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Holy WOW! This is the most amazing birthday party I have ever seen! And it’s just his first one!!! I recently got to go spend a few hours with one of my favorite families of 2009. You can see this family’s newborn session here. I have received so many comments on one image in particular from this session…..the baby on the bookshelf:) Anyway, here is that adorable (and adored) little boy one year later, full of spunk and wonder and joy! Mom and Dad were working on the plans of this incredible birthday party for quite some time. It was a carnival complete with all your favorite carnival games and activities like ring toss, go fish, lucky duck, face painting, and others. There were hot dogs and popcorn and the cutest little cupcakes I have ever seen that looked like a little dish of popcorn. There were all our favorite old candies and prizes. I can’t imagine anything that could have made this party more exciting for the little guests who attended!

Mom and Dad I hope you enjoy the images I took to document some of the festivities of the day:) I look forward to seeing you and your handsome little man again soon! Tell your friends and family members to check out the images and leave a little love on your blog post. If you get 35 comments from unique visitors (with their email address), you can choose your favorite image for a 5×7 print on me! If you get 50 comments, it’s an 8×10!! Enjoy:)


amy lenhart: wow!! they went all out!! what a great party! looks like everyone had an amazing time! you did an excellent job capturing the day for them!! i'm sure they will always treasure these

Krissy Allori: What a FUN party and little man looks so happy! You did such an amazing job capturing all the details and expressions. Really beautiful photography.

Justyna: Can I just say, the first photo, WOW! I so love it. It's awesome. Very story telling. You rocked, again, as always, and I mean it!

Laura Morita-Yeun: These are SO FUN! Love all the bubble shots! What an awesome party. You did a wonderful job preserving the memories. Fantastic.

Kimberly Kyle: What an awesome party! Great images to capture his special day. :-)

Dezarae: Wow, these are so colorful and happy!! :) They are perfect and tell a story. Great job Ashley!

Maria: What an awesome party idea! Looks like you all had a blast. The photos are wonderful. Wish I lived closer!

SharonJ: Love all the colour!!! Excellent work girl!!

Claire: Awesome as usual Ashley. What a happy child and awesome party to be a part of!

misty: Awesome! Can't wait to see all of them!!!

Ashley: Ash!!! I have to get my words together...I can't say thank you enough to make it mean what I feel! You just made my day!

Clarice: Wow that looks like a whole lotta FUN! Great images!

shalonda: woweee a mom after my own party planner heart! kudos to the party and standing O to you miss a for capturing the day and the memories!

Paula Petty: Oh my ... what an incredible day for our little one and as always, Ashley, you captured it all!! Your talent is unbelievable ... can't wait to see more!

Jen Reif: What a fun party! Your images are beautiful and really captured a special day!

Kacy: Ashley P., great job with the party. Ashey W., amazing pictures as usual!

Tori Piercy: How fun!!! What a great party and awesome pictures you got! How special they can always remember this through your pictures :)

Laura: Ashley! Looks like this was a busy session but wow you knocked it out out of the park girl! Love the style and feel of all of these. Love, love, love!!!

Danielle: What a great party!!! I know they are thrilled that they had you there to capture the day - wow! Now I feel super lame for the parties I throw my kids!! HA!

amy: What a fun party.. Love them all. He is a cutie.

Brandi-lee: WOW what a fantastic idea for a birthday party and you have captured the excite,ent and fun of the day perfectly.

Stephanie Sturkie: absolutely precious!!! Great job!!

Belle: these are great! how fun!!!

Sylvia Borgo: FUN! COLOR! SMILES!! That is all you need to have a great party! Awesome!

Jason: Wow Ashely, these are so good! I love the wide angle images so much! Looks like you had fun! Awesome work!

Lina: Those are fun fun fun! Love the party, captures are adorable!

Julie Wagoner: Wow, what a party! I love how vibrant your images are...perfect memories for such a great even!

Beth: The colors are amazing and looks like a GREAT well organized party... WOW! So fun!

