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Hello everyone! Thanks so much for stopping by! I just wanted to share some of the awesome products my clients have been purchasing this year. Digital files are nice to have and I recommend you purchase them for your archives and for bulk and gift printing. But there really is no substitution for professional photographic art products. And I have put so much effort in to bringing you AMAZING goods this year. It has taken a lot of time and a lot of samples and a lot of trial and error. Offering my clients superior products has always been important to me and I am a stickler for quality. And my new products this year are just outstanding. I know this because the new stuff has me giddy when I open up the packages for inspection and new packaging.
Giddy, I tell you!
So let the sharing begin!

This is my newest wall art offering. Your chosen image on wood and adorned by an artist’s hands with organic beeswax and oil paints makes it a one of kind art piece that will blow you away. This is a client piece here which is truly gorgeous. But I also have a beautiful sample on the wall of my client space that you can view during your consultation and ordering appointments. This same technique is also used for a couple of other products I now have available.

Here you see the original image in it’s final editing state and then the amazing wood panel art piece.

And here is one more great new product. This is a beautiful modern storybook with a linen cover. This is not a press book. These are true photographic prints…..the same quality print you would frame and hang on your wall. It is a 10×10 book and comes in several linen cover options. This storybook coupled with my lifestyle newborn photography session held in your home is a perfect way to enjoy the telling of your story and relive this time in your life and enjoy your favorite session images…..including those that will one day bring to life the memories of that first family home and the nursery you made for your baby’s welcome and the love you shared there.

I am also offering a luxury heirloom album that is truly to die for. I will be highlighting that album soon so come on back soon and soak in more of the product goodness!!!

Kel Ward: Oh, I love that wood panel! It is definitely a piece of art! Love your colorful and fun!

Gail: What a beautiful way to display your images! Your storytelling style of photography would be perfect for an album and it looks GORGEOUS!

I have been so happy to be busy with almost entirely newborn baby photo sessions lately! Don’t get me wrong, I am looking forward to the family sessions I have coming up, but it has been a joy to spend so much time capturing the beginning of a new chapter for this and other lovely families this summer.

And I am thrilled to be able to offer the itty bitty session series too. If you love what you are seeing here or on my webpage but are looking for a smaller session experience, give me a call or send me an email…..I may just have the perfect session for you!

Photographing this family was a pleasure! Baby brother was such a good sleeper and big brother couldn’t have been cuter. I love photographing newborns and while they will always be the center of a newborn shoot, that doesn’t mean we can’t take a little time to make big brother feel special too!

This family is blessed with two adorable boys and family and friends that seem to provide them with lots of love and support. I am honored to have photographed them and hope to see them again soon!

Laura Morita-Yeun: You are so dang AMAZING at what you do, Ashley. These are beautiful. That black and white of the big brother on his bed? Beautiful! And the one of mom and dad with baby on the bed where the parents are both looking at you is STUNNING. What a beautiful family. Jeez. The parents are crazy gorgeous, and the dad's tattoos are super cool. Oh, and that last one? I don't even know what to say about that last one except I ADORE it.

Myrna Morris: love the pics, beautiful family, children are just adorable, I've met the big brother he is precious, love love love the pics!

Shelby: I kept picking favorites from this session and just gave up after I couldn't make up my mind. This family is absolutely gorgeous and you totally rocked this session. WoW!

Becky Murray: I am proud to say that these beautiful/handsome folks are my family. These photos are absolutely gorgeous!

Rachel: These are gorgeous and mom is stunning. The new addition is so precious. Love every one of these.

kaysie: b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l family! <3

Lisa Hunter: Love These Pics !!!! Beautiful Family !!!!

Kristan: AMAZING pictures. Sweet sweet family. :)

Cheryl Tillery: These are so good! This is the sweetest little family! I am so proud of them!

ann singer: Beautiful!

J Crosby: I just love family photos!!! These are great!

Latrelle: Love the pictures! Personally love this family as well. Great job!

Kel Ward: Awesome work, as usual! This family is way too attractive! Geesh!

Sylvia Borgo: What a beautiful family! The picture of big brother and baby brother is just priceless!

Krissy Allori: What a gorgeous family. She looks way too good to have just had a baby. Love that last shot!