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He spoiled me rotten. I swear he did. This little peanut was willing to do just about anything I asked of him! During our newborn photography session, it was even suggested that since daddy works for a skateboarding magazine, maybe we could incorporate a skateboard into the session. I love when my clients have personal items they would like me to work into the session. Some are easier than others. A skateboard wasn’t so easy…..or so I thought. This little munchkin was happy to oblige us by sleeping on the skateboard just as he had my soft blankets and baskets of fur. He did determine that the skateboard needed to be christened first, however!!!!! Once we got that cleaned up and got him back to sleep, we were on a roll, baby……pun intended:)

I think he was the happiest when we put him in my little cocoon. He slept so peacefully. And blessed us with a couple of BEAUTIFUL smiles. He let big sis hold him, and serenade him. And never made a peep.

Mom and Dad, I hope you enjoy this preview. Thank you so much for choosing me to document this blessed time in your lives.
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Justyna: I have fallen in love with your work, Ashley! You so rock. And your clients' home decor is so exquisite! That last image is my FAVE!

Fiona Colvin: So great Ashley. I'm totally jealous of your gorgeous blankets - we miss out on all the cool things here in Australia :)

Lynn: these photos are just FANTASTIC! thank you so much for sharing them with your flickr friends! : )

Julie Wagoner: Gorgeous session Ashley! I love how you incorporated their own items and decor...perfect!

Laura: Aww...this is one adorable baby! Wonderful job Ashley! I LOVE the family images.

Allen Groom: Amazing work! That bean pod blanket is so cool.

Jennifer Musgrave: These are wonderful pictures! Absolutely love them!

Kari Wright: These are STUNNING Ashley! I love the expression on the purple one - so adorable.

Susan Turner: These pictures are absolutely adorable! I love them all!!

Gail: What a smooshy little face! LOVE the smiling peanut pic - adorable! Great images of a beautiful family - awesome work Ashley!!!

Papa: Jasper, Veronica and Karla: You are my world. You also look pretty damn good in a photo!

Amber Brown: OMG!!!! My family looks great in these pics! Jasper looks PRECIOUS as does the family!!! Great skills photog!

Kym: AMAZING photos! I wish you were in NC. What a schmoop that Jasper is!

Kelly Mack: Perfection Ashley! The family must love these.

Sandy Truax: The pictures are beautiful! I am sure they will cherish these forever!

amy: I just love that one with the baby smiling.. To cute.

Andie: I simply adore your work Ashley and what a cute baby boy & awesome pictures!

Brandi-lee: These are so fantastic Love his pouty lips and oh my gosh, that little smile, so sweet!!

ellan: These photos are amazing. Jasper and his big sis are so gorgeous!

Jason: What a session, Ashley! Love them all but my goodness the image with the bear hat! It looks like the light is just pouring down on him. Awesome shot!

Dawn Kitley: I love that little crease above his nose. Great looking family!

shalonda: dear heavens the gorgeousness of this session makes my heart flutter....brilliant work ash

Leiba Bernstein: Cute! Love the last two with his sister!

Ashley: Thanks so much everyone. He is so precious and sweet and I loved working with this family:)

stella: Love the pictures. I cant wait to frame them and show off my beautiful little family. Great job Ashley!!

stacey overstreet: Superb photos!!!

Meghan Rickard: So cute! LOVE the last one!

michelle: Ronni and Jasper look so sweet together. I would love a bowl of baby please!

desi: well he is just the most gorgeous little thing. great images!

CINDY PRATT: When we will get some pictures? Gigi is giving me a list of the 1's she wants!

Vickie Elliott: These pics are BEAUTIFUL....Jasper is precious (glad he is doing better) & Veroinca is a cutie---she is getting so big. Ashley & Karla, you have a beautiful family!!

Amanda Anderson: LOVE LOVE LOVE these pics of my sweet precious little nephew!!! Jas is beautiful and is so very photogenic just like his big sis:) Yall really take great pictures and they look awesome in your new home!

Karla: I couldn't have been happier with the artist, the process, or the results. Thank you, Ashley!

Rick: Really like the unique photos! Great pics of the family! Cute kid!

Sheradan Pate: this is so beautiful!!!

Jen: These are absolutely stunning! Gorgeous work!

mindi: wow!! Every pic's is amazing... gorgeous family!

