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Hello yall! We had a great time in Texas but are glad to be back in town. School has begun and now it’s time for me to catch up on blogging, client orders, and sessions:) This precious baby had a session right before we left for vacation and had to wait for our return for the preview. So if you like what you see, leave them a little blog love:)

Can you believe it has been 6 months since this little princess was first photographed by me?! It goes so quickly. And my how they grow!!! And doesn’t she just have the most AMAZING eyes? No photoshop trickery here…..this sweet girl has been blessed with the biggest bluest eyes I think I have ever seen:) I can’t wait to see what changes will have taken place when we do her 1 year session!!!

Mom, I hope you love them! And thank you so much for choosing me again to document the blessed days with your gorgeous children and family! Get friends and family to leave some blog love and receive some prints from me! 35 comments from unique friends/family (with email address) = a 5×7 print of your choice. 50 comments = 8×10 print of choice .

Claire: what a cutie...and yes, she definitely has amazing eyes! these are precious ashley!

Katie: I'm in love with these! SO gorgeous!!!!

Tiffany: Ashley, These pictures absolutely took my breath away! I love everyone of them. Just beautiful. I thank you more than words can express!!!

aseel: omgosh - dripping with cuteness! She's beautiful and you did an amazing job, Ashley.

Anya Coleman: Wow – these are fabulous. Love them!

Zoe Berkovic: These are so adorable! I love them all!

julia pinckney: No doubt who this baby is!!! She is absolutley beautiful....of course!

Joyce: They are all so cute, I especially love the ones w/ that cool stove w/ the red knobs in the background!

Betsy: She looks so much like her mommy! Love the close up in the blue dress.

Kara Layfield: These are lovely! I love the light and airy feeling. She's such a happy baby with stunning eyes!

Courtney Aday: Absolutly love these. She is growing up so fast.

Julie Delgado: Beautiful eyes! Love all of these.

Amanda Leatherberry: OMG! How cute are these?! Love them!

Jen Gasper: Seriously, I think I could eat this little darling up! Those eyes are captivating! I absolutely love the variety of expressions that you caught with her. Perfect!

Tori Piercy: OMGoodness what a DOLL! Love the clarity and all of those smilies :) Great session!

Dezarae: I LOVE these! Your clarity and lighting are amazing!

Marzena: She's soooo cute. Love the colors and your lighting.

Kristin: Fabulous session! She is absolutely precious, and you really captured this age so well.

shannon treadway: WOW WOW WOW! These are all beautiful! She is such a gorgeous little one and her eyes are simply beautiful! Nice work!

Emily Southerland Photography: LOVE these settings! Is that her ROOM?! Dreamy! And her eyes are quite amazing!

Dawn Kitley: What gorgeous surroundings! And those eyes! Holy moly, beautiful little girl.

Laura Easley: Oh my goodness! What a cutie-patootie!! Beautiful pics Ashley!!

Tanya: Oh my word. What a cutie pie! Your lighting and processing are wonderful here Ashley!

Brandi-lee: Ok, seriously you rock!! These are so bright and lovely. Love all her expressions, she's adorable.

Jennifer: Tif, these pictures are absolutely gorgeous. Some of the best professional pictures that I have ever seen!!! She for sure has mommy's eyes!

Fabiana: Her eyes are just mesmerizing. GORGEOUS photos, Ashley. You are an amazing, amazing photographer!!!

JillianH: Oh my, this little lady has made me smile so big! Beautiful shots of a beautiful girl!!

EmilyC: Princess indeed! What a complete cutie! Those eyes are gorgeous!!

desi: well didn't you just capture a perfect little girl perfectly? your colours rock. well done!

Kathleen: Wow - she does have amazing eyes! Great shots. It is amazing how you use your environment.

Leiba Bernstein: Wow, Ashley, love these! What amazing clarity in all of them! She is an adorable baby too!

Carrie: These are totally divine! I really love the bedroom shots. She isn't even mine but I find myself wanting a big canvas for MY wall!!!

Michelle: She is so cute! That first shot is adorable. Love them all.

amy lenhart: she is soooo adorable!! those blue eyes are gorgeous!! i love the feel of these and how you caputure the world around her!!

Julie Wagoner: She is just precious and your light and clarity in these is out of this world! Wonderful session!

Jason: You are the MASTER at light!!! These are ALL amazing!!

amy: These are just Fabulous. Love them all. She is just a Doll.

judy hunt: Doug and Tiffany, Does Ashly come to your home to photograph? I think that is your furniture in the background.Tallie is just beautiful. Her eyes are overwhelming. Please bring her to Roanoke soon. Judy

Kelly Mack: Woe these are just wonderful!

