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This post is long overdue! And just in time for mommy’s birthday!!!!
This is another one of my babies from a newborn session.
You know your clients are the bomb when they bring a toy like this to their session! Two and three year olds can be a challenge and this handsome little man kept me running during our whole session. You can’t tell it from some of the images but the day after this session, I was so sore and couldn’t figure out why! Up and down and up and down goes the photographer capturing an almost 3 year old boy:) But for all the madness, it was such a great joy! And seeing his family again was a pleasure too.

Mom, happy birthday to you! I hope you and daddy love the images as much as I do:) Tell your friends and family members to check out the images and leave a little love on your blog post. Blog love makes me very, very happy and I like to say thank you to my clients for sharing my work. If you get 35 comments from unique visitors (with a unique email address), you can choose your favorite image for a 5×7 print on me! If you get 50 comments, it’s an 8×10!! It was such a pleasure working with you! Enjoy:)

Aseel: Absolutely stunning images! Super cute family too. Love this whole set, Ashley.

Alex: Awesome shots! What a handsome little fella!

Lys: OH MY GOSH! I love these photos ALMOST as much as I love this family! Great job showcasing thier wonderful personalities, Ashley! <3

Detra: You did it again -- cutest pics ever!!!! Love these!!!!

Janice: Wow!! Great shots! He is a cute little fellow! Great pictures of the family!!

Janice: Great pictures!!! He is a sweetie! Love the ones of the family!

Stacey: Thank you so much for capturing our family in such a fun way. I love how these photos came out. Ashley, you never disappoint!

thethirdBFF: These pictures rrrrrrrrr great

Aaron: We had a great time taking these photos! Thank you for the great photos and great experience!

Amanda S.: Amazing photos!! The family and that darling boy look stunning.

Lauren: So precious! LOVE the last baseball picture the most!!

stevanie: love love LOVE!!!

aly: sweet boy! love the pictures, ashley!

Susan: So many cute pics! I don't know how you could choose a favorite!

Kathleen: Your work is always so full of life. Just look at those sweet smiles. Such beautiful work.

Amanda S.: Beautiful pictures, the family looks amazing.

Stephanie: Love the pictures!

Kelly Mack: How sweet are these. Love them!

saspence: awww... he's so adorable! great pictures, ashley!

alyssa: great photos!

wingsfan3: your work is wonderful, ashley!

Ashley Davis: These pictures are precious!!!! He is a very energetic little boy and you got some AWESOME pictures!!!!!

Tiffany Bender: WHAT A GORGEOUS SESSION! The variety, light, comp, and connection all out of this world!

jamie siever: Adorable family! Love his little tie. But that pirate boat?! PERFECTION! Love all of these!

Janice: What great pictures! Of course I'm prejudiced--that's my family!!!!!

Barbara Hurst: So terrific to see the personality in this little guy, you have captured it to a "T" . Beautiful work and such a fun happy family.

Debbie Sorensen: what beautiful photos! and such a handsome family too. I love them all.

Mary Noble: So Sweet! Great pictures!

Kate Craft: what a great session!!!

Claire Hunter: Beautiful session. I love your location!

Anelle: Beautiful, beautiful session! WOW!

Paula: Great photos and creative ideas. Love the new Brave. From baseball to pirate ships and hanging upside down.

Dee: These are fantastic! The boat, the smiles, the love - just wonderful!

Michael Sorensen: great pics...very creative. A pleasure to view. Gifted photographer.

Johnny: Awesome work man lil con is growing so fast! You all look beautiful! Great Job!

Louise: Beautiful pictures!

Rnnny: Great shots! Love the little pirate!

Gary: great photos of the family! GREAT JOB!!

Kim: Great pictures! Connor is a handsome pirate!

Jeremy: These are great, love the baseball photo.

Robin: Wow these photos look like they are from a magazine. Great job by the photographer.

Faye Goff: Cutest little Pirate I have ever seen. Also the family pictures are beautiful!!!

Casey: These are fabulous! I love them all though I think my favorite is the one of you holding Connor upside down. He looks like he is having so much fun!

ally: LOVE this little pirate! Pics are amazing. Ashley your work proves to be stunning!

ally: love this little pirate. Ashley, you're shots keep proving to be amazing!

Danielle Dragomir: These pictures are truly amazing. Very well done. You are lucky to know such a great photographer!

Rachel: I love these shots and the location! Where did you shoot these?

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This post is way overdue!!! I photographed Henry’s 1st birthday a couple of weeks ago and loved every minute of it! This is another one of my newborn subjects and my how he has grown!!! He is precious and sweet and sooooooo well loved.