Sylvia Borgo: I just adore the ones of big sis with little bub!

Nikki: These pictures are absolutely amazing!! What a wonderful keepsake! This photographer is very talented.

Katie: These are so beautiful and creative and amazing.

Amber: Ashley, I swear each of your sessions blow me away! I'm in love with the skateboard shots! Again, your lighting is always so perfect!

Michelle: I love your work! These are fabulous.

Amanda Leatherberry: You just keep bringing it all to a new level....LOVE this session!!!!

I am so happy this beautiful and fun-loving family contacted me for a child/family photography session! They are just lovely people and were so relaxed and easy during our shoot. Lucky for them – and me! – they live in a beautiful community with lovely manicured areas but are extremely close to a field of tall grasses and an old wood barn! Yay! I am so glad dad got a good laugh about my love/hate relationship with untamed nature!!! I did make it out into the grass for some lovely images… that I am showing in black and white because it just screamed for a black and white conversion to me…..although it is also lovely in color as well.

And the second part of our session took place in the rooms of these lovely little princesses! I was soooooo happy to be photographing these little girls in their beautiful everyday environments! They were just as sweet and girly as can be as they jumped on the bed, twirled to the music, played with their toys. I felt drawn back to my childhood when I loved to dress up and dance and dance and dance! These days are so precious!

And as little sister started to tire, big sis was sweet enough to climb up in the rocking chair and look through books with her. It totally melted my heart to see how willing big sis was to love her little sister in this way:)

Mom and Dad, it was my pleasure to spend this time with your lovely family! I hope you enjoy this preview. Have 35 unique friends or family members leave a comment on this post (along with an email address) and receive a complimentary 5×7 desktop print or your choice! Receive 50 comments and you may choose an 8×10!









amy: Oh how I love this session. You always rock it.. Great work.. The girls are adorable and the interaction you captured.. Is a WOW.

Zoe Berkovic: Oh Ashle, I love these! Such beautiful kids! You captured them in such a vibrant fun way!

Lisa: love the dancing pics....too cute. can't wait for our shoot!

Jason: Is it me or do your clients have the BEST light in their homes?? Wonderful job again :)

Sandra: You captured the Beauty, Happiness, and Love in this precious family. Wonderful photographs.

Jessica: Love the ones of the two girls in the chair together reading!! So cute!!!

aseel: Love this session! LOVE their rooms!

Tina: Great photos of beautiful little ladies.

Belle: awe these are so precious!

Jennie Barton: Great pictures should be models.

lindsay: LOVE the family shots in the field and of course your at home lifestyle shots are to die for!

will: beautiful moments captured of a beautiful family!

Veronica: Love these cute...the girls are growing so all look so happy!!!!

Shelby: Another amazing session. Great family shots and I love the ones of the girls in their rooms.

Leiba Bernstein: Wow I love these Ashley! Especially the ones in the bedrooms! So vibrant and full of life!

Keri: Great Photos!!

Amy E: Such a beautiful family!! The pictures are awesome!

Amber: Ashley, theses are wonderful! I love your light and WOW do those girls have some beautiful rooms!

Marissa: Ashley you are unbelievably talented! Thanks for capturing such beautiful natural, candid shots of our family! You are such a pleasure to work with and helped put us at ease!

Justyna: You so rock, Ashley! Love every image.

Dixie Bullock: Awesome pictures! I LOVE every single one!!! Your family is beautiful. I can't believe how big the girls have gotten!

Kara Layfield: Amazing Ashley!! Your use of light is just perfect. Those cuties look like they just had the best time with you. I love every single one of them!!

Leya: Love love love. You sooo rock the wide angle!! :)

Lynn: oh my, wowzers! i could look at photos on your blog all day!!!! fantastic! i love how bright these are, and the girl dancing in her room.... fabulous! :)

Lurene Carlson: The pictures of the Evans family are just beautiful. You captured their beauty and love for each other. The kids are so cute and girly. Love the rooms, too.

Brandi-lee: Are you serious?? You blow me away with your work. These are incredible, I love your style so much. The ones with the two girls in the pink bedroom are my favourites.

bart: the girls are very photogenic. you have a beautiful, happy family. you should be very proud.

