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Oh my goodness! This cutie patootie had smiles for miles!! I think I laughed through the majority of this session….and that’s a good thing. This precious baby girl was an absolute doll for her photographer. Baby photography is sometimes challenging, sometimes exhausting, but always rewarding!

A very short post today! I am preparing for my daughter’s elementary school graduation (sniff sniff) and a trip this weekend for 3 glorious days of hanging out with other lady photographers and lots of education and sharing and shooting and editing and who knows what else. I hope to have plenty of images to share when I return:)

Thank you, mom, for a wonderful morning! I hope you love the images. Have 35 unique friends and/or family members leave a comment on the post (with their email address) for a free 5×7 portrait of your choice from this session. Get 50 comments and receive a free 8×10!!







shalonda: incredibly stunning...and that second pic, wow makes me gasp!

Danielle: LOVE!!!!! I love all of them!! Such a sweet doll baby - and wonderful pictures!!

kris allbright: wow, these are incredible..I love everyone of these beautiful shots, Ashley..

Katie: Ashley- They turned out beautiful!! I can't wait to see the rest.

Amy: Wonderful work Ashley.. Just way to cute of a baby. she is a doll.

Rachel: Oh wow!! I love them all! She is so smiley and those eyes are amazing!!

Mary Sue: Beautiful!!!! Gerber baby watch out!

Jan: My granddaughter is adorable - so is her mother..great pictures.

Erica Davis: These are the absolute more adorable baby pictures I have every seen! You two girls are just so beautiful and so happy - it really made me cry! I can't wait to see even more of these pictures when I come visit!!!

nici comer: second one is my fave. and i love the vivid, crisp color of these photos. lovely!

Faye Stumbo: Just want to get hold of her and love all over her. She is beautiful!! Was so glad Joan shared these pics with me. I have a grandson,Noah, that is turning two in June and I have found him a girl. Ben I know you are so proud!! Mommy and daughter look so happy!!

Kris: Just beautiful! So nice and airy!

Lauren Corder: Amazing! You both look so happy and beautiful. Thank you for sharing and I look forward to more pictures. I miss all of you!

Micki: These are absolutely adorable pictures. They are beautiful. I love the baby blue eyes and the gorgeous smiles.

Katie: What a beautiful baby! Ashley, great shots!

Brandi-lee: Wow, these are adorable. Your clarity and lighting is flawless. Beautiful beautiful shots!

Heather Hammond: These are gorgeous! Enjoyed looking at all of the pictures.

Gloria Barker: Beautiful session! Love all the bright colors. You did such a fantastic job on this!

Carolyn: Beautiful pictures of a beautiful baby Ava and her beautiful mother!

maggie: beautiful baby and wonderful pictures :)

John: Pretty, pretty girls!

Brenda Newsome: these pictures are great! she is beautiful

Brandi: what a stunning little beauty!! Really beautiful session, Ashley!

regan ackerman: wow! amazing pictures. so bright and vibrant! you will definitely cherish those forever.

Rosey: Katie, these pictures are wonderful. What beautiful eyes Ava has!

Jen: Such beautiful eyes. Wonderful pictures.

Tammy Wahl: These are so cute. I love the expressions and all the colors. Beautiful!

stacy: she is sooooo cute!

adam: She couldn't be any more adorable. The quality of the pictures really show how beautiful she is.

Joan: Mom is beautiful and baby stole my heart.

Wende Trew: Those are sooo gorgeous!! Love the lighting!

Jessica Snipes: My little princess did such a great job in her 6 month photo shoot. She is the most beautiful child that I have ever seen!! And of course Katie looks amazing!!

elizabeth Snipes: beautiful! Jessica has been telling me how beautiful the "little princess" is! I have to agree!

jaynie (faye's daughter): Oh my goodness....what a beautiful smile on that baby girl....she is gorgeous!!!

Gordon: wowzaa! you all look so pretty and happy.

Chris: What amazing photos of Ava. Beautiful!!

Alice: What a beautiful family you have. The photos are just so wonderful. The colors are great. Great job

MaryClaire: These photos are absolutely beautiful! It helps that she had two beautiful subjects to work with:)

Darren: Amazing, what a stunning set of pics !!

Joyce: this little doll has me smiling too! beautiful!

andy: What a beauty!

Ben: Absolutely beautiful pics of my family. Thanks Ashley for this amazing work. I like to tell everyone that she gets her looks from me but it's obvious where she gets them from. I love you both so much!!!

Benjamin: What a beautiful baby girl. The most stunning pictures I have ever seen. So clear.

jenn: Wow! Love your work - your color is gorgeous! And so is your little model! Gorgeous!

Alicia: Ummmm.....I am speechless!!! This photos are AMAZING!!!!

