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In case you aren’t much of a Facebook -er, or you haven’t made yourself a fan of my page there (and if so, why on earth not?! I’d love to have ya:), and you have been wondering where I have been, I’ve been busy in the office and the gear took a break and a little trip to the “spa”. But it arrived home this week in tip top shape just in time for my newborn marathon week! Well, actually, the gear didn’t arrive at home. I actually had to chase down a UPS truck in downtown Columbia on Monday morning to get my gear for my Monday shoot…….but that is another crazy story:)

So far this week I have photographed a lovely mommy-to-be and 3 newborns! I can’t show the images of mommy-to-be because they are a sweet surprise for daddy-to-be. I wish I could. She was just lovely and I really enjoyed working with her. I’m looking forward to visiting her again for her newborn session.

So, next up………the most precious, smiley little boy! I seriously think I have like 4 or 5 great big undeniable smiles in various poses from this day:) See the little bear picture below for one of them. Mom and Dad did such a great job too and were just delightful! And as our session ran late – as newborn lifestyle photo sessions do sometimes – they even bought me lunch from Devine Foods! How sweet is that!?!? And it was wonderful and, can you believe, my first time to eat their food?! I loved it. And I loved working on some of these images tonight!

Mom and Dad, tell your friends and family members to check out the images and leave a little love on your blog post. If you get 35 comments from unique visitors (with their email address), you can choose your favorite image for a 5×7 print on me! If you get 50 comments, it’s an 8×10!! Enjoy:)


Lisa: what a cutie.

Amanda: what a perfect angel!! Love that wide angle hardwood floor shot. Gorgeous home, gorgeous family and gorgeous images!

aseel: Those are just precious, Ashley! I LOVE the ones in the basket, and the ones with mom and dad!

shalonda: oh my goodness! oh my goodness! beautiful job a! and what a stunning little family they are!

Sheri: Ashley they turned out wonderful. I can't wait to see them all!

Meghan Rickard: What a great session! I love the ones of him in the living area and by the fireplace!

Kel Ward: Oh wow, these are just AWESOME! I love that they're not the typical (ahem, boring) newborn shots. I can't even choose a favorite! They're all fabulous!

Azure: Absolutely gorgeous. I LOVE the one in the basket with the green blanket. Beautiful work!

Gail: Beautiful! I love how you incorporated their home into these images - gives them a sense of intimacy. Gorgeous work!

Toney Coukart: Love the beautiful pictures of my nephew! The pictures are absolutely gorgeous and cant wait to see more!

Michelle: Ashley, I love your style! It's wonderful how you capture the family and their beautiful home. And what a sweet baby!

Brandi-lee: Love how aware this little one is. The one of Mum and Dad kissing makes me smile how the baby boy is just staring straight into the camera, totaly adorable!!

desi: love, love, love

Shanna Kreza: I love the ones on the green blanket!! The lighting is gorgeous and the image is crisp!

Tori Piercy: Awww what a darling baby! Gorgeous pictures!

Jenn Ricketts: Love the mix of lifestyle and studio type images. Just wonderful. These are so clean and fresh. Mom and dad will love them.

Anelle: these are absolutely wonderful! I love each one of them!

Audrey: I love the ones with the green blanket, such a beautiful little baby!!

Julie Wagoner: These are so gorgeous. I am always in awe of how you are able to capture new families in their own home so beautifully!

Sylvia Borgo: What a great session. I always love how you not only showcase your babies but how beautifully you represent the entire family!

Kara Layfield: I just love how you incorporate the families homes into your shoot. Beautiful work!! He's so tiny and precious.

Kelly Mack: Perfection as always Ashley! Love your work. Its always so beautiful.

Carrie: You are such an inpsiring newborn and lifestyle photographer Ashley!

Sylvia Borgo: Such beautiful home - perfect for this gorgeous little sweetie-pie!

Bri: Sheri, I love the pics in the nursery! I hope Baby Hoover is as cooperative and photogenic as Roan was!

Just a note to say thank you again for such a wonderful year. I am booked and will be unbelievably busy for the next 2 months. I have already taken a few bookings for January but will only be taking 2 more because I believe I will be in desperate need of a little break! So, if you are interested in a session in January, please don’t hesitate to book.

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming:)

This beautiful family welcomed me into their new home, where they had just moved days earlier from another state, to photograph their new baby boy. Mom didn’t even have time to nest the new nursery. She went straight from the hospital to this new cozy bungalow. And she had to depend on daddy and grandma to take care of the nursery details for our images. They did a great job! The home was beautiful, the family was warm and kind, and the baby boy was Beautiful!! I can’t wait to share the rest of the images with this family:)

Mom and Dad, tell your friends and family members to check out the images and leave a little love on your blog post. If you get 35 comments from unique visitors (with their email address), you can choose your favorite image for a 5×7 print on me! If you get 50 comments, it’s an 8×10!! Enjoy:)

And welcome to Columbia! I hope you will be very happy here. And to baby boy: Welcome to the world!


