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I have been so anxious to share this session! I have seriously giggled out loud several time during the editing process. How can you not have some kind of wonderful reaction to these two beautiful little cupcakes I spent some time with not long ago? The girls were sweet and adorable, the parents were kind and helpful, and the house and everything in it was just fabulous. Truly, these rooms were just awesome and I adored photographing the baby in her room and both the girls in big sister’s room. The ages made it a little challenging – at 6 months and 2.5 years – and kept me on my toes. But I loved every second.

Mom and Dad, this is some of what we captured that day and I hope you love them! Ask your friends and family members to check out the post. If 35 unique visitors leave a comment here (with an email address), you will receive a 5×7 of your choice and if 50 leave a comment, you will receive an 8×10! I seriously LOVE blog love:)













Kel Ward: These are AWESOME! I love all of the pink! I know I always say this, but your clients have the BEST homes! :-) What a beautiful family!

desi: fabulous lighting! and their home is beautiful. you got some awesome shots! well done

Cherise: Love the nurseries, so shabby chic. That tree bookshelf is so creative. Once again, awesome work!

Tiffany Bender: These girls are adorable! Your images are so fresh and modern....LOVE!!!

Kara Layfield: These are fantastic!! I want portraits of my family like this!! Your clients always have the best kids rooms I've ever seen. Seriously awesome session!

sharon: Love, love, love! Gorgeous family with great styling! Love the house! These pics will look great printed BIG & hang on their walls :)

Karen: The photos are beautiful -- such adorable little girls. Also, mom has a wonderful sense of style. Those rooms are to die for!

Kari Wright: These are amazing as always Ashley! I adore their house and that tree book shelf - swoon!!!!

natalie lawson: what a happy, smiley baby! these two girls are BEAUTIFUL!!!! GREAT JOB!

Leah Jent: Gorgeous work, Ashley. They have such a beautiful home and a beautiful family! You did such an amazing job with their portraits.

Karen: Gorgeous images and adorable girls!

Dawn Kitley: I LOVE the shot of her in her room that shows her bed. How SUPER neat!!! Great, as always, Ashley!

amy lenhart: she is so adorable!! i am in love with her room!! and that tree book shelf wow! that mom has some good taste!! these are beautifully done ashley!!

Clarice: What a lovely home! Beautiful family and gorgeous images!

Jenica Lemmons: oh Ashley, this is BRILLIANT. Oh how I love your fresh and clean portraits with such a relaxed look. I bet the family is over the moon with these. LOVE the nursery. They did an amazing job decorating and only you could photograph it so brilliantly. LOVE!!!!!!!

Justyna: Such cute girls and cute room decor too! Fun images.

Carrie: LOVE these shots! Especially the wide angle ones! Beautiful work!

Laura Morita-Yeun: You, Ashley Ward, have a gift. A gift of capturing the sweetness of childhood. A gift for being able to do this in someone's home. A gift for making ART. What a beautiful session. Gorgeous children, parents, and wow! what a house!

carol nicasio: amazing images, awesome word...rockstar!! congrats!

Dee: These are so fun, Ashley! You got some great shots - I especially love the one of the two girls on the love seat smiling away!

Shelby: Oh MY! Ashley, these are amazingly beautiful. Love everything about them! Awesome session!

Susan: What beautiful little girls. These pictures are just amazing. It's so wonderful that this family will have their daughters lives documented in their home like this.

Lina: Those are superb! So lifestyle and fresh. And their room is amazing, i love the bookcase!

Julie Wagoner: What a gorgeous home and a gorgeous family! And you, Ashley, always bring out the best in each home and family you visit. Beautiful!

Kristin: Beautiful images! This little girl is a Princess in a beautiful palace! I love her room :). Great session Ashley!

Amber: I love your lifestyle work SO much!! Amazing, as usual!

Audrey: What adorable little girls!!! Wonderful job as always Ashely! Oh and can I just say I am in absolute love with that tree book shelf! If I knew where they lived I'd totally break in and steal it - ok maybe not but seriously LOVE it!!!

Liz: Another amazing session! Beautiful family and home!

Jennifer Mott: I adore these Ashley!! Great job :)

Zoe Berkovic: These are fantastic! They look like they belong in a children's magazine!

Sylvia Borgo: Gosh, how I love your work, Ashley. Your photograph the most sylish, beautiful families. The little girls are darling!!!!!

Gail: Tremendous work yet again - love the playful, causal feel with your clean gorgeous images! Beautiful work!

desi: sweetness of all sweetness! love them

Leontine Mcphetridge: Good piece , recognition and we want more! Supplementary to FeedBurner as well

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Vera Kruis: These are beautiful photos. Lovely family.

Wow. We have had a pretty crazy April. Or maybe it’s just me. I have had to postpone sessions 4 times due to weather! Thank heavens mother nature played nice this weekend so I wouldn’t have to push this baby photography session back. I scoped out this spot earlier in the week and couldn’t wait to try it out!

This mom and dad were just adorable. Oh my goodness! They were amazing to work with. They shared with me how they had been planning this session for a long time and how much thought they had put into what kind of photography they wanted. And they couldn’t have been better subjects. They played and were open to all suggestions and totally let themselves be in the moment. They trusted me to capture the fun and I loved every single second of it! Their baby daughter is adorable and reminded me of my own daughter at this age….so eager to be involved in new activities. I was happy to document this play time and I hope these images will allow her parents to relive the feelings of experiencing her wonder and curiosity and unabandoned joy as she grows older.

By the way….check out the awesome crown of honeysuckle mom is wearing. Yep! I made that on the fly! Actually, the sweet baby girl was supposed to wear it but what was I thinking! She was having none of that! Anyway, I think mom wore it so well. Isn’t she beautiful!