Ashley: Thanks for visiting and for all the love, everybody!

Erin Dorling: Ava is beautiful! Great pictures!

Abswheeler: beautiful! great eyes!

Martine: Prettiest baby I've ever seen!!!!

Delray: We think she is so gorgeous!!!

Kari Wright: What a little doll! She is gorgeous, the last is my absolute favorite.

Claire | NJ photographer: She is precious!

Lina: Well, some kids are just way too cute! Beautiful captures, and I love crispiness and clarity of your shots!

Jason: My goodness the light in these are amazing!!

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Thanks for visiting my blog! I don’t say that enough. So let me take this opportunity to tell you how much I appreciate your visit, your blog love (comments), and your support. I especially love the blog love!! I can’t help it. It makes me feel good to know that you enjoyed what you saw here:)

No sessions to blog this week. I had a couple of sessions that have been postponed due to weather and allergies. That’s ok. I still have lots of work. I am creating some great new coffee table books and proof boxes, a deluxe album, custom dvd slideshows and custom cases, some jewelry pieces, and prints. These are the things that keep me busy when I am not actually out shooting. But I did want to go ahead and blog this week and I’ll try to do it again before my session next week.

Next week is a huge week personally and professionally. My daughter graduates from elementary school next week. I just can’t believe it! I still remember the first day of first grade like it was yesterday. I see her smiling at me in her little red, white and blue jean jumper and her long red hair….that was so curly back then…..pulled up in doggie ears with red ribbons. She was so proud to be a big kid! I hope to have some hands to hold on to during this ceremony. It is going to be really rough! I couldn’t be more proud of her, but watching them grow up is really bittersweet, isn’t it?

At the end of the week I will be doing some traveling for training and am completely thrilled! I’ll be meeting up with an incredible group of women photographers and we will have training opportunities in several areas. I’m most excited about the newborn and child segments. And there will be late night pizza and editing parties too. Yeah, maybe that doesn’t sound too exciting to you……but I can hardly wait. I’m hoping to come back from my time with these women inspired and excited to use all that I learn! I will also be attending some training in June out west with one of my favorite photographers! It will be some pretty amazing and intense training and I’ll blog more about that as the dates approach.

I need to go ahead and make some announcements about available dates for 2010 also. Thank you for making this such a great year so far! I have had a wonderful time working with previous clients again and meeting some wonderful new clients. August is such a funny month this year! With the bookings I took today, I only have one available session space for August. So, if this is an important time for you, (ie you have a due date in August!), please book right away. November is the next month that will book up. I have 2 appointment spaces available in November for print delivery available before the winter holidays. I have a few openings left for June and July still.

I think that will wrap it up tonight! Thank you again, clients, perspective clients, friends and family of clients, supportive photographers, and basic blog-stalkers….you all rock! Oh and here is an image I took of my “other” girl last week…..just because:)


Rebecca Knowles: Have fun on the trip! Wish I could be there with you ladies! Her puppy face just makes me want to kiss that nose.. too cute!

Darren: My boxer would love to be inside on my couch like this :)

paula hickson: seeing this pic makes me feel like crashing out on my couch, too!! haha adorable pooch!

Laura: Goodness sakes this is why the saying "its a dog's life" came about. Too cute!

Christi Stewart: OMG I love this!

Jennifer: I LUV YOUR DOG!!!!

Another newborn photography session to post this evening and I’m up awfully late tonight trying to get this post on the blog. A few technical difficulties today have put me behind in posting this preview. I just couldn’t go to bed until it was done though. I am so anxious to share. This session had to be broken into two segments and because of that, I spent a lot of time with this delightful family! They were so wonderful through the whole process. And I think we all had a great time, even when the precious little boy didn’t want anything to do with our session! We were patient and it paid off!

I have to say that I absolutely love when families are into the experience of the lifestyle portion of the shoot and are ready to share a little bit of their home life and what they love to do. It makes for images that truly come alive. Music is a big part of this family’s life and I so enjoyed capturing them singing and playing and dancing and enjoying themselves. I love being able to watch scenes like this from behind my camera. It was a special treat for me because music is such a big part of my life too. I have quite a few musicians in the family and sang classical music growing up and even had a few years as a singer in a rock band:) I truly love the images I captured of this family and I hope they will love them even more than I do!

Mom and Dad, thank you for being so very patient during your shoot and in waiting for your preview. Since I didn’t post anything between the two segments for you to see, I am previewing more images than usual for you. Enjoy!!! And ask your friends and family members to check out the post. If 35 unique visitors leave a comment here (with an email address), you will receive a 5×7 of your choice and if 50 leave a comment, you will receive an 8×10! I seriously LOVE blog love:)















Brandi-lee: WOW, these are some of the best lifestyle photos I've seen. I would sooo love my family to be captured like this, the one of the little girl twirling just makes my heart fact all of these make my heart soar. LOVE THEM!!