His party theme was based on the children’s book The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. I was so impressed and excited to see all the amazing goodies and decorations Henry’s mommy prepared for the party that were inspired by the story, especially since this was one of my daughter’s favorite books. I still remember rocking her in her nursery and reading the story out loud to her and how we would make munching noises as we turned the pages and worked our way through the caterpillar’s menu. Sigh. Those days are so very very precious, and way too fleeting.

For this birthday party I did a short 1 year portrait session prior to the party and this is how I will be booking all future birthday party session……as a combination 1 year portrait and party session package. It worked out beautifully and I know the parents will be so pleased to not only have the great coverage of their son’s very grand 1st birthday, but some adorable portrait art as well:)

To the family, thank you so much for your warmth and hospitality with which you treated me. You have a lovely family and charming group of friends………so much love around Henry as he grows!!! I hope you enjoy your preview. Tell your friends and family members to check out the images and leave a little love on your blog post. Blog love makes me very, very happy and I like to say thank you to my clients for sharing my work. If you get 35 comments from unique visitors (with a unique email address), you can choose your favorite image for a 5×7 print on me! If you get 50 comments, it’s an 8×10!! It was such a pleasure working with you! Enjoy:)

Michelle Geis: Goodness I love looking at your work! Beautiful images, gorgeous party, handsome little guy and family!

Danielle Frank: These are great! What amazing captures of such a special event! I love the cake/cupcake display too!

Vanessa Cooke: These pictures are absolutely stunning! The whole family, decorations are captured remarkably. What a great keep sake to memorialize a child's 1st birthday esp. Henry! Kudos to mommy and daddy and to you for capturing it perfectly. Happy Birthday Henry. vCp aka Aunt Cookie

Justyna: How fun! What a wonderful theme and beautiful photography. You capture such color and detail and happiness!

Jen Snyder: I just love your photographic eye. Your work is so stunning.

Shelby: Wow what an amazing party. So beautifully done! You captured this little guys's 1st birthday so wonderfully.

Cherise: Love this party cute. Great work, Ashley!

amy lenhart: wow what a great party they really went all out i love it!! and you photographed it soooooo well! they are going to treasure these images forever! well done ashley!

Laura Morita-Yeun: that party looks like pure awesome. Love your work.

Nicole Ridella: Wow. Ashley, you never fail to make my jaw drop! These are so gorgeous and fabulous! Love all of the emotion you captured! (Also, love that caterpillar cake/cupcakes - I can tell his mama put a lot of thought into his party!)

Carrie: My oh my! Love the details, love the angles, love the nursery shots...just love!

Kara Layfield: Oh my these are fantastic!! This little man is certainly loved by many. I absolutely love how the theme was carried thru every little detail. I miss reading that book to my kids...

Kate Craft: these are perfect!!! What wonderful memories

Anelle: Oh, my word! These are beautiful! i love how you have captured this very special day!

Danielle McCarty: Ashley, I adore looking at the world through your eyes! You have such a great eye and talent for everything you shoot! I LOVE this party, every little detail was amazing! Henry will have photographs to cherish forever!

Jen Gasper: I just love the images that you capture, Ashley! I look at these and am in awe at how beautiful they are. Feels like I was there celebrating too. And then I am in awe of how much thought and effort that was put into this party! I LOVE the theme and everything looks like it turned out perfectly! What an amazing memory you have captured of this little guy's big day!

Sylvia Borgo: Oh, my goodness! What a handsome little man - love his quite smiles! And what t party! Bravo to his family for making it incredible!

Leah Jent: Ashley, you are so awesome! I love this birthday party!! I love how you do lifestyle. What a cute Hungry Caterpillar party! Happy birthday to the adorable little guy!

Dawn: What a fun event!! Wow, the parents took great care in all the details and you captured them beautifully!

jamie siever: Wow, these are amazing. Beautiful photos! What a great party, great colors, and you there to tell the story?! Amazingness!

Kathleen: Wow - what fun! I always love your photos. Happy birthday sweet boy!

Stacey: These are great! The photos are amazing and the family in adorable (especially that little one!)

Julie Wagoner: Aww, this looks like such a sweet and genuine celebration. And of course you captured it perfectly, Ashley!

Amber: Wow, these are incredible!! Wow. You have such an eye for lifestyle. The details and moments you capture for your clients are just so beautiful.

iz: an amazing shoot! what lucky parents! ok, not to be nosey (but i am), would the owners of the house mind sharing where they purchase their art work? it is just stunning! what is the piece in the living room that looks like an old map or something? it is matted in a red. and then those pieces in the dining room and over the fireplace- wow. we live in ohio, so nobody will ever know we stole your thunder :)

Vickie Blankenship: Pictures were great. Captured smiles expressions very well. Enjoyed them.

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