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So many beautiful babies being born! I am so excited to be photographing new siblings for children I photographed as newborns! This family was very happy to welcome their newest addition to the family and I was thrilled to be able to work with them during his first photography session as a newborn. His big brother was one of my first newborns and it was so special to be able to photograph him now as a big brother. He was so precious and kissed the baby many times throughout our session. Just melts my heart!!! And I love being able to capture intimate images of a baby in the family home……the place where family begins. As time goes by and children grow older and families move on and change or leave their homes where they started their families, these images will be more and more priceless to them.

At Ashley Ward Photography there are really big changes that will slowly be rolled out over the next month or so. One of the small changes with the blog will be the size and timing of the posts. Expect to see posts after I have met with clients and there will be fewer images to each blog post. I will be launching a new website soon and you will be able to view sessions on a larger scale with multiple images from each session there. Check back……it’s coming soon!

Mom & Dad, it is always a pleasure to work with you and I hope we will continue to work together over the years to document and celebrate your beautiful, growing family!
Many, many thanks!

Tiffany Bender: Oh WOW- what a beautiful baby! Ashley- you have such a way capturing these new families in their own homes that is just so beautiful- truly art!

Laura Easley: Squeeee!!! He is so precious!!! I want to snuggle him all up!! Great pictures of the whole family and their newest addition!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!

Kathleen Weibel: Love, love, love! I love that shot of the whole house. Wow!

Lenore Peters: Love my little sweet!

Amber: LOVE your newborn sessions. I just love that you incorporate the family's home and life into your beautiful portraits! What a gorgeous baby!

Danielle McCarty: Another amazing session Ashley!!! I just love how you capture families in their home and especially with their new babies!

Audrey: Ashley you never cease to amaze me. These are wonderful and little guy is such a cutie!

Julie Wagoner: What a beautiful baby boy! I love the family images on the gorgeous front porch. They are sure to treasure them!

Sylvia Borgo: Two boys!!! Cuteness! I adore the family pictures on the porch! Really, this is how I would love to have my family captured!

Laura: Ashley I just love how you capture families and the love they have for one another. So beautiful. Adorable baby and I LOVE their house!!

Clarice: These are lovely Ashley!

amy lenhart: oh my that baby is so cute!! love him all squished in the basket adn the green background one is awesome! great work as always ashley!

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Wow! It’s been so long since I have posted to the blog that I am feeling a little rusty! I’ve been so busy working on new business projects that I have neglected to keep this little blog updated and relevant! Let’s see of we can change that starting with this post.

Aren’t moms amazing?!?! They are tireless providers of love, support, encouragement, and strength. They are fierce when you need a champion, and tender and loving when you need a shoulder or a cuddle. They cheer you on to victory and console you when you are defeated. And will never let you linger too long in self-pity, but show you how to see those failures as just a learning opportunity to help you reach your goals. A mom is a passionate advocate for her children their whole life long. A guide, a confidant, a disciplinarian who loves her children despite how long it takes them to learn the lessons she tries to teach. It seems almost everything she does is to make the home a happy and safe and loving place to be.

And she has mad chauffeuring skills too!

I bet I know what she wants for Mother’s Day……images of her loved ones! So just in the nick of time……
the Petite Portrait Session!
A small, sweet, but powerful reminder of what is so beautiful in her life and how loved she is.
A 20 minute portrait session and 8 digital files for personal printing.
The first 5 bookings will receive a complimentary 11×14 mounted image of their choice (a $125 value!)
Sessions available for families, mother/child, child, mother……just about any combination. Please call for details! 803-348-3306.

And here is a mom who treasures her images too. I had the pleasure of photographing this military mom and her son recently. She shared with me that she is a military mom and single parent who is deploying and she and her son will be apart for a long time. Since they had not had portraits taken in quite some time, she felt this was the perfect opportunity to create a visual reminder of the love she and her son have for each other. And it was such honor to help her do that. Thank you, C!

I have some exciting changes in progress for Ashley Ward Photography. I’ll have a whole new look over here before long and details will be coming SOON! I can’t wait to share everything that is happening so keep checking back with me!

Laura Morita-Yeun: I love these images and loved everything you said about mothers. Moms are amazing, and the sessions you are offering are an amazing opportunity. I love your work, Ashley. Just love it.

Cherise: What a beautiful this!

Slavie: I wish I'd live closer to you! Your work is amazing! This session is perfect.

Janice: These pics are amazing and they both look absolutely beautiful! I personally know these guys and actually the son will be staying with us while she is deployed. Again, great pictures!

Terry Arnold: Gorgeous session, Ashley! I love the way you captured the special relationship of this mom and son for them to hold close to their hearts during her deployment. You are gonna make lots of momma's really happy with your petite sessions for Mother's Day!

becky: beautiful session, love love love it!

Kristin: These are fabulous Ashley! Great session. I really love the bond that you have captured in these. I want to thank this wonderful lady (and mom) for serving our country.

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