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Another late night post for me. I have been looking forward to this one for awhile. It has been such a busy time at the Ward house with our recent move back to the wonderful Melrose Heights neighborhood. We are so glad to be back in this community and it has been such a blessing to reconnect with old friends – for me and my daughter. We are still surrounded by boxes as we are doing minor projects to several parts of the house. Living with boxes. ugh. I know it well. This is the 6th house my daughter has lived in during her 11 years. That seems crazy to me! But it’s true. I am so tired of moving now. It is a good thing this house has so many possibilities because I think I just want to retire here! But I guess that is another post. I have been thinking that when things are a little more settled (and I have way fewer boxes to walk around) I will take some images to share.

So on with this post. I have been so fortunate to make some connections with some really wonderful clients……people that welcome me into their home over and over again to witness and document the precious days and intimate moments of their lives. It’s an honor and a privilege. I am so grateful. This is one of those families. This was my fourth time to be called upon by the family. The last three visits were capturing their precious daughter, who just turned 1 year old. And hello, gorgeous! Seriously. This child needs an agent! Well, honestly, all three of the kids in this household are just beautiful….and happy…..and so well loved:)

Mom and Dad, thank you again for trusting in me and giving me the opportunity to work with your beautiful family. Tell your friends and family members to check out the images and leave a little love on your blog post. If you get 35 comments from unique visitors (with their email address), you can choose your favorite image for a 5×7 print on me! If you get 50 comments, it’s an 8×10!! Enjoy:)


Carrie: Ashley, words can not express how much I love your work! Always a delight to see each blog post!

Kelly Mack: These are so girl! The pink and green is just perfect. I just adore them as i do everything you do.

SharonJ: OMGosh! Love the baby's room... green, pink & white! Gorgeous! Just as gorgeous as this little one & your Images Ashley! Fantastic work as always! I bet they will have trouble choosing images! Well done!

Audrey: Ashley these turned out amazing as always! I just love that last cake smash image!

Jen Reif: LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these! beautiful photos for a real cutie pie!

Karen: Adorable. Ashley - your work is incredible. She is such a doll and you have portrayed her so well. Love the pink and green combo and the nursery looks like a magazine. Super work once again. I hope the Mom knows how lucky she is to have someone as talented as you to take pics of her cutie pie.

Tiffany: Ashley, I can't say thank you enough! As always I am so happy with these amazing images and feel so blessed to know you as our friend and our photographer! Thank you!!!

Rachel Aberle: Oh my gosh, I'm sitting here enjoying the one's with the cake. How precious and just plain adorable! They're all so wonderful!

Liz: Oh Ashley!!! What a beautiful session! What a beautiful baby girl! Love your work. I adore the cake smash! You are amazing! And this little girl totally makes me smile!

Donna: Oh my gosh! These are BEAUTIFUL! This little girl is gorgeous and I LOVE the light and airy feel of the images. :)

Diane McLeod: This child is MOST adorable, These pictures are exquisite, Just a wonderful Job, What a batch of awesome photo's.

Tiffany W.: These are stunning! The pure joy on this little girls face....I have smiled huge the whole way through!

Tiffany Bender: OHHH SO lovely! Your clients have the most beautiful children and homes!!! You used the light so beautifully and captured the essence of this sweet little one. Well done!

amy: these are so gorgeous ashley!! i adore what the baby is wearing and that bow in her hair. she is so beautiful and has such a timeless classic look. and her on the white rocking horse so so adorable!! the lighting in these are just perfect and her blue eyes just sparkle!!! well done!!!

Danielle: SOOO CUTE!!!! Great session!!

Kara Layfield: Oh my goodness...these are perfect!! I love that she's wearing her wings for the cake smash...and that it's on the table - brilliant!! She's a doll and you captured some very precious moments!

Elizabeth Fryga: Ashley your work is excellent! As far as I am concerned you are the areas best baby photographer!

Stephanie: Oh my goodness! I LOVE these! I just want to kiss that little girl, she is just so freaking adorable!!! Beautiful work as always, Ashley!

Leah Jent: Gorgeous work, Ashley! These are so beautiful. What a precious baby girl!

Laura Morita-Yeun: EVERY time I come onto your blog, my eyes are met with such complete beauty. These totally knock my socks off. What a complete DOLL! Were you just giggling the entire time you took these pictures? She's perfect! And so are these images.

natalie lawson: what a complete beauty!!! gosh, i LOVE your work... the way that you capture babies is just really amazing!

