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Before I tell you all about this session, I want to give some updates to my availability for sessions. June is booked. I will be traveling on business next week and will be shooting my sister’s wedding the following week. With my current July bookings, I have 1 or 2 available slots for July. If you are interested in a July booking, please contact me now. There are no available appointments for August. If you would like to be put on the waiting list for that month let me know.

I am currently booking for the rest of the year. I will only take a limited number of clients each month and already have bookings for every month until the end of the year. Because fall is the most popular time of year for family sessions, you should book now for preferred dates and to guarantee you will be on my schedule. Expecting parents should contact me as soon as they have a due date to reserve a time slot for newborn sessions, especially this time of year. And remember that the best results of newborn sessions come when it is held in the first 2 weeks after birth.

It has been a terrific year so far. I truly believe I have the best clients ever and have just loved meeting and working with new families, being able to document the changes for returning families, and enjoying the crazy growth both me and my business have seen. Thank you, thank you.

And now…..on with the show!!


This family got quite a bit bigger in a pretty quick way recently when they brought home 2 beautiful baby girls! At almost 3 months old, I was surprised and oh so happy that they actually did sleep for a while for me:) Little angels, for sure! And big brother was just about the sweetest little man I ever met, with genuine love and concern and affection for his baby sisters. Mom and Dad definitely have their hands full but big brother seems to be off to a fantastic start in his new role.

Mom and Dad, thank you for choosing me to capture some images of your new bigger and even more beautiful family. I hope you enjoy these images and I look forward to seeing you at our proofing session! Have 35 unique friends and family members leave a message on this post along with their email and receive a free 5×7 gift print of you choice on me! Receive 50 comments and I will gift you with a free 8×10:)
See you soon!






Leya: OMGoodness, Ashley. This is a HARD session and you ROCKED it!!! I'm sure they will be beyond stoked with these great images~!!

Zoe Berkovic: Gosh these are so amazing! I would want all of them in HUGE in my home if they were mine!

ShellyS: These are beautiful. What a lovely family and look at those babies! Gorgeous images!

Leya: OMGoodness, Ashley. This is a HARD session and you ROCKED it!!! I'm sure they will be beyond stoked with these great images~!! I just had to add, that this last pick would be a fantastic blog header!!!!

Jason: Yup, awesome as always :)

Julie Wagoner: Ashley, what you have accomplished here is truly awe-inspiring! Two three month olds and a big totally rocked it! :)

Kari Wright: I can't believe you even attempted this - TWO 3 month olds would be hard. You rocked it girl! Does everyone in SC have a gorgeous home or what?

Shelby: Beautiful family and awesome photos! GREAT work Ashley.

kellie: Uh ...... Oh my goodness!! These images are beautiful!! What a LUCKY family. I only wish I had something like that when my children were little:)

Laura: Ashley, these are fantastic. The family is so cute! ANd the twins are adorable! Wonderful work!

aseel: Those are preciuos, Ashley! What a beautiful family.

Fabiana: You are my hero. Amazing images that this family will treasure for a lifetime. LOVE LOVE LOVE how these turned out.

beverly: oh my goodness - they. are. just. so .precious!!!!! beautiful family and beautiful images.

Anita: Very nice. you rocked it !!!!

Justyna: Aww so beautiful! Love the family images you create. And the sibling portraits are so adorable!

Emily: Wow - you did it! Thank you for taking the time and having the patience necessary to beautifully capture this crazy time in our lives. :-)

Lina: Love your family images. They are always so full of life. Lovely lighting too. I can not imagine what a day looks like in this family - must be quite adventurous!

Missy Hagood: The photos are beautiful! You had a wonderful "smiling" family to work with! Great Job!!! Thanks, Missy

Ashley: These are absolutely amazing pictures. I actually got a little teary. Do you come to Summerville?

alpana: omg! those are the cutest little babies! the parents will treasure these forever.

Nicole: Love those smile shots!!! You did a fantastic job!!! I am sure they will love them!!!

Cynthia Fowler*: These are awesome girl. The parents will love them. Love the ones of them snuggled up together.