Mom and Dad, I know you are regular visitors to the blog (and I absolutely love that:), so I am sure you understand how all this works. But here is the 411 – just in case. This is a taste of what we captured that day and I hope you love them! Ask your friends and family members to check out the post. If 35 unique visitors leave a comment here (with an email address), you will receive a 5×7 of your choice and if 50 leave a comment, you will receive an 8×10! I seriously LOVE blog love:)


Shelby: Bubbles, tea, great location, awesome light, beautiful family = wonderful session!

Laura: What a beautiful family! And that light!---divine!! Love the bubbles and the fun interactions you captured. Really lovely session Ashley.

amy lenhart: oh my i love this session!!! i adore this session! the rich greens wow! the adorable baby girl and her parents who are obviously completely in love with her!!! amazing work ashley! i love the one of the parents clinking the teacups over her head!! so cute!

Ashley: Thank you, ladies! Amy, the parents totally get credit for that one! All their idea:) They rocked.

Kelly Mack: Wow these are just awesome! I love every one of them.

Laura Morita-Yeun: Gorgeous family and gorgeous work. Ashley, these are wonderful.

Nicole Z: What a gorgeous session. I love every one of these. Such pretty light and what a beautiful family.

SharonJ: What a lovely session Ashley! Heaps of variety & emotion. Well done as always! :)

Sylvia Borgo: As always, your work does not dissapoint! This family is just darling! I love the location, the light, their fun and warm personalities!

desi: oh. my. soul. this must be one of your best shoots ever! that one of daddy and daughter is to die for. well actually they all are. golly gosh. well done ashley. i bet they're ecstatic with these. xx

Julene: I like the one where the weenie dog and the little girl are both looking up, weenie dog's ears look like they'll fly it away. Cute! : )

Amber: Oh, LOVE the little tea party shots! Those are awesome! What a fantastic session!

Cherise: Such a sweet little girl, great job!

Anelle: OH MY WORD! These are absolutely gorgeous! What a beautiful family, lovely location and wonderful captures!

Dee: Beautiful light, beautiful family, beautiful images - you've done it, again, Ashley! What a gorgeous session you created!

Bunny: I couldn't be biased at all, but these three are the most adorable little family! The bubbles and the tea party are priceless. Baby girl is gorgeous!

Papa: I think this darling child takes after her grandfather!

natalie lawson: you continue to blow me away all the time! the lighting in these are incredible!!!! and she is beautiful! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Wendy K: Wow! What an artist Ashley is! We were so blessed to find such an awesome photographer. You captured the beauty and the joy of parenting this precious child! We couldn't be more pleased!

Bonnie: Mary says these are the best pictures she has ever seen! Ashley, you are a phenomenon!

Wendy: What a GREAT photoshoot! I love!!! the bubbles.

Leah Jent: Ashley, these are gorgeous. Your outdoor images are just beautiful!

Julie: Gorgeous pictures, Ashley! I like!

matt: I love these photos.Ashley you did a wonderful job!

Sabrina Thomas: I love the pictures! The one of Dawsyn and Wendy in the chair is my FAV.!!!

Bonnie: These are absolutely beautiful! I love them. The colors are fabulous, and that is one of the cutest babies I've ever seen!

Janis Bass: I love these gorgeous pictures! Adorable theme and people!

Heather: These are beautiful!! I LOVE the tea part idea and love that boogs is there. A beautiful shoot for a beautiful family. Ashley you're amazing!!! Family y'all did amazing as well. Keep on smiling!

Kenneth: These are wonderful pictures y'all. Ashley I wish we were still in SC for our photos! Gorgeous!!

Ashlyn: I love your pictures Aunt Dede!! Baby D is so pretty!!

Jade: Uncle Matt I love your pictures! Y'all look so nice!

Dallin: These pictures rock uncle matt and aunt dede. I can't wait to see them in person!

Sarah: Cute family and cute pictures! I love the colors in the bubbles! Too fun!

James: Great location, amazing pictures, love the bubbles

Alexander: Very cute pictures, love the chair, the tea set, the bubbles, everything !!!!! Pictures turned out amazing !!!!!!

Amy: My little girl looks so grown up. I think she needs me to hold her and play with her. Now, I'll always remember her like this.

Uncle Matt: Nice photos Wendy, Matt and Dawsyn!

Judy Polifka: These pix are just way precious and perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

matt o: Love the baby with the bubbles. Super cute baby!!

Kara Layfield: Gorgeous family and stunning images! I just love the golden light behind them!!

Melissa: What a precious Lil' girl!! Her outfits are so adorable !

Nolan: I love the dogs ears in the family shot !! He looks like he wants some tea too!

taylor: This is a beautiful family & a great location. LOVE the lighting !!!

Jamey: What a Great photo session ! Love the chair & the tea party.. Great Job !

Luann: Love the bubbles !!

Preston: What an adorable family, location & lighting !! Could not get better !! Great job.

Johnny: What a sweet family. I love that the family pet was included !! Adorable

Eric: Love the pic of Mom & Daughter in the chair. Her smile is so sweet while she gets love from Mom!!

Carolyn: Love these pics! They are so sweet at that age..

Steve: What a beautiful family. What a talented photographer. Great job !!

Ben: Priceless memories & Great Photos !!

Jerry: WOW ! What a great family photo. Beautiful little girl.

Steve: These pictures are beautiful.

Luann: Love this beautiful family !! The lighting was just right !

Lina: Beautiful family, and such sweet and warm captures, love it!

Mark: Ashley Ward is to be commended for her artistry, especially considering the notorious unpredictable nature of the wee creatures she photographs. Queen D looks gorgeous.

Wendy K: I'm just looking over the pictures I often do. They are stunning. I love them. I LOVE them!! Thanks again, Ashley. You rock!!

Katie: Gorgeous session!