Fairy Collaborative | Columbia SC Teen Beauty Photographer

September 17, 2013

Some time ago a fellow photographer and friend asked me to participate in a collaborative with other photographers from across the country. Each photographer would submit one image for inclusion in a online publication. There were no rules behind the project and we could create our image in any way we saw fit. We were only given a theme…..fairy.

I decided I wanted to create a studio image that reflects my style of beauty photography. I enlisted the help of my lovely daughter as my model and my makeup and hair goddess, Amy Schaming to help create our fairy look. Riley was a wonderful model and Amy’s work was other-wordly! It was a fabulous exercise in imagination and creativity. Here is the image we submitted to the publication, plus a few other favorites and a closer look at Amy’s incredible work.

Please check out the publication and the work of all the other photographers who worked so hard to submit such beautiful images!

And if you love this theme, you should really check out my friend Heather Larkin’s work at fairyography.com! I had the great pleasure of visiting her in Athen’s last summer. She is not only an extremely talented photographer, but a kind and caring person with a beautiful spirit:)

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