Dawn Kitley: So light and airy, typical Ashley style. Great shots!

shalonda: (thud) thats my jaw on the floor....hands down my most favorite session you have ever done

Ashley: Thanks for all the incredible love, everyone:)

Ginger & Ben: Enjoyed all the pictures, thanks for sharing!

Sylvia Borgo: Gah! I've been transported into the lives of two little cuties. These images are so vibrant!

Karen: Awesome pictures!!

Fabiana Beatriz: Just beautiful!!!


Oh yes! Diva indeed! This beautiful little girl already knows what she wants and she knows how to get it! And mom and dad are happy to indulge their little princess – just as it should be:) We had a wonderful time dressing her in some wonderful things her mommy had picked out. I’m telling you……I wanted to stick that little red hat in one of my bags as I was packing up!!!

This is the first of a large cluster of newborn and baby sessions over the next couple of weeks that are sure to keep me on my toes. You won’t hear any complaints from me……I love the time I spend working with babies and their families! Be watching the blog to see them all:)

Mom and Dad – it was an absolute pleasure to photograph you and your precious baby girl. I hope you enjoy this preview of our session. And as always, have 35 unique friends and/or family members leave a comment on this blog post (along with their valid email address) for a complimentary 5×7 gift print. Get 50 comments and I will gift you with an 8×10!







Brandi: oh my goodness she is so sweet! I always love seeing your newborn work :)

Fiona Colvin: How super-duper cute :) Love them all!

Kara Layfield: Total Sweetness!! I love everything about this session...the lighting...that amazing hat...and the beautiful princess!! Mom and Dad must be totally thrilled with these.

Kathleen: Oh my! Such cuteness. I love all the outfit changes for the little diva. Everything is just just cute!

Jen Gasper: Oh my goodness isn't she just perfect? I love it! I love that she is already a diva! Precious!

Sylvia Borgo: Ohhh, sweet, sweet baby! I love the lifestyle shots as well!

Kari Wright: Those are so cute! That feather hat is too much - diva indeed!

Kris: Oh my goodness! Isn't she sweet?! Love the tutu one.

Katherine: How gorgeous! These are absolutely beautiful!

Kim Barragan: Its all about the accesories!... but she looks PRECIOSA with or without them!!

Marzena: LOVE the variety of setup! I'd be beyond thrilled with such polished looks. Gorgeous little girl.

Erin Johnson: B is indeed beautiful! What wonderful pictures.

Bonnie Bromagem: Oh my gosh, she is gorgeous! That red hat is to DIE for!

Maria: She's absolutely fabulous!

Maria: I, for one, want the red hat in my size! Something tells me I wouldn't look anywhere NEAR as adorable as this little Diva is! Great photos with vibrant colors and amazing serenity all at the same time.

Kevin: We absolutely adore these photos and can't wait to see the rest. You have captured our diva in her full glory. Thank you Ashley!!

Liz: Oh. My. Gosh. These are so cute! I love them all.

Jennifer: Beautiful baby and beautiful pictures!

G: I absolutely love the pictures! They are fabulous and I am so happy with the way they came out! I enjoyed working with you and love your artistic vision and passion! You are one amazing photographer :) Thank you!

StephMay: WOW, these are too too too cute for words!! What a sweeeeet little newborn and beautiful family!

Julie Wagoner: What a precious little diva she is! These are so girly and sweet!

ashley honeycutt moore: everyone is stunning... i'm blown away!

Kristin Robertson: How adorable!

Christen Corning: Stunning!

Dusty: She is so precious and the photographs are all wonderful! I cannot wait to see her in person.

Tina Blackwell: These are the most beautiful photos that I have ever seen taken of a baby...Wow! Incredible work! And, what a gorgeous little girl!

beverly: oMG! that smile in the first shot just melts my heart and brings a smile to my face.

Charlene Clancy: Diva I is stunning! Her hat collection makes her ready a royal wedding. What great photos!

Claire: These are gorgeous Ashley!

Ashley Petersen: Those pics are incredible!! I, you are one special little diva. I love you very much!

Ivanova Rodriguez: The photographs are amazing. You were able to capture her beauty. She is a diva! She is my little princess. Your work is fantastic.

Brandi-lee: That red hat and blanket look awesome, total Diva style! She's gorgeous and I really like how you've matched the animal print blanket with that huge lion, it really shows how little she is.