Amy: Wow ashley.. You have an eye for life style pictures. I love them all but I can't pick a favorite. Wish you were around here.

Kimberly Kyle: Wow, what a perfect session. The house, the nursery, the family...all beautiful! Come on down to Augusta when Luke comes and visit me!! ;-) My house doesn't look like that though! Lol.

Kari Wright: Those are fabulous Ashley! That nursery is to die for, WOW!

ShellyS: Wow! These are FANTASTIC!

Rebecca Knowles: Absolutely gorgeous! What a beautiful family. I love the way you captured the true to life family. Amazing!

Kris: Ashley, these are amazing! I think in your spare time you should give on line classes. If I was closer, I'd love to come mentor with you!

Julie Wagoner: Wow! I feel like I know this family just from viewing their sneak peek on your blog. Absolutely amazing lifestyle make it look effortless in these shots and I KNOW it's not. :)

beverly: oh, WOW!!! these are just absolutely fantastic ashley!!!!! i LOVE the one of the older sister twirling while the daddy is playing the piano !

Shelby: WOW!!! Lovely family, Beautiful nursery, and fabulous photography... WOW

Fabiana: These look like they are straight out of a magazine. STUNNING!

Meghan Rickard: These photos are DIVINE!! Would make a stunning album! And their home is 'picture' perfect!

ashley: Thanks again for the comments, ladies! Yall are awesome. It was a great session(S). I'm looking forward to their proofing:)

Alyssa Anne: Great work...I love the variety!!

Fiona Colvin: Oh my Ashley, what a completely incredibly beautiful session. I would die to photograph a baby in a nursery like that.

Crystal: LOVE the true nature of these pics. Very genuine and loving. And can I say GORGEOUS family and house??? This mama has some great design and in photographers!

Slavie: I hope you are making a coffee table book for them. I cannot choose one as a fovorite. Everyone is perfect.

Crystal: And PS: I know this last room is the formal room, but I could totally see a wall display/collection of these piano and guitar photos in that space above the couch or by the it!

Wende Trew: Those are fabulous!! I love all of them!! What a beautiful familly!

shalonda: oh my gosh ash i am not kidding when i say i can not even pick one single this 2 part session was well worth it.... i can totally see a canvas wall of these they are truly frozen moments in time for this family to cherish forever

Bernie Moore: Wonderful photos of a beautiful family in a beautiful home!!

aseel: Ashley - those are stunning! What an amazing set!

Amber Sheree: Amazing session! I agree with Brandi above, these ARE some of the best lifestyle photos I've seen! I wish I had images like that of my family.

Darren: your lighting in these shots is Out of this world, stunning stunning work - I am curious what lens you are using they are spectacular !

Karen Butler: What amazing works of art!

paula: I've known these parents since they were children. You have captured the beauty of their family in these heart touching photos.

Amanda Leatherberry: Wow....fabulous session! You did such a great job capturing this family!

Jennifer Mott: Wow Ashley! You did an amazing job with these!! What a gorgeous family and that nursery is to die for!! I love every single shot!

alpana: Love the lifestyle pics, Ashley! so many faves but love the mom kissing the baby mirror reflection and the dad with the little girl on the piano!

michael: Simply Beautiful. I'm speechless.

Julie Cox: Murray & Marley (Hollis & Alex, too) These pictures are FABULOUS - what a beautiful family!

linda sulejman: I love the family group shots; you have captured such a warm fun feeling.

Claire | NJ photographer: Love these Ashley! You rock that new lens and lifestyle pics.

Kerry Siereveld: Ashley - these are absolutely stunning images!!! Very well done!

cathy: Beautiful!!

Sandy Reed: Gorgeous family and home! These pictures truly capture happy moments to be treasured forever.

Jill: Love these! The one you captured big sister spinning is by far my favorite!!

Mary Alice: Fantastic photos that really capture the love and happiness of the family! The design work done in the home is fabulous too!

Kelly Hall: This family is beautiful inside and out, you captured them perfectly. Congratulations on amazing work!

Jennifer: Wow those pics are so beautiful. Ashley you are incredibly talented. Looks like you all had a wonderful time.

Ellen: Alex has gotten so big! Can't wait to see you all again! The photos are precious.

Marjorie: Great pictures!!! I really love the candid shots in the living room playing music!! Brings happy tears to my eyes!

Denise Fleming: WoW!!! Beautiful family. The photos are unreal. Thanks for sharing these with your family and friends.

Mary Ruth: Beautiful family, beautiful home, such happiness and the photos capture it all.