Liz: These photos are just precious. What beautiful memories to have...a new home and a new, precious baby! Great session!

Julie Wagoner: A beautiful session, Ashley! Congratulations on lots of new adventures for this sweet little family.

Stephanie Callahan: What a wonderful session, love the variety! Beautiful little family.

Katie: Oh, these are so sweet, Ashley!

amy lenhart: love these! what a gorgeous baby! love him sleeping sweetly on the ottomen.

kellie: Beautiful family with an adorable addition!! Great job Ashley:)

Jackie Jean: wonderful job! I am sure the family is so in love with these!

Dawn Kitley: LOVE these!! Your lighting is amazing! Perfect, Ashley.

Michelle: Absolutely stunning. I love the variety and how creative your work is.

amy: beautiful.. He looks so peaceful.

carol nicasio: These are great!!! Love them!!

Sarah Boxley: Beautiful pictures of Henry and the Marks! What an adorable little guy.

Marzena: You did wonderful job with these. Love how you incorporated the baby with the textures in the room

acey: Ginny, my favorite is the one of you looking straight at the camera holding henry. he looks so much like ben!!!! love yall!!!

Coleen: The pictures are great. Thanks for sharing!

Andrea: These are stunning photos! You can feel the love and warmth of the family :) The last photo is my favorite!

Brooke Buchanan: As the proud aunt, I have to say Henry rocks! I like the one of him in the basket where it looks like he might have thought about trying to crawl out and fell asleep! Love the sweetness of Henry that was captured in the pictures.

Rachel Aberle: I love how you create fantastic pictures out of a natural environment! Beautiful!

Kari Wright: These are beautiful Ashley. I love the way you use their home to make them more special. He is a beautiful baby!

Scarlett: might be one of my fav newborn sessions, EVER. I love love love the lifestyle feel! so gorgeous! these are fantastic!

cassie: aww, these are awesome! I can't wait to meet little Henry!

Sarah Alford: These pictures are precious! Henry is such a blessing and beautiful baby! He is very lucky to have Ginny and Ben as parents!

Elizabeth: Beautiful pictures of a beauitful baby!

Sharetta Bufford: Awww, these pictures are adorable. You two have a precious baby. May God bless you and your newborn. Much love and kisses to Henry!!!

Asen Mctague: Beautiful...beautiful baby and family. I love the nursery too!!!

Kellie Armstrong: What beautiful pictures! I am kind of surprised that there wasn't a bow tie involved! Beautiful!!!!

Anna Burrelli: Wow, these pictures are beautiful! I love the one of your little peanut curled up in the buff and the one of him laying in the yarn basket.

Kristol: Love this cute baby! Adorable!

Deanna Slusher: The love of this family shows in every picture!! Absolute beauty!

Becca Price: Beautiful baby boy! Fabulous pictures!

lindsey: Sweet Henry! And, not fair! Y'all don't look like sleep deprived parents!!! (good work!)

stuart: adorable!!

Gail: Oh so precious! He looks so sleepy and cozy - love how you incorporated their home into these images!

Gina: Breathtaking!

Mary-Stuart Harrell: omg...these are amazing!! what a beautiful, beautiful family!!

Leiba Bernstein: Such a cute baby!!! You would never know they just moved in! What a beautiful home and family! Great job Ashley!

Amanda Puckett: These pictures are stunning! I sure am glad that I introduced the parents! :) Congratulations to all!

John and Deborah: Amazing photos. Baby appears to be getting plenty of sleep. Hope the parents are as well.

Krissy Allori: Those are all so sweet. I love seeing the connection with mom and dad.

Ryan: The shot of the room with the crib to the left and young Henry on the footstool to the right - AWESOME.

Laura Morita-Yeun: These are all gorgeous, but the nursery ones blow me away. I love seeing your images, Ashley. You are awesome.

Amanda Flayer: Beautiful photos...and beautiful baby!

Doug Grimes: Awesome!

missys: oh wow! the last 4 are my favorites!! great job!

Peter: You guys rock!

Justyna: Awww! Beautiful beautiful session, gorgeous babe! Just so well done it makes me smile:)

Mindy Pierce: Awwww, Look at little Benjamin!!! Love the pictures, they are great!!!

KJ: Very sweet!

Elizabeth & An Nguyen: You guys are a very beautiful and photogenic bunch! Henry is almost as beautiful as his mom!

Kara Layfield: I love your newborn work!! I'm always so excited to see how you use the family's homes in the session. I adore your nursery shots....beautiful work! I

Kel Ward: Gorgeous session! I love the shots of the baby in his own room. This family is gorgeous!!