Mariajose: absolutely beautiful, a little princess!! wowow

laura: beautiful! Where did you get all those adorable hats! enjoy her! They grown quickly!

Jason: WOW, these are ALL so good!! My fav is the 1st image on the red blanket! Great pose and awesome hat :)

Jo Ann: I can't believe how much she has grown and how many hats she has. Pretty sassy!

Amber: Ashley, you always blow me away, your light is always so perfect and colors so crisp. This little one is so cute, I love that hat!

Dawn Kitley: She is just too precious! Love her smile and her mom's sense of style. Great hat!

Ashley: Thanks so much, yall! She is truly divine:)

Phyllis Decker: What a BEAUTIFUL family and masterful photo's. Priceless is what comes to mind. Your DIVA looks just like an angle. Love hugs and kisses to all.

Amanda Leatherberry: Oh my word....these are divine. That first image made me giggle with her big wide smile....and the others are just perfect.

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Yes, I am alive! I don’t think I have ever been away from my blog for this long before and I promise to really really try not to ever let this much time go by without a post again! It has been a wild few months with workshops and business developments and a fun-filled amazing wedding week at Folly Beach. But before I go there….just a few things I need to let my friends, clients, would-be clients, and general blog stalkers know about.

I want to thank all of my clients and all my supporters for spreading the word about Ashley Ward Photography. I am so thrilled with the growth in my business since returning to Columbia a year ago. It has been amazing and I am so very grateful. At this point, I am actually having to decline some sessions because my calendar has filled up so well. I hate to turn away any client who appreciates my work and wants me to document their family, relationships, celebrations, and happiness. But to be fair to the clients I already have scheduled, I have to be careful not to overbook. I am starting a waiting list for session inquiries for appointment from now through mid-September. If you are interested in a session during these times, let me know as soon as possible. I currently have 2 spots available in late September, 2 in October, and 1 spot for any kind of session in November. That is only 5 more spots for family sessions until the end of the year! However, I have a couple more spots for newborn and baby session in November and December each, provided no prints or products are required before the holidays. If you need a session in a certain time frame, please contact me as far in advance as you can. For newborn and baby sessions, early bookings are extremely important.

Now for the good stuff:) So, my sister married an amazing man on July 10th at my mother and step-father’s home on Folly Beach…..a man I am so happy to call my brother-in-law. My daughter must have told me a hundred times how happy she was that “Mr. Mike” was now “Uncle Mike”. Amy and her new husband were surrounded with the love and support of family from both sides, and a great many of their close friends who traveled from New York (where my sis and Uncle Mike call home) and LA and lots of places in between. I know there were many more who were there in spirit and who sent their love and best wishes in all kinds of ways.

The celebration of this union was truly special. Despite the heat and the spells of rain that put a few things on hold, it was a beautiful wedding. The bride wore a pink lace Betsy Johnson frock, some killer shoes and a petite crown, and carried a lovely bridal bag that was hand-made by and borrowed from her dear friend Robin. The groom was so dapper in his seersucker suite. The flower girl and flower girl/ring bearer were precious in their gray and pink dresses – even if the smaller one made a rather quick (but precious) retreat from the spotlight! The ceremony took place in front of the little tea house in the Folly House back yard and was highlighted with readings from the groom’s mother and bride’s father and music from friends.

The celebration afterward was fabulous. I have no doubt everyone enjoyed all the sinful southern dishes and incredible entertainment. Amy and Mike started the entertainment off by singing and playing to friends and family and were followed by their fabulous friends who performed their own musical tributes to the couple. Some even wrote songs just for the occasion – tender or hilarious! Everyone was really treated to an amazing show of talent and friendship. The show was followed by decacent desserts, including the surprise delivery of gelato trucks by a dear friend who was unable to attend. Yummy! Then, dancing, photobooth mania, sparklers, hot tub soaking, pool……it was crazy fun.

I am not a wedding photographer. But I was honored to be asked by Amy to document the joy. Just sharing a few images from that week and the blessed day itself:) I hope they can relive some of the emotions and beauty of the day when they see these. I love you guys!

(oh – and I have to add a thank you to my husband, Jeff, who worked so hard helping me and who I never could have done this without:)





Kari Wright: Who says you're not a wedding photographer? This looks like the most fun wedding EVER. I love the pink dress too!

Shelby: What a fun wedding! You captured this special even perfectly! Oh, yes...definitely KILLER SHOES! Love them!

