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So I’m back to blogging again. Over the next week or two I hope to catch up on all the end of the year sessions I did that still haven’t made it to the blog. It was a very busy season for sessions and with the holidays, 3 family birthdays between Christmas and New Years, and a workshop in Washington……well, let’s just say I’m a tad behind on posting here and you’ll be seeing lots of Christmas trees and holiday outfits in the next few posts….LOL!

This little guys was so eager to come into this world that we barely got the Mini Maternity session done in time!! These were great sessions with a beautiful budding family. This couple’s friendly dalmation also complied for a few images from both sessions!! Which you know thrilled me. I am such a sucker for a cold nose, soft fur and a wagging tail:)

The parents-to-be were lovely and handsome, the home was beautiful, the dog was eager to please. And the subject or our Newborn Baby Photography Session could not have been sweeter. Of course, as all babies do, there were times when he fussed and needed to be soothed. It was so awesome that dad was willing to pull out his guitar and sing for baby boy during the shoot. And it was amazing to watch how quiet and peaceful his son would become when he would hear his father play for him. It was very touching for mom to watch and for me to witness. This little man is so well loved by both his parents. The very best part of my job is being a witness to the happiest moments for new parents….to relive just a tiny bit through my subjects how wonderfully awesome new life is!

During these sessions I had a few special requests for images and I am so happy with them! The black and white of mom was a special request and there were several other images in which we incorporated items that were of great significance to the family. It’s always a wonderful challenge for me and I love knowing the images will be even more powerful for my clients. Please be sure to read about the last image and how it was created.

Dear family, I hope you love these images as much as loved creating them for you! Tell your friends and family members to check out the images and leave a little love on your blog post. Blog love makes me very, very happy and I like to say thank you to my clients for sharing my work. If you get 35 comments from unique visitors (with a unique email address), you can choose your favorite image for a 5×7 print on me! If you get 50 comments, it’s an 8×10!! It was such a pleasure working with you! Enjoy:)



A baby’s safety is always my first priority during a newborn photo session and I am very careful and never put them in a position of danger. Many images I have on my website or blog are composites and are created with the assistance of a spotter, who has their hands on the baby the whole time, even though you don’t see that in the resulting portraits.
OK, so what is a composite? It is a photograph that is comprised of two or more images that were merged together using photo editing software. This particular image was created with the assistance of both parents. I placed the guitar on the carpet the way I wanted it and we had a support behind the guitar. Dad used BOTH hands to hold the guitar in place. His job was to make sure the guitar could not move or slip or fall. I posed baby on the guitar the way I wanted him (and believe me this took a lot of patience and a little soft blanket). And then mom came in and used BOTH hands to hold on to baby, to keep him in place so he would keep the pose and so he would not be in any danger of slipping, twisting, or falling. The parents had to keep both hands on baby (mom) and guitar(dad) at all times. I took an image and then mom and dad just slightly moved one hand. I took another image. Mom and Dad slightly moved the other hand. I took another image. We did this about 6 times. And then we were done!
Or I should say, mommy and daddy and baby boy were done! My work definitely was not over. When editing the images from the session I chose the best images with the parents’ hands in slightly different positions. I stacked (or layered) the images in my photo editing software and erased the hands out in each layer until the result was one image of baby sleeping on the guitar.
Now that you know this precious baby was always safe in the hands of his mommy and daddy, enjoy the resulting image:)

Liz: Wow! What an amazing session, Ashley! I love all of them, but especially adore the family shots with daddy playing the guitar. You are magic! Baby on the guitar shot is fantastic!

Natalie: ASHLEY!!!! Such beautiful work! I loved each and every one of them! And the last is amazing!

Nancy: Ashley, omgoodness, these are incredible! Firstly, the awesome home! Just beautiful! Love the doggie w/ bub & the one of him smiling while dad plays guitar. And the final one is fantastic. I'm swooning here!

Justyna: Amazing newborn images! I love the lifestyle nature of them. The ones with the doggie (both pregnancy and baby) are my favorite.