Claire: How precious is that baby? Love these Ashley.

Tori Piercy: These are beautiful! My faves are the ones in the nursery and on that gorgeous stool. And that baby is perfection!


Anelle: What a beautiful session! I love the variety.

Jill Smitherman: Beautiful family.

Amanda Leatherberry: Beautiful images. You can seriously feel the love when they are holding him :)

Kelly Mack: Awesome as always Ashley. I really adore your work and this set is no different. Such a beautiful family!

Dezarae: These are stunning Ashley!! I adore your in-house sessions!

Brandi-lee: These photos are such a beautiful way to celebrate new beginnings for this family, gorgeous work!

Jen Snyder: Ashley, these are just lovely. I especially love the baby on the ottoman! Gorgeous work :)

desi: love love lOve these. especially the last one. well done

desi: man oh man! these are just so awesome. well done

tim stewart: really wonderful photos of a beautiful baby boy and his loving happy parents.

Amanda: LOVE!! These are fabulous! Those beautiful bare walls are just *waiting* for some big wall portraits!

shalonda: WHOA they have some awesome style! love that conforter and that chair int he nursery....and how could i forget to say love these gorgeous pics of that sweet little one

Sylvia Borgo: Ashley, your work is such a treat. I love the nursery images!

beverly: look at all of these sweet babies!!!! they just make me smile

Esther Kenney: A beautiful baby and a great job of photography.

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So here is a question for you…….what photographer do you know that starts a family photography session with a trip to the local ice cream parlor?!! Seriously, am I one brave woman or what? But it seemed like it would be a lot of fun and a great way to break the ice with this family, who booked their photo session with me last year! I was so excited to meet them because they had been on the books for so long.

The field we used this day looked just amazing. The little yellow flowering weeds and tall grasses were a perfect backdrop. And as the session was nearing the end, some fabulous stormy clouds rolled in, giving the sky a beautiful rich color. These are my favorite clouds to capture and can add such drama to a portrait. And they did!

Dear family….you rocked! I really enjoyed working with you and hope you enjoyed yourselves too……even my corny jokes and rather awkward dance moves:) Mom and Dad, tell your friends and family members to check out the images and leave a little love on your blog post. If you get 35 comments from unique visitors (with their email address), you can choose your favorite image for a 5×7 print on me! If you get 50 comments, it’s an 8×10!! Enjoy:)


Laura Morita-Yeun: Wow! They are gonna have a tough time choosing from all these gorgeous pictures! Love all the ones in the field. What a gorgeous family. You are awesome, Ashley.

Leiba: Beautiful Ashley!! They are a great looking family and they have such an amazing variety of images to choose from!

Nicole Ridella: Beautiful photos Ashley. Love how fun the ice cream parlor ones are and the ones in the field are gorgeous!

Laura: Ashley! These are stunning girl! What a great (and brave) idea to go to ice cream parlor. The field shots are soooooo lovely. The one of the two kids together in the field would just have to be a fave of the parents. Beautiful, beautiful work Ashley!

Deirdre Dunham: I love that you risked ice cream stains and hyperactive sugar highs in order to "get the shot." And boy did you ever get it - great job on this beautiful family!

aseel: Love the beauty of the field, and fun times with ice-cream! What a beautiful family.

Jaime: I know this family and am so happy to see how awesome these pictures turned out to be! They are a beautiful family and these pictures are amazing!! Missy I know you are so excited!

Amanda Leatherberry: Beautiful family session! What a gorgeous family too.

Shannon Smith: Amazing photos!! I Love the field shots the best

missy scholl: Wow Ashley, I really don't know what to say! I am totally speechless and my kids love them too. Joe is thinking he is a rockstar and wants to be a model now ;) The kids had so much fun and I am so glad I stepped out of my comfort zone and got these taken (well not the kissing The words Thank You...don't come close...these are amazing!!!

Stephanie: These are great! I love the ones of the kids separately, and the ones of the entire family in the field!!! So neat that you and Joe took some together without the kids too! Missy, you are going to have a hard time choosing! Wow!

Jill: Awesome photos! I like them all sitting in the field! Great pics!

Susan: Love all of them, but the ones of you & Joe brought tears. Such a beautiful family

April: Missy, You guys look great! Love the IceCream Pics! I also Really like the family shot of you guys sitting in the field! Such a great place! Looks like a nice day:)

Beth Cadman: Ashley these photos are awesome! I loved how you started in the ice cream shop and finished in the field. The pictures of the kids were fantastic as were the family ones and the ones of the parents by themselves. You did a wonderful job on all of the photos.If I lived in South Carolina I would definitely have you do my family photos.