Dawn Kitley: Wow, Ashley, it looks like it was such an amazing and fun occasion. LOVE the one of you and your daughter on the chair!! Yes, LOVE the shoes.

aseel: omgosh. those are so much fun! It looks like an awesome wedding. LOVE!!!

Fiona Colvin: Ashley these are fun and colourful and I think really capture the day so beautifully. It looked like a great party. Oh and you're daughter could so easily be your sisters, they're so alike :)

Kimberly Kyle: What an awesome, colorful and fun wedding! You did a great job. What perfect memories. :-)

Jason: I'm SURE she loves these!!! You did an amazing job! I really like the pictures at the beach...

lara: holy cuteness. could they be more adorable??!!!!? FABULOUS work Ashely!

Kris: What a fun wedding! Amazing pics! And a side note, I know where Folly Beach is and have been there.

Amber: LOVE these Ashley! The wedding looked like so much fun and you captured it perfectly!

EmilyC: I love the personalities that you have captured...that is what makes the memories!! Great, great job. LOVE them all. You should do more weddings:)

amy: Man oh Man do I wish I was a fly on the wall for this wedding.. Way to cute.. Love them all. Congrats to the new bride.. love the dress.

Tiffany Bender: These are so much fun....I felt like I was right there- or wanted to be!!!!!! Awesome work

stephanie beaty: I know you don't typically shoot weddings..but you should! These really capture the spirit of the day and are infused with such personality! I hope she loves them!

Jen Reif: This looks like such a fun wedding! Huge congratulations to the gorgeous bride and groom!! You can tell that they are madly in love :)

Jamie Siever: Wow. This is amazing - the colors, the love, everything about the day/s. Gorgeous! And, I agree w/Kari. Weddings seem to suit you!

Kara Layfield: Oh my gosh...what a fun wedding!! I love the brides funky pink dress and shoes that ROCK!! This looks like a good time and the bride couldn't have been prettier. Those photbooth shoots are super cute!

Belle: these are so cool! congrats to your sister!

Nichole Van: Love these! Seriously! And some amazing flash work too . . . . love love love!

desi: these are really great! i especially LOVE the first lot. well done

lindsay: flippin' awesome my dear!!

Katie: ahmazing!!

Ashley: Thank you all so much for the lovely comments! I am all smiles reading them and I know my sister will enjoy them too:) In case you didn't know - the lady in the middle on the second to the last row of images with the crazy pink hair......that's me - bestowing love on my little piece of sunshine:)

StephMay: WOW, you rocked this session!! Really, this is about the coolest, most fun wedding photography I have EVER seen. These are great!!

Michele (Pinkle Toes): Oh shut up! These are incredible! I love the sweet softness of the ones under the pier, too!!!!

nancy: CANNOT believe you worried about being the wedding photographer--these are AWESOME!!!!!! (of course, I expected nothing less!) btw, LOVE the turquoise chair and NEED those shoes!

Carrie: Oh my goodness what a super cute and fun wedding! It makes me wish I was there enjoying all the fun! Great job girly!

Brandi-lee: Wow, girl, these are great. They all look so full of joy in every shot! Love the photo booth!

brandi: whoa! what an awesome surprise! i haven't seen amy in years, and this is the best way to get to see her after so long. she looks madly in love with the world. you are such a fantastic photographer. all my best to the happy couple. also: flans and goldwasser? adorable.

Jen Gasper: These look like so much fun! Oh my goodness! I love the colors and would have loved to have been a guest!

Sylvia Borgo: Great captures. The images of the bride and groom by the water are dreamy!

Amy Miles: Yes, I am the luckiest sister in the world. I knew Ashley was an incredible photographer, but I am still blown away at how these pics turned out. She really captured the energy there and was just amazing!!! Love you Ash!!!!!

Kevin: Amazing photos that capture the joy and overwhelming emotions of a wedding.

Danielle: Ashley!!! These are amazing!! It looks like SUCH a fun party and you captured that beautifully!!! Congrats to your sister! I know you have been looking forward to this event for a while!

Leya: puhlleaase girl. fantastic as always...and you know it!!! seriously, your sis must be over the moon!!

Samantha Proctor: omg.. you and your sister look so much alike! what a beautiful wedding and beautiful pictures! loved her shoes too