Charlotte: Every picture is great. All the kids are beautiful.

Jenny: What a gorgeous family Emily and fabulous pictures! The ones of the girls snuggling are just precious!

nici comer: yay, ashley! what an awesome job. my faves are the first one and the one with C&C with arms entwined. just precious. E, hope you love 'em! you have a beautiful family!

Mary: Adorable! What a great looking family.

Jacque: The children are beautiful --as are the parents. My favorite is the one in which one of the twins is smiling! They are all precious and I don't know how you and Ellis will choose.

roopal samuels: awesome pics! not sure how you will choose...

Laura: Ashley these are fantastic!! Twins are such a difficult shoot and you really knocked this one out of the park. Beautiful work! Love, love, love the sleeping babies shot. How on earth did you accomplish that? My hat's off to you girl! Beautiful family!

SPS: Love the ones of the sleeping girls!

Jennifer: I love these pictures! Can't wait to get a birth announcement!!! :-)

Mary: These are beautiful pictures of a wonderful family!

Wende Trew: I LOVE those!! What a gorgeous family!! I know they are going to love these. I would have a hard time choosing my favs!!

Brandi-lee: Amazing work, love these!!

Peter Held: I like the compositions and the lighting, the creative setting, plus what attests to a lot of patience to get the excellent group pictures. The individual pictures of the children picked up precious expressions.

Dawn: Ashley, these are SO great, especially of the ones with the twins, just the two of them. Precious! Great job, as USUAL!!!

Anna: gorgeous Ashley!!!! Beautiful and perfect!!

Dori: oh my goodness, Ashley, what lovely images! I don't know how you were able to capture them with the ages of the children. I guess that's why I'm your devoted fan! I seriously want you to do my family images! Dori

Kate Craft: Beautiful! I'm with Zoe if these were my family I'd be printing them big for my wall. Great job

Holly: ABSOLUTELY PRECIOUS!!! What great pictures!!!

Gail: Oh my goodness these are AWESOME images! Considering you had double the workload, you sure make it look easy! LOVE these!!!

Steve: Fantastic pictures!

ruth: these are wonderful. The twins' photos are precious.

Amanda Leatherberry: Fabulous session! I esp love the ones of the babies sleeping together :)

amy: great job with these!!! love them all especially the ones of the two sweet!!

Kelly Mack: These are great! I love the 1st one. The little boys face says it all! Wonderful.

Darren: Congratulations this is a great session !

Kris: Amazing as always! Love the ones of them sleeping!

Jennifer: Girl... I SO wish I had known you when my twins were born... you captured these perfectly!!!

Katie: Lovely!

Amber: Once again, another amazing session! Beautiful babies and family =)

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This is the follow-up post with images from my work with other photographers a couple of weeks ago. I have been so busy preparing for and wrapping up loose ends and finishing up work before my workshop in just over a week in Salt Lake City! I am really looking forward to studying with one of my favorite photographers! But I’ll tell you all about that a little later. I’m also preparing for my sister’s wedding the week after that. I hope to have some gorgeous images to share with you about that:) And I hope you will forgive me for being short on words tonight. I should have been asleep long ago but knew if I didn’t post this before the weekend, these images might not ever see my blog!

The really cool thing about checking out the images from the different photographers who were at this get-together is seeing how differently we all saw the same scene……each artist with their own voice!













lisa lucky: ashley, those are beautiful! it IS fun to see the different visions from the same shoot:)

Laura: Ashley these are gorgeous! I LOVE the ones of the girl in the field. Beautiful! And the maternity shot. Love it! Oh, and the chunky baby. Divine! Okay, I just love them all! LOL.

Lina: It was so nice to meet you, Ashley! And your images look nothing like mine - so interesting to see how different we all see the same things :)

Leya: Love them. Ashley, you are soo talented, and I am always amazed at how differently people see the same thing!!!

Slavie: I don't know how you do it. Each image is better than the next. All the different types. From baby to maternity to senior. They are simply beautiful.

amy: girl, you just keep on breaking through to the other side. fantastic work friend.

aseel: Gorgeous images, Ashley!!! I love them all :)

Jason: Ashley, these are ALL amazing!! You are sooooo good! I am always in awe! Knowing that we use the same gear gives me something to strive for!