Barbara Hurst: Your gorgeous work makes me smile. Lovely and wonderful images

Julie Delgado: These are so wonderful. Made me smile , each one. What a doll and you are awesome.

Nicole Ridella: These are little bits of perfection Ashley. Love them all, but the cake smash ones really make me smile - especially the last one! Her expression is priceless!

Julie Buckman: That second took my breath away. Just gorgeous! I love love love the cake ones. Best cake smash ones I have ever seen!

Susan: These are beautiful! What an adorable, happy little girl. Great job!

Fabiana: It has been such a treat to watch this little one grow up on your blog. She is absolutely beautiful as are your images!

kellie: I don't know the last time I looked at photos that brought such a smile to my face! This little girl is an absolute DOLL!! Ashley- you really do amazing work:)

Anelle: Ashley! these are incredible! I love each and everyone of them!!!

Katie: These are SO amazing! LOOOVE them!

Danielle: Absolutely STUNNING! I love them all, but especially the cake smash - never seen one done like this before!

Scarlett: so incredibly gorgeous!!!!

Trudie: Love the cake icing pics! She is such a little angel!

Denise: Tiffany, she is absolutely beautiful.......

Kel Ward: Holy adorable baby, Batman! These are STUNNING photos!!

Justyna: OMG I'm dying from all of this cuteness! I could eat up each photo like a piece of delicious cake. Ashley, you absolutely ROCK. Love the pictures to pieces! What a very cute little girl.

Nancy: LOVE the last one!

Jennifer Mott: What J said :) OMG I am dying here from these...the ones in her room and the cake and balloons...LOVE!!! She is such a doll too :)

Jennifer: Absolutely precious!!! That last picture of Tallie Ann is AWESOME!!!!! Her eyes are gorgeous, girl! I know she got those from her mommy!!!=)

Tori Piercy: OMGosh, what a gorgeous baby girl! Love her outfits, those eyes, her room, and wow, what a great cake smash! Beautiful session!

becky: these are so precious! i just love your work!

Deirdre Dunham: These are so special, Ashley! A beautiful child captured perfectly.

Kris: Oh goodness - the cake smash ones! As always - amazing work!

Laura: Oh Ashley, lovely work. Those eyes! AMAZING!

Lina: She looks quite happy :) Those captures are absolutely adorable. Beautiful light and crisp color.

Betty Hunt: What a challenge trying to pick the favorites--all so wonderful! A joyful sight!

Amber: Ashley, these are all so cute! I love the cake pictures, so awesome and as always your light is AMAZING!!

beverly wright: she's so beautiful!!!! i loved how she got into the cake. literally. :) beautiful!!

Sylvia Borgo: Ashely - what mad talent you have. I know that whenever I visit your blog, I'm going to come away with a big smile on my face!

Anna: Aaaaa!!!! Cuteness...making...toes curl!!! High pitched squealie noises are being made!!! You ROCK, Ashley!

I tossed about several ideas for the title of this blog post. It was a tough title to settle on and a tough post to write. This is Lisabeth Saunders Medlock, owner of Life By Design Coaching and Results Consulting. If you like to follow my blog, you may remember this post from last year, when I captured her and her beautiful daughter at play. Or maybe this post, where I photographed her by herself for business images. She is a lovely woman and I was happy to work with her again recently. This time, our goal was to show that Beth’s facial appearance has changed very, very little since her accident. In 2010, Beth was exercising at home when a piece of an apparatus she was using broke and hit her in the face. She suffered significant injuries to both eyes leaving her blind. I can’t imagine what that must be like. But I have an enormous amount of respect for her ability to persevere and face the new obstacles in her life with bravery and a sense of humor and to triumph.

I am so happy with the images and think she looks amazing! Leave Beth a little love here and tell her she is every bit as lovely as always:)

01 copy
04 copy

Kari Wright: What a terrible tragedy. She is absolutely stunning. I seriously keep scrolling back up to look at her beautiful smile. You did a great job capturing her beauty Ashley.

Kate Craft: She is stunning !!1 Great job capturing her.

Kelly Mack: She is beautiful with the most amazing smile. I am sorry hear about about her accident.

Tiffany Bender: Wow- she is an amazingly beautiful gal! You really see sunshine in her eyes! Amazing portraits for an amazing woman!

