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Hello yall! We had a great time in Texas but are glad to be back in town. School has begun and now it’s time for me to catch up on blogging, client orders, and sessions:) This precious baby had a session right before we left for vacation and had to wait for our return for the preview. So if you like what you see, leave them a little blog love:)

Can you believe it has been 6 months since this little princess was first photographed by me?! It goes so quickly. And my how they grow!!! And doesn’t she just have the most AMAZING eyes? No photoshop trickery here…..this sweet girl has been blessed with the biggest bluest eyes I think I have ever seen:) I can’t wait to see what changes will have taken place when we do her 1 year session!!!

Mom, I hope you love them! And thank you so much for choosing me again to document the blessed days with your gorgeous children and family! Get friends and family to leave some blog love and receive some prints from me! 35 comments from unique friends/family (with email address) = a 5×7 print of your choice. 50 comments = 8×10 print of choice .

So it’s been a little slow on the blog again because the family has been on vacation. We were so happy to travel to Texas to see family, friends, and have a few new adventures too! This is a super short post as I am preparing some new client sessions for their posts. The calendar is promising many more in the weeks ahead so check back for more professional work.

But tonight I just wanted to do a little personal post about one of our adventures on our recent vacation. We visited a great place called Fossil Rim Wildlife Center right outside of Glen Rose Tx. It is 1700 acres with 1100 animals that are allowed to roam free in near natural conditions. There are many different kinds of exotic deer, zebras, ostriches, giraffes, and so many others. You stop at a little store at the gate and pay your admission ( which is totally reasonable for this experience ) and can also purchase feed bags to feed to the animals you encounter as you drive through the park. We were instructed to drop the pellets out the window of the car and NOT feed the animals by hand…..EXCEPT the giraffes. We could feed the giraffes by hand!!! Oh my! I can’t tell you how this thrilled me. I LOVE giraffes and occasionally try to feed the ones on exhibit at our own Riverbanks Zoo, which usually leaves me feeling disapppointed as there are always such a large number of people clammering to feed them and the giraffes never linger in one spot for long. This was NOTHING like that experience!

Our vehicle approached the giraffes and we tried to lure them to us. As the giraffes layed about or hung back in the shade, it seemed like it was going to be another disappointing experience. We pulled forward again and I stood up in the front seat of the car hanging out the sunroof with my hands holding the pellets we had been given and calling sweetly to this giraffe, as if he were our beloved family pooch, and thinking to myself what a fool I must look like and how these gentle giants were probably getting a good chuckle. The largest giraffe started eyeing me and I suddenly got a little nervous as he slowly approached me. I called down to my husband through the sunroof – did he really think this was ok? He wouldn’t be aggressive, would he? I was nervous because this guy was HUGE! I have never seen such a giant giraffe before. But he was so gentle and trusting and I was so thrilled to be there at that moment, sharing this experience with my family, watching my daughter’s face as she also fed him from the car window. It was just incredible!

My husband – who wasn’t a giggling ball of goo like I was – was smart enough to hand me the iPhone and tell me to try and record it. So that’s what I am sharing tonight. I hope it makes you smile too;)

Tonight a smaller post of a recent newborn session. This session is being broken into two parts because Daddy is a golf pro and couldn’t be there for the first part of this session. But although he wasn’t there in body, he was very much on Mommy’s mind as we worked together to create some adorable shots of baby boy. All of Daddy’s gear that didn’t make the trip with him became our props:) And we even found time to play tribute to Daddy’s favorite team…..getting one tiny little smile out of baby boy over that one! And this little fella was an excellent subject and you just can’t help but fall in love with him when you see him:)

Mom and Dad, enjoy this preview and I am looking forward to the second half of our session very soon!!! Have 35 unique friends and/or family members leave a comment here and receive a 5×7 gift print of your choice from me. Get 50 comments and receive an 8×10!