Shanna: Oh my, what a great session this was! I love how you incorporated the family home. My fav images is that gorgeous doggy and new baby!

Aseel: Gorgeous family, and absolutely stunning images. Well done, Ashley!

Rachel Aberle: So gorgeous! Your work is amazing!

Tiara: Beautiful images! I love the one of Momma and the baby in black and white.

Anelle: Oh, Ashley! Beautiful as usual! I love the family photos and I love how you have incorporated their home in this. Thank you so much for reminding people how important safety is in newborn photography!

Abby Ward: Ashley - You just made my day! These images make my heart jump for joy : ) Your finished product is absolutely amazing; I knew it would be. I have never seen anyone pay so much attention to detail and strive so hard for perfection. Your work is truly an art. I feel so blessed to have found you as our photographer. I will treasure these images for life.

Eric Ward: Awesome! Thanks for being so patient throughout both sessions. We had a blast having you over, and these pictures are simply amazing. We are so excited to see these and can't wait till the proofing session. Thanks again!

Ron Ward: Absolutely the most georgous pictures I've ever seen. I love the black and whites.

Nancy Ward: Beautiful. Best I have ever seen!

Dee: Absolutely wonderful, Ashley! I adore the shot with the dog and also the one with dad holding his sweet baby. Another excellent session from you!

Donna: Such an awesomely gorgeous session! I just love looking at your work! :)

Giles Ward: As prejudiced as I might be toward my wonderful great nephew and his parents and their beautiful Dalmation, I must share with all who view this page that you've captured the ambiance that is the core of this loving and wonderful family. I've never seen a more beautiful portfolio of photography. While I obviously think you had great subjects with whom to work, we all have seen "baby pictures." Your masterpiece is to baby pictures what Stratovarius is to a fiddle!

Kay Ward: Love the pictures of my new great-nephew and the rest of his family! I only wish you lived closer to Mississippi. These pictures are AMAZING!!

Dezarae: love these Ashley! I'm so happy to see that you explained the composite! It's beautiful.

Cheryl Froman: Simply beautiful!! Of course, the Ward's are a super-photogenic family but the photography was stellar!!

Tonya Shanklin: BEAUTIFUL!!! My favorite baby pic is the one where he is wrapped in purple- the guitar picture is amazing but the purple picture just captures all his sweetness. Mom is as beautiful as ever- Family photos on the bed are magical- Thank you for sharing.

Kim: Abby, you looked amazing pregnant! I know the dalmation pics mean a lot to you. Holleman is handsome. I love the pic of him smiling as Eric is playing the guitar. The last pic is so creative. Ya'll are a beautiful family.

Kathie: Dearest Abby, Eric and Baby Holleman, Thank you so much for sharing these incredible pictures of your precious family! The peace and presence of God's love surrounds you in every shot! I wish I lived closer so I could enjoy a visit. Let's talk this week....I miss you! Love, Kathie

Arden Shanklin: You are so talented and the models are amazing too!!! I love these pictures every shot looked perfect.

Gail: Oh Ashley! What an incredible newborn session!!! I ADORE the way you incorporate the home, the parents, their hobbies and even the pup into this session! The personality of this family shines through and it is full of love for that ADORABLE little man!!! Awesome work!!!

Jen Gasper: I LOVE these. So unique! And my favorite image has to be the one of baby smiling on the bed with dad playing music. What an absolute perfect capture! You rock my socks!

Shelby: What an absolutely gorgeous maternity and newborn session. Beautiful family, gorgeous home, and amazing work! Love the connection, use of their space and how you incorporated things they love into their sessions.

Amber: *sigh* You are truly incredible. Your lifestyle work is hands down my favorite. LOVE the family shots. The one where all three are smiling!? Insanely amazing!

Dawn: What amazing, no, beautiful, no, stunning! work. Fabulous!