Crystal Fulmer: Marley, you have a beautiful family! Wonderful job with the pictures!

Marilynn Moore: What fabulous pictures! The best I have seen in a long time. You have captured this very special moment in their lives that will live on forever through your photography. Thanks for sharing!

bobbie varn: Wow, These pics are just wonderful.You all look great and so happy. Good job Baroody's and ashley ward.

deidre: The moments captured in your home with your family are amazing and should be treasured for always. Ashley captured your love for one another so well. What great pictures.

P Floyd: Great photos. Not sure the bald guy is holding his hands right on the guitar. The rest of the family makes up for his mistakes.

Beebe Hunter: Thank you so much for capturing my beautiful friends in such a happy and joyous time...your work is really fabulous! It has been a joy to work with them as their interior designer...I thank for your beautiful photos!! Each and every photo is your style!

Ashley: I just wanted to say thank you again to everyone for the sweet and amazing comments, both for this family and for my work. I appreciate your visit and time and hope you will come back to visit again:)

lindsay: awesome session! i agree with the others, you have a real eye for lifestyle portraits!

georganne byrd: These are such beautiful pictures! I love them all!

Amber Norris: Your work just takes my breath every time I visit your blog. Great work!

Ashley: Thank you! Amber, what an amazing comment! Thank you for your kindness.

Lina: I think this is one of my favorite sessions of all times. All the happiness and interaction between family - it's just superb!

K.C. & Bobby: The photos are just as beautiful as the family in them. We are so happy for you and can't wait to meet the new little bundle of joy!! We love you all bunches and wish you nothing but the best and all the happines on your new journey as a family with a new little addition. You are going to be an absolutely great mama Mar :-) all our love! K.C. & Bobby

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OK, so I’m late for a Mother’s Day post. I have a great excuse. And better late than never!

This year, my daughter brought me breakfast in bed. My plate had little heart-shaped waffles, cut with our cookie cutters, and maple syrup. There were about 5 fresh strawberries from our potted garden in the syrup. She even brought in a Dr. Pepper….which my friends know, is a real addiction for me. I don’t do coffee. But I do just a little too much DP. She also gave me a lovely bag of handmade gifts and cards. There were about 3 cards and 4 different art projects she had made for me, including a purse of her own design made from a silver belt (that she informed me no longer fit), a spandex book cover, and cardboard to hold the shape. It was so clever! She never ceases to amaze me with her thoughtfulness, compassion, intelligence, and kindness. How in the world did I get this lucky?!!

Mommy had a very late night working the night before and was so tired. And my darling girl let me go back to sleep after my breakfast and happily greeted me when I finally managed to roll out of bed. I almost went into the office to plug away at all the custom orders waiting to be filled on my desk right now. But I stopped myself and decided there would be no work on Mother’s Day this year….well, no major work. Maybe I would check email and voice mail with the iphone. It’s a real challenge separating from the job and having family time uninterrupted when your office is in your home!

So we went to the park for a picnic and played. And we took a really long walk in the neighborhood with our crazy dog. And we relaxed and talked and giggled. And it was awesome! And I hope all you mommies reading this had a wonderfully special day too. And I hope you were reminded of just how lucky you are!!!

I’m posting some images I took of my girl a couple of weeks ago. We had a late session at the peach orchard. One of my resolutions this year is to take more images of my own daughter. And as you can see from the images, she totally loved being mommy’s number one subject again:)



She looks just like her Aunt Amy here!





Amanda Leatherberry: These are stunning!

Kimberly Kyle: Such a beautifully perfect session with her. I agree as photogs we forget to take enough pictures of our loved ones.

Julie Wagoner: She is so beautiful and I can see in her expressions that she was loving being mommy's star in front of the camera! Wonderful shots of her, Ashley!

Kari Wright: She is beautiful Ashley! I hope she realizes how lucky she is too - you are a great mom.

Laura: Gorgeous light. gorgeous girl! well done.

Jen Snyder: oh, WOW! Gorgeous! She's beautiful, the light is perfect... love them!

Rebecca Knowles: So glad you had a wonderful Mother's Day! The photos are absolutely gorgeous! Amazing use of light!

Fabiana: So well done, Ashley! The lighting, the processing, everything is just perfect. And she is adorable!!!

Wende Trew: Wow!! Those are gorgeous!! I love the lighting!!

Amy: How precious.. I love everything about this session. Lighting is just perfect..

Amber Sheree: What a beautiful girl you have! These are all so gorgeous!

Christi Stewart: I always especially love your pics of Riley!

ashley: Thanks ladies! These made me so happy:) Thanks for the love!

Jenifer Johnston: I can't believe how much older she looks then the first time I saw pictures you took of her. Beautiful photos....they grow up so fast :(

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