Kris: She's a cutie!

Belle: these are awesome, love them!!!

Anelle: Oh, how sweet she is! These are gorgeous!

Shelby: Amazing photos of this gorgeous little one.

Kerry Siereveld: I just loved looking at these!!! Beautiful work Ashley!

Lynn: what a little cutie.. and you have such great shots of her!!! the lighting is super fantastic too... bravo!!

Claire: She is the cutest! They are all so adorable!

Laura: Oh my goodness, she is so cute! And that nursery...WOW! Gorgeous portraits!

katecraft: I love this session. she is just a doll and what a playroom! Great captures I think the first is my favorite

Beth Lofgren: OMG I LOVE THESE!!!

Jenn Ricketts: oh my what awesome, awesome pictures. How will they decide? I would want them all! Just love the angles and the perspectives.

natalie lawson: holy cow her eyes are amazing! and that is the cutest room! you did an outstanding job!

Sylvia Borgo: GAH!!! How CUTE!!! Her eyes just melt me!

Anna Sykes: OMG! This is the cutest baby girl in the universe. Every time I think that you couldn't possibly be more talented, you amaze me again with some incredible photos.

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So it’s been a little slow on the blog again because the family has been on vacation. We were so happy to travel to Texas to see family, friends, and have a few new adventures too! This is a super short post as I am preparing some new client sessions for their posts. The calendar is promising many more in the weeks ahead so check back for more professional work.

But tonight I just wanted to do a little personal post about one of our adventures on our recent vacation. We visited a great place called Fossil Rim Wildlife Center right outside of Glen Rose Tx. It is 1700 acres with 1100 animals that are allowed to roam free in near natural conditions. There are many different kinds of exotic deer, zebras, ostriches, giraffes, and so many others. You stop at a little store at the gate and pay your admission ( which is totally reasonable for this experience ) and can also purchase feed bags to feed to the animals you encounter as you drive through the park. We were instructed to drop the pellets out the window of the car and NOT feed the animals by hand…..EXCEPT the giraffes. We could feed the giraffes by hand!!! Oh my! I can’t tell you how this thrilled me. I LOVE giraffes and occasionally try to feed the ones on exhibit at our own Riverbanks Zoo, which usually leaves me feeling disapppointed as there are always such a large number of people clammering to feed them and the giraffes never linger in one spot for long. This was NOTHING like that experience!

Our vehicle approached the giraffes and we tried to lure them to us. As the giraffes layed about or hung back in the shade, it seemed like it was going to be another disappointing experience. We pulled forward again and I stood up in the front seat of the car hanging out the sunroof with my hands holding the pellets we had been given and calling sweetly to this giraffe, as if he were our beloved family pooch, and thinking to myself what a fool I must look like and how these gentle giants were probably getting a good chuckle. The largest giraffe started eyeing me and I suddenly got a little nervous as he slowly approached me. I called down to my husband through the sunroof – did he really think this was ok? He wouldn’t be aggressive, would he? I was nervous because this guy was HUGE! I have never seen such a giant giraffe before. But he was so gentle and trusting and I was so thrilled to be there at that moment, sharing this experience with my family, watching my daughter’s face as she also fed him from the car window. It was just incredible!

My husband – who wasn’t a giggling ball of goo like I was – was smart enough to hand me the iPhone and tell me to try and record it. So that’s what I am sharing tonight. I hope it makes you smile too;)

Brandi-lee: VERY cool!! The giraffe is my favourite animal and one of those that you really have to see in real life to understand how majestic and awesome they are. What a fantastic experience, glad you recorded it!

Tori Piercy: How cool! We love giraffes too and their long ole blue tongues LOL I hope ya'll are having a fab vacay!

Amber: So cool!! I love giraffes too.

Tonight a smaller post of a recent newborn session. This session is being broken into two parts because Daddy is a golf pro and couldn’t be there for the first part of this session. But although he wasn’t there in body, he was very much on Mommy’s mind as we worked together to create some adorable shots of baby boy. All of Daddy’s gear that didn’t make the trip with him became our props:) And we even found time to play tribute to Daddy’s favorite team…..getting one tiny little smile out of baby boy over that one! And this little fella was an excellent subject and you just can’t help but fall in love with him when you see him:)

Mom and Dad, enjoy this preview and I am looking forward to the second half of our session very soon!!! Have 35 unique friends and/or family members leave a comment here and receive a 5×7 gift print of your choice from me. Get 50 comments and receive an 8×10!



