be boys and so some tree climbing was definitely in order (although, I know quite a few young ladies who love to climb that awesome tree as well!!). Can’t wait to meet up with them again and share all the images from the day!

Mom and Dad, I hope you enjoy your preview. Tell your friends and family members to check out the images and leave a little love on your blog post. If you get 35 comments from unique visitors (with their email address), you can choose your favorite image for a 5×7 print on me! If you get 50 comments, it’s an 8×10!! Enjoy:)


Marzena: Looks like everyone had a ton of fun. Love all the happy colors you used to bring out those boys' personalities.

natalie lawson: what handsome dudes! these are all fabulous!

Kristin: What a fabulous location and wonderful images!

Jen Reif: What a gorgeous location! These photos are beautiful!!

amy lenhart: love this location!!! the boys are so handsome!! great job with these!

Kathleen: Beautiful location. Those boys looks so fun. they remind me of my own. :)

Kara Layfield: Beautiful family!! Love the one of Mom and the boys...sweet!

janice lee: These are GREAT! A Beautiful Family!!!

Mary Ball: Beautiful, Cindy.

Brandi-lee: Great shots, I love that one of the boys on the rock with their knees up!

brandie meetze: Pics are great! Love the weeping willow tree!! Also your hair looks fabulous!!

julie: Great picts and love the scenery!

Rakale: Incredible!!

Darla: LOVE the pics and the family looks happy on the inside and out!

Lisa: These are so good! Where were they taken? You all look great!

courtenay: Love these pictures!! The boys are adorable.

Maw-Maw: Look what I started 47 years ago. I am blessed so are you all. Great pictures and I love you all.

Susan: These are fantastic!!

Carrie Mitchell: Great family photo. My has the boys grown. Noted several missing items from the photograph though, reels for fishing, knee boots, baits ........... Love you guys and you too Ms. C

mary: These are great pictures!! The location is the best!

cindy: WOW! These are incredible. (The parents are so thin, I can hardly make them out.) Cutest nephews in the world!!!

Michelle: What a beautiful set and location!

Tori Piercy: I just can't get over how gorgeous that location is! Beautiful family and work!

Anelle: Beautiful location! And these boys remind me of my own! With the barefeet, climbing trees, and huge smiles! What wonderful captures!

Julie Wagoner: What a beautiful family and your wonderful spot never fails to provide beautiful scenery! LOVE the tree climbing shots!

Brandi: These are great! The boys are really growing up to be handsome young gentleman. Nice work Ashley. You captured them beautifully!

Tatiana: You guys look GREAT! Look at Henry and Pierce. Tell my little friends hello!

Pam: Cindy and Trey these are great pics!! The boys look so cute. The setting is beautiful. Love Pam

Kel Ward: You have captured this family so well...especially the boys! I love your location too!

Kaye: What great pictures! Cindy, you look like a model!

Liz: These are so beautiful. So clear and bright...the lighting is gorgeous. Love your work!

Fabiana Beatriz: Everyone looks so HAPPY. You have taken the dreaded family portrait and turned it in to a wonderful experience. Beautiful images of a gorgeous family!!!

Zoe Berkovic: this family has such good looks! Great set!

missys: These are great! love the location!

Cindy Mills: Trey and I have not had any pictures taken together since our wedding, 13 years ago!!! Thanks for getting us to do this...You made us look great and captured our boys TRUE personalities. What a great expierence. Thanks Ashley!!!

Claire: Another nice location! Love all of these!

I wasn’t sure what to call this post. I think “blessed” works quite well. This couple have been blessed with three beautiful children! I was so happy they chose me for their family photography session this year. And I feel “blessed” to work with them.

The first time I met the family was some time again when the small fry was just 9 days old at his newborn photo session! My, how all three have grown since then. And can you believe how great they all look? Mom did such an excellent job coordinating everyone. I love what she picked out.

Mom and Dad, I hope you enjoy your preview. Tell your friends and family members to check out the images and leave a little love on your blog post. If you get 35 comments from unique visitors (with their email address), you can choose your favorite image for a 5×7 print on me! If you get 50 comments, it’s an 8×10!! Enjoy:)


Leiba Bernstein: Stunning! What a beautiful family. I love the location and I can see so many of these blown up BIG!!!

catherine: Once again you are amazing!!! We always say we are blessed with our three beautiful little ones!! Thanks so much for reflecting that in these photos!

beverly: beautiful - i see some serious canvases in the making

Scarlett: wowzers, this is just gorgeous! reminds me of an enchanted garden or something. beautiful family and gorgeous work as always!

Lori: oh so dreamy!!! I wish this was my family! Really beautiful shots!!

Liz: Love the location and their outfits are perfect! Is that a weeping willow tree? Love it!! I honestly couldn't choose a favorite if I were them!

Kathleen: Beautiful session. Love the location!

Kelly Mack: The colors in these images are simply stunning Ashely. What a beautiful family. So sweet!

natalie lawson: what a gorgeous family! the kids are so cute and i love their outfit choices. ashley you did an amazing job!

Mei_Mei & Papa: Wow, pieces of our heart on display. We are so blessed! Hugs.

Julie Wagoner: What a beautiful family in such a beautiful location! I could see so many of these huge on their walls!

Lina: Adorable family, and such nice captures. Beautiful work!

Kara Layfield: Perfect location for beautiful family portraits! Lovely work!

amy lenhart: what a beautiful family!!! these are gorgeous love the location...and the little girls dress is so adorable!! great session!

Krissy Allori: Really adorable. I love the one with the three kids and the little one looking through big brother's legs. Too cute.

Tori Piercy: Oh my goodness! What a gorgeous family and location! These are so beautiful Ashley!