Anna: what an absolutely gorgeous and beautiful set of photos!!! LOVE them all!!

Julie Wagoner: Ashley, love seeing your versions of the images! You have a creative vision that is beautiful!

Shelby: Ashley, these are absolutely beautiful. LOVE them.

alpana: lovely work, Ashley!! and the last one of the little babe...too cute!

Belle: these are all so precious!

Brandi-lee: beautiful!! All of them are gorgeous!

Zoe Berkovic: Gorgeous! I love how you processed these! So beautiful!

Laura: These are fabulous! ALL of them!!! Wonderful wonderful work.

katecraft: beautiful just beautiful

Kevin: I love the pictures of the baby, all smiles and with a great use of the chair.

Keyannu: Omg! You're pictures are behond awesome. Each picture seems like they have an inspiration to them and they all mean something. Keep up the great work(:

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OK, so if you know Dad, please don’t clue him in. This adorable family of 3 lovely ladies and 1 little man decided daddy didn’t need another tie for Father’s Day! What could possibly make a better gift than the smiles of those he loves and who love him?!! I am so glad they chose me for their photo session:)

The two little ladies were adorable and although holding frogs no bigger than your pinky nail and the old croaking bullfrog from in the water were pretty exciting, I think the most joy of the morning came when I pulled out the giant lollis! What child can resist brightly-colored SUGAR:)

Mom, you did great and so did your clan! I hope you will enjoy this preview. Tell everyone to check this out and if 35 unique friends or family members leave a comment on this post (along with their email address), you can choose a 5×7 desktop print on me. Get 50 and receive an 8×10:)









Kari Wright: Adorable! Daddy will be thrilled!

Kelly Stein-Marcus: I LOVE THEM!! You are truly amazing. I'm ready for another session! Daddy will be eternally thrilled. Can't wait to see the rest!!

Fabiana: What a fabulous father's day gift. He is going to love them. Beautiful work, again, Ashley!!!

Leya Stefanski: Fantastic Ashely. Love these, What a wonderful gift!!

Shelby: These are beautiful. Dad will love them! Great work Ashley!

Kris: Ashley you make it so hard to pick a favorite! Love the last one especially! And the girls with the pops. Did you make your yo-yo mat? I just learned how to make yo yos and am loving it!

Lindsey Abdelnor: These are gorgeous- OMG they turned out fab!! Glad I could help

Caryn: Awesome pics!! You guys are so photogenic!!

Brandi-lee: What a great idea for Dad, these are going to knock his socks off, they're gorgeous. Love all of them but have to say that 4th one of the little boy melts my heart, love his expression!

Ashley: Kelly, I am so glad you love them! And thanks for commenting here:) Thank you everyone else for the awesome comments!

Amy: Just fantastic.. I love these all.. Those kids are just adorable.

shalonda: WOWEEEEE! thats one lucky dad!

Marci: these photos are amazing! everyone looks beautiful.

Carrie: Kelly, these are fabulous! I love them.

Diane Vengel: What fantastic pictures! I love them. They are all amazing.

Claire: Dad will love them.

Julie Wagoner: Oh, what a happy dad this father is going to be! These are just gorgeous. It's hard to even choose a favorite but I do love that fourth shot so much!

Lucy Calvary: Beautiful! Matt will love them.

Dawn Kitley: Ashley, you captured a light and airy feeling in these, as you always do. Fabulous!!!

brittani: awww!! they are beautiful. this is a great daddy's day gift. =) great job!!

Wende Trew: those are sooo beautiful!! I love all of them!!

Kerry Siereveld: Fabulous, fabulous! You are one talented lady!

Lina: What a smart mamma! And hot too! Those are fun captures, beautiful work, Ashley!

Jason: This location is awesome!! You did a great job on these!

Amanda: Great photos of some of my favorite people! Thanks for shating them & can't wait to hear what Matt thought!