Kari Wright: Wow, that is amazing! He is a cutie and you are so lucky to get such fun clients. You did a great job capturing his special day.

Stephanie Sharpe: Love the pictures!! Sure is a beautiful family!

Scarlett: so much fun!! looks like an awesome party! your shots are gorgeous!

Kathleen: Oh my goodness - what a fun party. What a great way to have the memories captured.

Kara Layfield: What an event!! Looks like it was a blast! I feel as if i was there - great job! You totally rocked this!

Shelley Daniels: These are great! The party was amazing and you did such a great job of capturing each moment!

Jill: What great pictures!!! Looks like Greene had a great 1st birthday party!!! Not sure how you will top that for his 2nd :)

Fran: Oh my, Ashley told me there wasn't a bad picture taken and she sure was right. Not only did the party look amazing, so were all the attendees but most of all the "Guest of Honor".

becky heron: Greene is just the cutest! Great pics, Ashley!!1

Lindsay Vaughn: What an awesome party! I'm so sad we couldn't make it! I love the family guys look so happy!

Delores Steinhauser: Ashley, WOW, what are you going to do next year? I think we should put you in charge of Art in the Garden. Great pictures! Delores & Wally

Mary: Amazing pictures and an amazing party. I know he had a very special 1st birthday!

Vicky: AP - you did a fabulous job with the party! Great ideas, great fun! You pulled off the perfect vintage carnival for sure!

Carla Shealy: We love you, Greene! I can't believe you're one!!!!

Kendra: Awesome pictures!!!!! Great smiles from all!

Susan: Do you know how much money a woman would spend on hair like yours, Green?! It was captured beautifully in all the photos!

Linda Welsford: These are the cutest pictures I have EVER SEEN. They are so good close up and the facial expressions great and well as all the hoopla party decor. Way to go. . .thumbs up!

Jackie Orr: Great pictures. Looks like Greene had a great 1st birthday!

Mary Ann Haven: What beautiful photography! It's full of JOY! Best Wishes for your ever expanding success.

"GiGi" Goebel: I can see not only did you capture Greene Ashley, he must have captured you as the photos are stunning!! Thank you for the memories of my grandson's first birthday party!

"GiGi" Goebel: I love how you captured Greene Ashley! He must have captured you as well as the photos are stunning!! Thank you for the memories of my grandson's very first birthday party!

Meredith: We had a fabulous time! Everything was beautifully decorated! His favorite activity, by far, was the bubble maker! Too cute! A fun Sunday afternoon and an endless supply of Cheerwine! Perfect!

Lacey: LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the pics. Absolutely Wonderful!!!

Debbie Randolph: Happy 1st birthday little man! 1st birthday parties have come a long way since my son was a year old - WOW!! Ashley, awesome work!!!

Gay McKay: What great pix!!! Sorry I missed that party. Looks like a really funy time.

Gena Rawlins: Baby Greene is ADORABLE! Great job Mommy. You put so much love into creating a perfect day. The pictures are awesome. Greene will feel so special looking back at his 1st Birthday.

Gwen: Ashley, it looks like it was a great party. Greene must have had a ball. All the pics are great.

Jill Fairey: Love the pics

Jeff Romig: So much fun! Best nephew ever!

Aunt Bonnie and Uncle Steve: The pictures are absolutely great and he looked like he was having a really good time.

Zoe Berkovic: Love how fun these are!

melissa reynolds: the boy is just too cute for words! looks like you guys had a blast and you have the beautiful photos to prove it!

Barbara Wheatley: What a party! It was a great time for all who attended. The pictures are fantastic. I love the family picture (the 1st one shown)! Great of all 3 of you. Good job.

Lisa: Hey Ashley - Those are so great! Now I feel bad I never got such wonderful pictures for my kids. How priceless. Love the angles and colors. Looks like you had a great time. You look great!!!

Lee Williams: These are great! Greene is adorable, and mom and dad did an awesome job on the party!