Zoe Berkovic: That last one made me say AWW out loud. Fantastic set!

Kara Layfield: Oh I agree...that last made me SMILE! Great job!! Mom and Dad must be thrilled!! He's absolutely precious!

aseel: What a cutie pie! Beautiful set of images, Ashley!

Summer: Ashley - what a fantastic job! Capturing these shots will forever allow us to remember how precious this experience has been. I can't wait to see the others.

CINDY PRATT: I am in love with a new guy! Can you get your photographer to Toledo? Darling!

Tracey Street: Precious pictures! Roll tide Walker!

Tori Piercy: Awww what a gorgeous baby!!! These are all so beautiful! Love the lighting and the great variety!

Mo: How precious! I love them ALL.

Caren: Summer & Chip, He is so cute. Congrats to the both of you. The photographer did a great job capturing all these pictures!!

Lynn Roldan: Wow! Absolute perfection! He's beautiful, as are the photographs!

Susie: so stinking cute!!! he was such a good little boy!!! I want one!!

mike: Nice hat!! GOOO TIGERS!!

Fabiana: Ashley, these are perfection!!! The first one is my absolute favorite - daddy must be beyond thrilled. I hope that he orders a 20x30 so that he can hang it in his office. I can't wait to see what else you come up with in the second half of this shoot.

Brett Link: Too cute!! He's a handsome little man!!!

Lindsay: These are absolutely adorable!

Jenny: Super cute!

Scott Cooper: I guess Lindsay and I might have to come up for some pics in February

Kathleen: Ahhhh... so cute. And my daddy would love that last one. ROLL TIDE!!!

Laura Boatright: I love them all! With more to come, I don't know how you are going to choose.

Grandma: You have such a gift with the camera and your gentleness with my grandson was remarkable! These will be cherished by the family forever!!

Shanna: How cute ! btw how do you get your floors so clean ?

Maria: I love the pictures Summer! My favorite is the one in the multicolored hat. :)

DIckie Atchison: This is too cute! Stinkin' cute! RTR

Mike: He is smiling because he is dreaming about THE OHIO STATE BUCKEYES!! Keep those pictures coming!!!!!!

Dawn Kitley: Great shots, Ashley!!! Love them.

Liz: What a gorgeous session. I bet daddy loves that first one. The last one is perfect!

ERica Roberson: Wow!!! What great pictures. Love love love them.

StephanIe Bantz: I love them!! Ashley, you are incredibly talented! I can't wait to see the rest!

Misha: He is adorable.Beautiful pictures.I think he likes the Alabama hat.Roll Tide.

Mandi Breymeyer: Ashley, you did an excellent job taking these pics of my nephew! They are perfect! :) I will definitely recommend you to friends that want to capture the best shots of their little ones!

Leiba Bernstein: So precious! What a cute little baby!

Kari Wright: These are fabulous! The golf is so creative but the one on the green just melts my heart. What a beautiful little guy.

natalie lawson: such a cutie! and a big shout out to the SEC (although i have to give a bigger shout out - HOTTY TODDY - lol). these photos are just beautiful and i LOVE the blue!

Laura Morita-Yeun: These are beautiful. That last one is just darling!

Belle: lovely images!!

desi: oh my! those are really, really fabulous. wOw!!

Susan: Absolutely beautiful! I can't believe he cracked a smile in the last pic! Luv it! Wonderful job!

Claire: Gorgeous as usual Ashley!

Jen Reif: What a sweetie! Love the last shot!

Jennifer English: He is precious, Summer. My hubby is an Alabama fan too. Congrats to you both.

Brandi-lee: what a creative shot with the golf clubs, very cute! Love the variety of colours and poses, so precious!

Jason: Great session, Ashley! #1 and #3 are my FAVS!! Great light in these too :)

Amber: I love these Ashley, Your lighting is always so perfect and consistent. This little guy is so cute too, I love his little smile.

Sylvia Borgo: How darling! Ohhh, all that blond hair! He is adorable!

amy: Love that last one.. Just to cute.. That made me smile

Anelle: Oh, these are GORGEOUS! That last one is perfection!

Katie: Cuteness overload! Really!

Clarice: These are beautiful images!

Carrie: So much beautiful variety and so personal! Great work!

Kerry Siereveld: Beautiful shots. I love every one of them!!

Amanda Leatherberry: These are all fabulous but the ones with the teal blanket really them.