Kris Allbright: wow, a horrible tragedy, but good lord is she beautiful.. I wish her all God's blessings...

Laura Morita-Yeun: She is stunning. Amazing to see such energy and happiness coming from her after suffering such a tragedy. I have such respect for people who can suffer such adversity and come up on top. Beautiful.

Clarice: She is gorgeous! These images are amazing too!

Marzena: Wowzers - this woman is gorgeous. Amazing work Ashley.

Kel Ward: Oh wow, she is beautiful! I love your colors. These are just all around awesome.

Lina: Some people are just hotter than the others :)

Sylvia Borgo: She is clearly beautiful on the outside, but also so very stunning on the inside - what powerful spirit she has.

Melda Goldsworthy: I am looking together for blogs that give unbiased, balanced commentary on every issues otherwise blogs that have a liberal or else left-wing lean. Thank you..

Greetings from my new office in my new home! I’ve been away from the blog for awhile due to the holidays and a much anticipated move to our new home. As I type this blog post, I am surrounded with boxes and my personal “to do” list has grown exponentially! But all of the Wards are so happy with this new home in our old intown neighborhood and we all felt especially blessed this holiday season:)

Here is another holiday blessing! This little angel was the last baby photographed before my break and her parents have been so patient in waiting for this blog post. She was precious… good as gold! And this home was too die for beautiful. And certainly the biggest tree I came across during my holiday shoots!!!

Mom and Dad, tell your friends and family members to check out the images and leave a little love on your blog post. If you get 35 comments from unique visitors (with their email address), you can choose your favorite image for a 5×7 print on me! If you get 50 comments, it’s an 8×10!! Enjoy:)


Tori Piercy: Wow, these are fantastic! Probably my fave newborn session from you which is super darn hard to say :) Gorgeous baby too!

Kathleen: Gorgeous! I just love how you capture them right in their home. It is just so personal and beautiful. I just love your work!

Becca Wersland: wow! these are exquisite, ashley! i just adore that first one. so beautiful!

Shelby: Loooooove these! everything about them! Beautiful baby and amaaaazing images.

Sylvia Borgo: So adorable. The image of smiling cutie-pie makes me smile, smile, and smile!

Shanna Kreza {Orange County Newborn Photographer}: OH MY GOODNESS! This baby is so sweet. The light is amazing and so are your skin tones! Beautiful work!

jcristg: love!

Emily Thornton: She is so pretty! Love the pictures.

Laura: Ashley these are beautiful! Love that gray fur but the hat shots are my favorites. Gorgeous!

Anelle: Oh these are beautiful! I've been going back and forth, back and forth trying to choose a favorite, but I can't!!!

natalie lawson: what an adorable baby! and oh how i love your work. it's so refreshing!

dotty: she's so beautiful!!

Dawn Kitley: Wow, Ashley!! Absolutely gorgeous photos. And, you're right, what a beautiful baby and home!! Lucky girl.

beth: gorgeous creativity... great job!

Kari Wright: Wow, that house is UH Mazing! You did a fabulous job on these Ashley.

amy: this is absolutely gorgeous work!! wow so stunning!! i love this session!

Justyna: I just love how you find these great places in a home to capture in the background. Love your eye!

Taryn Chrapkowski: Love these and the way the little one is captured within their home environment. Just gorgeous!

Kara Layfield: Simply stunning!! I love your take on newborn's always a treat to see your posts!

Jen Reif: What a perfect little Christmas gift! Gorgeous photos, Ashley!

Dezarae: I adore that fur and the Christmas theme here! Gorgeous images, Ash! He looks so calm and peaceful :)

Laura Morita-Yeun: Four words: I love your work.

Kate Craft: These are fantastic

Clarice: What lovely images! An adorable baby and a beautiful home...amazing!

CJ Wilkes: These are beautiful! Darling baby and your coloring is beautiful...

Leah Jent: What a beautiful baby and a gorgeous home!! Great work!!

Donna: What adorable images! I love the first one with the stockings in the background! :)

Kelly Mack: I love love love that first image. Its amazing as are you Ashley!

Katie: Ashley, these look fantastic. Can't wait to see the rest!

Liat Biderovsky: As usual Ashley, your work is nothing short of exceptional! I love these and what a gorgeous house too!

shalonda: oh girl i have missed so much from you over the holidays.....beautiful work must see more :)

Laura: Gorgeous! Your work is incredible. :-)

Lina: Love the Christmas tree shot, love it!