Wanda Williams: Wow, great photos. I would hate to have to choose just one or two. Field shots are super.

wendy: Such beautiful pictures

kelly schroder: love them..

Ande Hubbard: Oh these are beautiful!! They are all wonderful and will make great gifts to your loved ones!!! I love the 1st one where they are eating their ice cream & looking @ each other!!!

Heather: Beautiful pictures!! Love the candid ice cream parlor shots. I love the hat and the blue streak in the hair!! Good luck in choosing to the parents!!

Diana: Great photos - beautiful!

Robin: These pictures are great!! Missy and her family are beautiful! I think that I will have to make an appointment for a session!

Katee: These are gorgeous. Loved the family ones and the couple ones.

Tori Piercy: Wow, gorgeous family! These are beautiful!

Marlene: This last photo is it!! A 16x20 for sure in a beautiful gilded frame. Beautiful colors, beautiful placement and the beautiful loving family that you are shines through.

amy: stunning family. Beautiful work. Love the location.

Heather: Absolutely beautiful! I love them all!

Scarlett: what a gorgeous family! I love their style! your works is just beautiful!

Susi: Oh my goodness, awesome pictures, very unique and stunning

Marzena: Those are gorgeous! Love the fun colors and the lifestyle and portrait combo. You're such a talent and this family will love those for sure!!!

Kel Ward: Gorgeous family session! I love the shots at the ice cream parlor...they're so fun and casual.

Brandi-lee: Gorgeous session!! I love the field, the posing, the wonderful family, all of it!!

Michelle: Gorgeous family session! Love this session.

amy lenhart: what a gorgeous family!! amazing job with these. love the ice cream parlor too and that field is gorgeous!!!

Deanne: Great pictures. It is too hard to pick a favorite.

Kristin Baggott: What a beautiful shoot! My fav is the last one and the kids kneeling in the field. Beautiul family!

Becky: LOVE the idea of taking pics in an ice cream parlor! The one of the two kids in the field would have to be my favorite!

Cher Sheldon: Love love love!!!! I can not choose one there are a few that I like alot!!

Kelly Lee: I like the very last one with the whole family. Just natural and you all look happy.

Kristin: The field shots are so gorgeous! What an awesome location. I love the family shots!

Tammy Young: Great Pics!! My favorite is the kids kneeling down in the field!

Stephanie Callahan: What a fun session! Beautiful family, and I love the location!

Nicole: What amazing shots of such a beautiful family! The field pictures are simply gorgeous! I think my favorites are the ice cream ones, though! Great job!!!

Heather: Loved the pictures!! They are all so nice! Everyone looks relaxed. Great job!

Julie Wagoner: What a gorgeous family session! I LOVE the mix of lifestyle images and more posed shots. Wonderful work Ashley!

Wendi: Great pictures!!! You all look great!!!

natalie lawson: i LOVE each and every one of them! but the ice cream shots are what it's all about! and well, you can't beat the blue hair and shirt!

Christina Jackson: Great pictures..can't pick just one..loved them all.

Lisa Klein: Wow. The pictures are gorgeous! Love them all!!

Liat Biderovsky: These are just lovely, Ashley! I think it was a GREAT idea going to the ice cream parlour first and the rest of the shots show how happy and relaxed they were with you. They'll love these!

Kathy Floen: WOW...I LOVE the pics that you did of MIssy and her family. :) You did awesome! :)

Paula Lundy: I can't decide which one is my favorite! Loved all the pics!

Laura Wuenschel: Wow ~ I really like the field pics, especially pics with the whole family together. Good luck picking just one...Glad you all decided to go through with this! XO

Leigh: great pics! your family is beautiful!

Robin: Love all the photos!! What great memories. I'm sure you had a blast taking them, especially the ice cream ones!!

nancy miramonti: great photos!

Carol Andrews: Ashley, These pictures are great! I don't know how they will be able to pick the ones they want. Wonderful. You are very talented

Gail: OMG that field is INCREDIBLE! So perfect for this gorgeous family! Fabulous work!!!

mary p: all great pictures- hard to pick just one

Wanda Williams: Great pics. Love them all.

Anelle: WOW! Those field shots are INCREDIBLE!!!! i love your light in these!

Katie: Love these, so beautiful!

Kelly: Love the photos!! I really wish Ashley lived in NJ! I love the fun, love, and excitement in everyone's eyes.

Claire: Cute kids and adorable family. You captured them well girl!

desi: yowzers! love, love, LOVE these!

alpana: beautiful session! Love the ones of the boy/girl in the field- what a cool spot!

Sylvia Borgo: Simply gorgeous!

beverly: that field is to die for . lovely images.

Jennifer: What a beautiful family! Photographer did great! Not a bad idea to break the ice w icecream first! Helps everybody relax and take more natural pics! :)