David Wingo: Absolutely breathtaking!! I wish I could turn back the hands of time and have you capture the special moments with my children and wife. True artistry. You have captures the hearts and souls of the family, dog, and their home.

Kel Ward: These are to die for! I love them all so much. Their green walls are awesome and the family is gorgeous!

a: love them all. That last shot is amazing thank you for the "DO not try this at home" comment. You do great work.

Krissy Allori: Gorgeous photos, family and home. I really love the feel of them. So glad you put the "do not try this at home" on the last image - your composite is super cool! Would love to see a before and after!

Jennifer Chaney: Oh what a sweetie! I love all the images. Especially the guitar ones...okay and the doggie ones. ;) Fantastic work!

Kathleen Weibel: Beautiful! And wow - those guitar images are amazing!

Sylvia Borgo: Absolutely fantastic! Gosh, I just adore your work and I want to say that this is one of my favorite sessions ever. I love this family's home. They are a beautiful family!

Lina: Beautiful captures, all those happy faces - gorgeous family! Great work, Ash!

Carrie: More Ashley Ward beauty x

Janice W. Chitwood: Awesome, totally artistic , beautiful photography. The subjects are pretty fine too! Love you all bunches, JanJan

Kara Layfield: I love how you incorporated items that held such special meaning to the family. My fav is definitely the one of Mom and baby (b/w). That image is gorgeous!! You can certainly tell that this little one is loved. Beautiful work as always Ashley!

Elyse: Beautiful family!

Amy: Beautiful and loving family amazing photography!

Becky: perfection!

kate craft: LOVE all of these the last one is beautiful and I am so happy to see you talking about the composite factor ...Great job on the images and for supporting newborn safety

Charlotte J.: WOW! Fantastic!!! You do amazing work Ashley :)

Happy 2012!!!! I’m finally back from my holiday break and glad to be be posting this session that is long overdue! I visited this family before the holidays and their two children were such a joy! Big brother is a bundle of energy and so much fun! He tried to steal the show in the beginning and I had so much fun encouraging his playful nature. And considering his very young age, I think he did remarkably well for the family portraits! And he even managed a sweet kiss for his sister in front of my camera! But of course, then it was this precious little girl’s turn in the spotlight and she was incredible! She slept like a champ and held her poses so well. Isn’t she beautiful!?!

Dear family, thank you so much for your patience waiting to see these images. I hope you love these images! Tell your friends and family members to check out the images and leave a little love on your blog post. Blog love makes me very, very happy and I like to say thank you to my clients for sharing my work. If you get 35 comments from unique visitors (with a unique email address), you can choose your favorite image for a 5×7 print on me! If you get 50 comments, it’s an 8×10!! It was such a pleasure working with you! Enjoy:)

natalie: What a precious baby girl!!!! GREAT JOB!

Brooke: What PERFECT photos for a beautiful family. Big bro did a wonderful job and looks super cute in his cardigan. And I have to say my personal favorite for baby girl is her as a little bear. Mom & Dad should be proud. Great job!

Randy Kinnett: The last one is my favorite. Super cute.

Dezarae: What an absolute adorable family! Their new addition is gorgeous and I love to see all of the awake shots... amazing Ashley!

Julie: These are amazing! I love how these photos celebrate both of your sweet kids so well. Beautiful family.

Maureen Shandor: You truly have captured the liveliness of Alex ! These pictures are breathtaking!

Gina: Incredible photos of this beautiful family! And how did you make the baby "smile" in one of them...the expressions that were captured are priceless!

John: Very nice photos!

Aunt Tracy: Love! Love! Love! Can't wait to show these to everyone!

Cathy: What fabulous photos!

Aunt Karen: Love them all. They grow up so quick- glad you have these precious photos.

Pamela Burdett: How precious. Love picture of big brother with baby sister.

janice shears: way too cute!!!!! eatim' with a spoon!!!

Erin Evans: I love these pictures! Even better that they were taken at home!

Terry: I'm enchanted by these photographs. A wonder to have the moments captured so beautifully. Thank you for your artistry and skill. This is wonderful to see, family.