Zoe Berkovic: sigh. You capture connections and color so well!

Laura: I love the family picture! Daddy is getting a great Father's Day present!!

Kevin: Wonderful, warm pictures. Really show off the incredible beauty of the family.

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Oh you lucky little girl! You were blessed with a great set of parents!

I had a wonderful time chatting with mom and dad all through our newborn baby photography session yesterday. We shared stories and laughed and had a great time while working together. And this much-loved baby girl was so good! She was a little over 3 weeks old when I photographed her, but slept like an angel!

Check out the precious nursery! I just love shooting in the nurseries. Rooms like this are so much fun!

Mom and Dad, thank you so much! I can’t wait to meet with you guys for your proofing. In the meantime, send your friends and family members this link to see your sneak peek!
If you receive comments from 35 different individuals (along with an email address), you will receive a 5×7 desktop print of your choice on me! Get 50 and receive an 8×10!!! Enjoy!







Amy: Ashely.. These are just extremely precious. I love them all I have such a hard time to pick I am sure the parents are over the moon with there. You so Rock.. Keep up the awesome work.

Laura: Oh Ashley what an adorable baby! I LOVE the shots of her on the baby bed! Cuteness overload!

Fabiana: What a precious little one. She is beautiful and you photos have captured her so well. Beautiful work...beautiful family!!!

Shelby: Beautiful family, great nursery, and AWESOME shots!

Wende Trew: Wow!! Those are sooo wonderful!! Beautiful family!

Fiona Colvin: Totally gorgeous as always! Love that little quilted blanket - I need one !

Proud parents: We are definitely over the moon! Very proud parents here are blown away by the pictures. Fantastic, Ashley! There goes her college savings. Poof!

Wendy: These are the sweetest baby pictures I have ever seen. And the backdrop of the dreamy house and nursery is beautiful and precious. Wow!

Katie: Ahmazing! Really love this session!

Rose: Beautiful pictures of a beautiful baby--and not too shabby parents!!!

marrion: Every picture is a masterpiece! You have captured the emotions of a beautiful new family.

Patrrick: Love the bunny ears - calendar girl !!!

Holly: Absolutely fantastic photos! What a way to capture such wonderful memories, they're simply amazing. Lily is one blessed little girl :-)

Marguerite: What gorgeous pictures!

Craig: Now that is one cute baby. I hear her parents are cool too. Lucky girl!

nancy rader: Most adorable pictures I believe I have ever seen. What a beautiful family....made me smile

Penny: I LOVE naked baby pictures. So glad they're still in fashion. They will embarrass her later in life, but then she'll understand when she has one of her own.

Megan: These pictures are WONDERFUL! I love every one of them! Congrats Charlton & Kelly on such a beautiful little baby girl!

Jessica: What aborable shots! She is such a cutie and the pictures are amazing.

Dana: What a gorgeous family...

Merrie Beth: Wow, what neat images!! I wish you were close by to us!

Abby: These pictures are amazing!! You've really captured their happiness! Everything is so sunshiney and them!

Sara King: Such beautiful pictures of a beautiful girl...I especially love the one with the hat!

Hollie: Beautiful child, and beautiful loving parents. Lily is so very blessed. Wonderful photos!!

Sam: Beautiful family, baby and pictures!

barbara jennings: A match made in Heaven - Charlton, Kelly and Lily - you outdid yourselves! When can I come and play in the nursery with Lily??? Love, Babs

Kathy Faust: I've known Kelly since she was born and Lily reminds me so much of her. Gorgeous photographs, great nursery and very special parents.

beverly: ashley! these are GORGEOUS!! i love the last image and that little bed shot!! they are a beautiful family.

Tara: These are gorgeous!

Susan: These are beautiful! I'm so happy for the two...make that three...of you!

Dawn Kitley: Ashley, you have AMAZING style!! Wish you were in WA so you could do my newborn shoot in Sept!!

Jenny: What beautiful photos and such a precious little girl. :)

Belle: so precious!