Betty L. Davis: Ashley - I feel as if I got to come to the party after all! No wonder Greene's great-grandmother is crazy about him!! Hope you will bring him to see me soon. I'm sending love from his great-greataunt.

Marissa: To both Ashleys - beautiful work! LOVE LOVE LOVE the pic's and the party decor/planning!

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I am so excited to announce I am now opening the calendar for 2011! There are just a couple of appointments in December of 2010 left on the calendar. I am now booked through the end of November. It has been an honor to work with so many lovely families this year and I am so looking forward to meeting the rest of you who are on my calendar.

I can’t believe how this year has flown by! I wish I could put on the brakes and slow things down just a bit. Every year that my daughter gets older seems to fly by faster and faster. I can hardly believe she is now in middle school! Wasn’t yesterday her first day of first grade? Sometimes when I look at her I see that little girl in doggie ears and a red and blue jumper standing on the front porch, all smiles and so excited about the first day of first grade, and my heart aches for those days. But I am so proud of the young lady she is becoming. She is clever and funny and kind. She is compassionate and loving. She is creative and brave. I totally adore her. And am such a proud mommy.

Here is a little project she has been working on……hats for our beloved Jovie! When she brought the first hat she had made out of her playroom to show me, I was so impressed with the thought process and attention to detail…..the shape, the feather, the beads. So I told her we would do a tiny little photo shoot of dear Jo. My daughter did the styling for the shoot. And here is the result! Enjoy:)

Michelle: This made me laugh out loud. So funny. Love your daughter's creativity.

Ashley: What a sweet picture! Our dogs would never let us do this! Such a creative little lady you have....humm, wonder where she gets that from ; )

Laura: oh that dog's expression is soooo funny! Love this Ashley!

Anelle: :D This totally makes me smile! I love it!

Brandi-lee: Hahaha, this is just priceless, love it! Such a classic that the dog has that perfect posing and staring out the window look.........perfect model in perfect model attire! Your daughter is one creative little girl.

Kara Layfield: Your DD must take after Mommy with her creativity!! :) This is with out a doubt the cutest thing I have seen all day!! Love it!!

Summer: It's pictures like this that makes you appreciate the power of a great photo! It makes you smile! : )

shalonda: heehee cute and yea for you for being so booked you are most definitly worth it ms aw!

Kerry Siereveld: Love it!!!! Poor dog doesn't look amused at all. :)

amy: What a cute dog.. love them.

Julie Wagoner: Well, Ashley, this post made me both laugh and cry...such is the life of a mother. Lovely capture of the treasures of childhood!

Rachel Aberle: Haha, love it!

Lina: Poor dog! I am sure those cookies were delish, but boa and box? You are a mean lady :))

Please forgive me for not writing much this evening. I just had to post these image before turning in for the evening. I know mommy has been anxiously waiting for these and I can’t wait to show her all of them:) Isn’t this little cupcake an absolute doll!!?!

Mom, you know what to do:) Enjoy!


Lisa: You are a lady after my own heart!!!! Gorgeous! Love, love, love, love this PART DEUX! xoxo

Dawn Kitley: She is just too cute, Ashley!! LOVE one of the last ones of them together, such a precious moment and you captured it wonderfully!

Julie Wagoner: Oh my, Ashley! One of my fave sessions from you ever...and I love all your sessions. How will this mommy ever choose??

Kimberly Kyle: Yep, she is a cutie! Beautiful.

Amanda Leatherberry: Adorable. Love that she has her little doll with her in the chair too :)

shalonda: ooooh so pretty....and that chair gets me everytime i love it

becky: what a little sweetheart! love the photos of her and mama, too sweet!

Terra: beautiful! Love these,you really captured her personality well and the light is beautiful!

Kathleen: I'm always amazed by how you capture the personality of those you are photographing. She is such a cutie!

Brandi-lee: Beautiful setting and shots, love her expressions, she's gorgeous!