Nilsa Collins: Great PICS!!! Very Photogenic Family!!!

kathy lockett: All the pictures are beautiful and so expressive!!!

Janice Gay: Very artistic. You captured the sunshine in their eyes!

jen gray: Soo sweet, Love the straw basket shot. Very expressive photos!

Cathy: Almost as good as being there (not quite). I am so glad these lovely photos were shared, as I can watch the progress from afar, and feel close to all generations (especially proud TX g'parents). Beautiful family.....

Marie Black: How great are those pictures!!!! Anna is sooo sweet!

Ashley: Love! Alex is hilariously cute and Anna looks so sweet!

Lynn Stoops: I thought the pictures were very good.

Vickie Blankenship: These are wonderful pictures. especially the captured kiss. How sweet!

Amy Pawlowski: The pics are beautiful!!! Love the creativity of the poses!!

Sara Runfolo: Beautiful pictures!!

Doug Pawlowski: What a beautiful family!!! Congratulations!!

Susan Bjerke: Precious pictures!!

Kathryn Mercado: Beautiful chidlren and amazing pictures to capture the moment.

Tiffany Allred: Such a beautiful family!!!

Marcee: I don't know which is my favorite! They are all great! Congrats!

Betheny Johnson: What a beautiful family! The photos are just precious! Great memory maker!!

Mary Madeline: ADORABLE!

Sheri Gregg: Beautiful pictures! What a great way to celebrate a new addition to the family.

Nicole Z: Oh Ashley, what a beautiful session. You are such a talent!!! I adore you and your work!!

Trish: Good job Ashley! These make me so happy!

Kathy Rochford Strawbridge: these are beautiful the one when big bro is kissing baby girl while mommy and daddy wonderful..Mom and Dad did a good much love

Lynn Foster: What a beautiful family and fantastic pictures! Congratulations on your newest addition! Precious! Lynn (Aunt Karen's friend from Hubbard)

Nick: we're lucky to have these. thanks ashley!

John: Great photos guys! That growing family is looking better and better!

Nikki: Super cute, everyone looks great!

Garrett V: Such beautiful photos of a beautiful family!

Adrianna Stanley: Aww, absolutely gorgeous family and amazing photos :)

Carla: Those are really great pictures! So cute!

Carla: These are great pictures! So cute!

Carla: Very nice pictures! Wow!

Great Uncle Bob: Super photographs. They are too cute. Alex is a trip and growing fast.

Rudy: Great job of capturing the spirit of precious people. Glad to be able to see these photos of family.

Phyllis Wolfe: Such lovely pictures of your new daughter, Anna! Also great of Alex---he's quite a happy toddler. The family picture is just beautiful too!! So thoughtful of your Mom, Nick, to share these photographs with us.

J.R.: Very cute!

Cheri: It is wonderful to see such incredible photos. They have captured the love in this delightful family! great job! 1

Dan: Those toes need tickled.

Sandra: Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful!

Evan: Too cute...great looking family! Love the shots of the little feet!

Bob: Great Job! Amazing images of the children's eyes!

Rachel: Your niece and nephew are sooo cute, Tracy!!!

Michael Antenucci: Photos all look amazing!!!!

Jill koverman: Great photos of a super wonderful family!!!

Nikki: I love these! Your kids make great subjects

Kari Dawn: Beautiful family!

Sarah Dunlap: Wonderful photos

Verity: What stunning captures of a gorgeous family. I adore the big brother toes, and of course the sweet baby shots. Lovely!

Stephanie: These pictures are so adorable! I love the ones of the kids together! Alex looks like such a happy boy!

Kara Layfield: She's precious! I LOVE the kiss from big sweet! You capture such beautiful memories Ashley!

kate craft: What a beautiful family and big brother is Soooooo cute !!!

Liz: Beautiful session, Ashley!! Love them all. What a sweet family, too.

Kel Ward: What an adorable family!! I love these!