Ashley: I am so happy mom and dad are enjoying their sneak peek:) Thank you all for the amazing comments here. I have been reading them all via iPhone this am. I love hearing what you think and I know mom and dad appreciate the support! Oh, and note to self....late night blog posts = typos! Those will have to be fixed when I get back to the office;)

Merry: The pictures are beautiful. You will cheerish them forever.

Susannah: So darling! Congrats to the G's!

Craig: Great photos! What beautiful baby. Looks like a nice cute pink blanket too!

Amber: These are just gorgeous. What a precious memory you will have of your newborn days and that beautiful room!

Jenni: Love them, Kelly! Especially the one in the pink hat--too cute!

Gayle: Absolutely gorgeous! What a beautiful family- -I think Fabiana summed it up when she said, "you captured her so well!" I'm ready to babysit!!!!

Nicki Wilson: Love the photos and the amount of light exposure. LOVE the nursery! (esp. since i have the same bedding. Hee Hee.)

Lou: Unbelievable photos. She's absolutely perfect! (How did you get her to stay asleep when you moved her from pose to pose?) Love that pink hat. I want one for me!

Nell: Oh my goodness! I love the last photo with that adorable hat!!! You captured such love and that is indeed a gift to all.

antigone: She is just gorgeous - so are these photographs

Kris: luv!

Jennifer: These pictures are so beautiful...brings tears to my eyes. Love,love,love them!

Kemn Dodds: Beautiful baby! Loving parents! It's a perfect match! God bless you all!

s.e.: You captured Kelly's happiness and Lily's early days just beautifully. It was great you let her show off your work on her blog!

Aunt Lucia: Congratulations to the genius of the camera, a better picture than the other, in all capture the feeling of parents and angelic purity Lily. For the folks I can only say that I love and I thank God that the arrival of Lily is reunited us. I never get tired of seeing and reviewing the pictures ... amazing ... !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love aunt Lucia

Joanie: What wonderful pictures!! Now I am jealous that we do not have infant pictures of our boys...7 and 3 years too late...Lily is the perfect little lady!!

Kahla: Just precious!

Emi: What a beautiful baby! I love all pictures taken in beautiful nursery.

rockwell: Creative pictures that show off a beautiful granddaughter.

Barbara: Love the last picture with the hat, but they are all adorable!

Hilary and George: These pictures are absolutely breathtaking. Thank you for sharing them with friends in MA!

sally: What great photos of a precious and beautiful baby and her family!

Sherry: Fabulous pictures!! Beautiful baby. Gorgeous family. The last one with the feathery rabbit ear hat is too cute.

Lindsay Dyess: Precious baby girl and awesome pictures!

Sara Tyler: These pictures of Lily are GORGEOUS! Makes me want a girl! Or at least, I want some pics of Landon taken by this photographer.

Kim: Ashley, these pics are amazing! You have done such an incredible job capturing the love in this wonderful family. I LOVE all of these pictures SO much!! Especially the last one. Such a precious and beautiful baby!

Debbie Jeffcoat: Absolutely gorgeous, God bless.

jenn: these are beautiful Ashley! What a precious little one...LOVE the one on the little bed - so sweet!

Kristal: Fabulous photos!

Jjoy: What wonderful photos. I particularly love the one with the flower quilt. She is so gorgeous.

Nancy: Kelly and Charlton, what a beautiful precious daughter you have! You will treasure these pictures for many years. Warm wishes for the best adventure of your life!

Heather Taplin: What beautiful photos! She is a lovely little girl.

Genie: What a little cutie!

Brandi-lee: Love all of them so much! The light and fresh nursery colours go so well with these.

Ashley: Thank you, everyone, for all the lovely comments! I adore blog love and I know the parents love this too:)

Sharon: These are so beautiful!

Claire | NJ photographer: So adorable. I love the hat.

Marley: WOW! Ashely once again you have done an amazing job! Ashley is truly fabulous and very gifted!! Beautiful Family and love the pic at the end!!

Jason: The 4th picture is my fav!! What lens is that?

Jinny Potter: Adorable! I hope to meet this previous little girl sometime soon.

Jinny Potter: Adorable! I hope to meet this precious little girl sometime soon.

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