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I always look forward to my newborn baby photography sessions with great anticipation. Each baby I work with is uniquely beautiful and I get such a quiet joy from working with them and observing the bond developing between parents and child. The business of newborn photography can be quite challenging but the rewards are great, and at least once during every session my heart is touched by these beautiful babes deeply. I cannot tell you what an honor I consider it to work with all these parents and babies. I remember my absolute joy over all other emotions when my daughter was born. And bringing someone into your home during that first few weeks is no small act of trust. I am grateful to my clients for their trust in my skill, their appreciation of my art, and faith in my character. Thank you for believing in me and for commissioning me to create photographs for you that capture the magic and beauty in your lives!

Here are some images from a recent newborn shoot, held as always in my clients home. He was handsome and precious! Enjoy:)

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I visit the family home for newborn sessions all the time but it’s been a while since I was called in to photograph a couple of little girls in their rooms. I have to say, I will NEVER tire of this kind of session! I just love photographing clients in their homes……the place where they play and love and grow. And especially when I have two ADORABLE little girls like this to photograph!!! Oh my goodness! Could they get any sweeter? I think not! And the girl’s rooms where the PERFECT place for their photography session……a place where they could just be themselves, in all their wild, adorable, sweet glory!

Amanda: Ashley, these are beautiful shots! Thanks for posting these, they make me smile!

The first time I met this mother and son many years ago, I instantly liked them. And so I was thrilled to be contacted by mom for a family session. These are exceptionally bright and gifted kids. Truly lovely young people that you know are destined for great things! We held a mini session at their home and it was my pleasure to photograph them.