Tracy: Wow! Wow! WOW!!!! The setting, the pretty pink chair, Lily is her precious outfit. It's all perfection!

desi: i love these ashley! totally ♥

Kara Layfield: How magical!! I love the location and how it seems that Mom and little one have slipped away for some quiet time together. Her outfit and that chair are devine!! Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful Work Ashley!!!

Grayson: Oh Lisa! These are amazing! I would never be able to choose! The wild flowers and sette is the perfect setting!

carol nicasio: Lisa, my heart melts everytime I see pics of little girls with their mommies...beautiful work!!! what beautiful memories for this family.

Tori Piercy: That is one beautiful little girl!! Gorgeous pictures and your chair is rockin'!

Lina: Oh my world, those are adorable. Such a cutie pie - great session!

robin price: These are so adorable. I want one to frame at my house.

Michelle: So cute. What a darling little girl!

Jason: This is so good and what a location!! Makes me want to move :( Very nice work!!

Scarlett: SO GORGEOUS!! just beautiful!

Kerry Siereveld: LOVE the chair. The pictures rock too!! :)

Anelle: What a doll! I love each on of these beautifully captured photos!

Leya: What a little princess! So adorable

Michelle Thomas: Lisa, she is too cute!! Great pictures!!

Dezarae: Wow, these are so adorable! She's adorable! These tell a story for sure, great pictures Ashley!

Jenn Ricketts: adorable! What a darling little girl. That chair fits so perfectly with her outfit an her gorgeous smile.

Sylvia Borgo: I just fainted! THese are just so, so darling. Both girls are GORGEOUS.

Robert Buchanan: I am not biased, being the grandfather, but is the best looking grandson ever!

You may remember this precious little peanut from a few weeks ago. At the time we held that newborn photo session, Daddy was out on the golf circuit. So when daddy returned to town, so did I and we were able to capture this beautiful new family at home together. And he was a good little baby boy and slept on cue for me too.
Mom and Dad, I hope you enjoy!
cuddles copy

Laura Morita-Yeun: Gosh,I love all of these, but that one of mom and baby takes the cake. Gorgeous work.

becky: eeeek, ashley, these are so stunning! love love love them. you're work always amazes me!

Brandi-lee: What a gorgeous little boy, he looks so peaceful. I love every single shot!

Julie Wagoner: Ashley, I think are just so purely sweet and genuine. This family is going to be so in love with these photos!!

amy lenhart: awe he's soo sweet!! i love that first one!! they must love these!

Nicole Ridella: Beautiful Ashley. I love the ones of mom and dad gazing at their sweet little guy.

Claire: These are gorgeous Ashley! Love them all.

katecraft: Great...absolutely Great.

Scarlett: Omgosh, so precious!! LOVE every shot!

Laura: Ashley, I love this session! My favorite is the next to the last of mom and baby. Beautiful!

Amanda Leatherberry: LOVE all of them but esp that first image. So cute!

Jamie Siever: Darling! That one with mama and baby is amazing! She must want to wallpaper her house with that!

Tori Piercy: What a beautiful baby! My fave is the first one!

Kara Layfield: These are great!! I LOVE the one of Mom and baby. Gorgeous!!

Kathleen: Gorgeous. Great shots. I love the one of mom looking up at you. And Roll Tide!!!

desi: great session! you captured the love

Stephanie Callahan: These are wonderful! I love the moments you caught. Love Love Love mom and babe!

Carrie: These are gorgeous! So many precious family shots to be treasured!

Laura Easley: My favorite is the one of the father and baby. I love the laughter on dad's face! It even looks like baby is having a good laugh too! Wonderful!!

Kimberly Kyle: Aw! Glad daddy got in on some pictures. Love the Bama shot!

Lina: I am in love with baby hair - amazing! Beautiful captures too, they will treasure them forever.

Michelle: Love the first one and the one of him snuggled with mom. So cute!

Dezarae: Beautiful images! Love the chunkiness of that baby!

Sylvia Borgo: Oh, how I adore your newborn sessions! The shot of the family in bed together is gorgeous!

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