Kel Ward: What an adorable family! Great job on these!

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I’m warning you now…..if you don’t want to read a blog post by a proud mommy declaring how amazing her beloved daughter is, just move along……this post isn’t for you:) But I have been told that some of my readers, blog stalkers, friends, and family members like the personal blogging, so here it goes!

Yes, my daughter is exceptional. She makes me proud and I love her like I never knew I could love anyone. I want so many wonderful things for her in life. And one of the things I have always wanted for her is to have a voice…..a strong and confident voice. I was painfully shy and often socially awkward growing up. Well, I joke that I still am socially awkward…only I’m not really joking. I still find it difficult to speak up in groups of new people, when I am out of my element. And I find it so difficult to open up and let my own light shine sometimes. Ok, wait! This is about her and not me!!! So, enough of the history. Just know that having my daughter feel confident enough to speak up, be herself, let her light shine, have a voice that not only speaks kindly and confidently to others, but to herself as well is really important to me.

Some days ago my daughter had a writing assignment in school. She is a 6th grader and new to middle school and the assignment was to write about middle school fears. She gave it to me to read over before turning it in. As I read this paper, my eyes welled up with tears and my heart swelled with pride. This paper was so clever and funny. She had this amazing tongue-in-cheek, dramatic flair to the paper that seemed so well developed for a child of her age. My daughter is quite dramatic at times – and who in the world knows where she got THAT from (snicker) – but this was more complex than the usual drama. I was so moved by reading it that I had my husband come in the office to read it too. Immediately my husband said, “You should blog this”. I was unsure my daughter would appreciate that.

Earlier this week when picking my daughter up from school she excitedly told me about her Language Arts teacher reading her paper to the class and giving her a 100 grade on it. She said, “She told me I had a great voice”! I was thinking, “Yeah! I knew that!” Oh man……proud moment.

So with my lovely daughter’s permission, I am putting her piece here on the blog:)

Middle School Fears

You wake up to the sound of your alarm clock. Reluctantly, you get up and mark a day on your calendar until the first day of school. Suddenly, you realize it’s the first day of school! You put on your favorite clothes, grab your school supplies, and you’re off to middle school. However, your fears start to pop in your head.

One of the first anxieties you have is, could people think I’m wierd? They couldn’t think my clothes are weird, I mean they’re so cute! And, they couldn’t say things like, “Her hair is so messy!” or “Her feet are so big, I wouldn’t be able to fit them in my locker, even if I tried!”, because it’s not true! Plus, they couldn’t think I sound weird, because I sound perfectly normal! But the closer you get to school, the more worries seem to form.

Next, you start thinking about lockers. What if my locker is so messy I can’t find anything? I couldn’t imagine starting off the day like that! I would be stressing and saying, “Where’s my test? I can’t find it!” The bell rings, and I didn’t find it. Great! Now I have to tell my teacher that my dog are my test! Once again, I’m at my locker. This time it’s, “Why can’t I find my homework?” Why is that dog always eating my stuff? Still, it’s not all your fears.

Last, you start fretting about making it to class on time. Now I have all my papers. But wait. What’s this? It’s that really big crowd that’s always clogging the hallway! Why can’t they, well, you know, not clog the hallways? After what seems forever, I finally get through the crowd. Just see how far you can push this school girl! Well, now there are major talkers clogging the hallway! After pushing and shoving, I get through the hallway, and realize I left a paper in my locker. I race back, only to find out that my locker won’t open! I won’t ever make it!

After spending a few weeks at middle school, you realize it’s not that bad at all. People don’t think you’re weird, at least not that you know of. Your locker is near and organized and the dog finally learned not to eat paper! And you haven’t been late to class once! None of your fears have come true, and you’re surviving middle school!

Just throwing a couple of snaps from our adventures in Texas this summer up here since it doesn’t seem like a real post with an image or two:)

Rachel Aberle: That is so beautiful. What a special girl!

Julie Wagoner: What a wonderful job she did with her assignment! I'm going to let my 4th grade daughter read it as well when she gets home from school. :)

Michelle L: What a great story! And good for her knowing beyond a doubt her clothes are cute! I was never sure when I was her age. :D :D

Kelly Mack: That is beautiful. She sounds amazing Ashley!

Lynn: I thought this assignment was great too. How common these fears are! And yet, the girls, the kids in general, seem to be doing great! So proud of that daughter of yours, and of that daughter of mine!

Aunt Amy: Lord, that makes me proud! What confidence!

amy: Awh.. this is wonderful.... You have a little amazing girl there..

Laura Morita-Yeun: Please tell your daughter that she is totally awesome and I totally love her personality that just came shining through in her writing. Also, if you could let her know--she's totally beautiful and so is her mommy.

amy lenhart: great post ashley!!! i can see why you are so proud of her! love the pics too!!

Brandi-lee: You brag all you want, thats one gorgeous, talented girl you have, be proud!

Tori Piercy: Awww great story! She sounds like such an amazing girl <3 Beautiful too!

Liz: What a great post! Loved reading this and the pics are gorgeous!

natalie lawson: i can see why you are so proud!

Leiba Bernstein: Loved this! She is so talented and smart, not to mention gorgeous! Brag about her anytime!

Clarice: What an amazing daughter you have!

Carrie: That star shot is amazing!

desi: one word: wow

Samantha Proctor: great post Ashley.. loved the paper :) :)

Dawn Kitley: Wow, what a great paper. I was never that vocal in my papers, Middle school is tough, such a different animal than grade school when you're at the top of the totem pole, now you're toward the bottom. I can see why you're so proud, Ashley!!

Marissa: That was so great - makes a fellow mom proud! Thanks for sharing :)