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I had a fabulous newborn session this morning! I wish I could sit down and edit all of these right now but time does not allow. There are still two more performances of “Charlotte’s Web” at the Columbia Children’s Theatre to attend! All of the actors did a wonderful job last night. They really rose to the occasion. I was as proud as I could be of my daughter. And her Aunt Amy flew in from NY to see her first performance, even keeping it a surprise from me until I arrived at the theatre!!! Yeah, Amy, you got me good:)

Well, back to the reason for this post. Even though I cannot edit this whole newborn photography session now, I just couldn’t wait to edit this image! Eeeek! How I adore this little baby girl and just love this image of her. You can almost smell how sweet she is! More to come from this great baby session soon:)


Ann Gordon: Cutest ever! Love the hat :-)

ckmetrophotos: OMG - this is seriously wayyyyy too cute !! - wonderful composition very striking congratulations.

Rosemary Faile: OMG - if this doesn't make you smile - your just not human. WOW! Great job.

jennifer adams: awww these are beautiful, I love all the colors!!!

shalonda: holy cuteness overload!!!!!!!!

Bree Bryant: These are WONDERFUL!!

Ashley: Ya! I just want to smooch all over her when I look at this:) Thanks so much for taking the time to leave a little love yall!

Some of you may know that my daughter will be in a production of Charlotte’s Web with 50 other talented kiddos at the Columbia Children’s Theatre this weekend. She is very excited to be a part of this production and we are thrilled too. I wish I could have been there for all the rehearsals and preparation of the performances but I guess that will make it all the more special when I see it this weekend! I have only caught a little bit here and there but from what I have seen it is going to be wonderful:) Come see the production if you can or their production of Cinderella, performed by adult actors, next weekend. This month they are also having “Cinderalla’s Royal Ball” with a performance by the children’s music artists Lunch Money! How cool is that!!! This is a fantastic group of people and we are so lucky to have them here in Columbia. They have a lot to offer the whole family for entertainment and also offer classes and camps. See their website for more information or to be placed on their mailing list.

So, I spent a little time in the theatre the past couple of Saturdays taking headshots of 51 talented youngsters to be hung on a “wall of fame” showing all the cast members. I delivered those this evening. Be sure to check them out in the window outside the theatre! I am posting the one of my little superstar here:)


Good luck, Sweetheart!!! Break a leg!!! No, not really….but you know what I mean:)

Aseel: Ashley - your daughter is gorgeous - what a great image, and a wonderful thing you are doing to help the theater!

FionaC: She's so lovely - hope it's a great show!

lara: ooohhh -- good luck to your sweet girl! You image of her is just lovely. and how COOL for all these kids to have real headshots!!!

Lori: WOW! How great that they get headshots from you!!! Lucky ducks- excellent work as always and what a great way to be involved in local ARTS!!!

Paige: That is so awesome Ashley. I LOVE the headshot and it it so generous of you to volunteer your time for those kids. What a memorable time for them.

Amber Sheree: Your daughter is gorgeous! They are lucky to get head shots from you, I bet the kids feel so special.Wish I lived closer, I'd love to see it!

alpana: great job, Ashley! The photo has such a wonderful, modern feel!

Leya Stefanski: How fantastic! How wonderful of you to volunteer your time to somethng you feel strongly about. I'm sure your daughter, her friends and the theater feel blessed for you to donate your talent. I'd love to see pics of the final product.

amy b: ashley you are such a talent. so generous and thoughtful with your time. I am sure all 51 head shots are just gorgeous.

ShellyS: Your work is fabulous, and I think it's awesome of you to volunteer your time to hlep these kids. Gorgeous picture of your daughter!

kellie: What a generous thing to do!! This headshot of your daughter is lovely. The lighting and black and white conversion are wonderful.

Julie Wagoner: Your daughter is beautiful! I'm sure the theater is thrilled that you are so generously donated your time and talent!

Kari W: How generous of you to volunteer your time and talent. Your daughter is beautiful!

Katherine: Just gorgeous and how awesome of you for donating your time and talent! Good luck to your daughter and all the performers!

allison f.: These look so great! That's a lovely b/w conversion. Great catchlights! Nicely done!!!

Ashley: Thank y'all so much for all the lovely comments today! Getting ready to go to the performance now!

Danielle McCarty: Wow, gorgeous work! I love the BW, so perfect for a headshot!

Shelby: What a beautiful image of your daughter. What a lucky group to have you working with them.

moki: this is so pretty! I wish the production my daughter was in had shots this great!

Jill: It's so wonderful that you are donating the kind of photography that would normally cost an arm and a leg to such a worthy group! Your daughter is gorgeous!

Fabiana: Ashley - they are so blessed to have you help out with their publicity photos. How ingenious of you to offer this to the theater company. You are such a loving an giving person! And an excellent photographer. Good luck to all the performers tonight!

Danielle: Beautiful AND talented ..... both daughter AND mom! :) I wish I was still there to come and see the play. I bet the kids (and parents) love the professional headshots of the kids! Great job!

Wende Trew: Your daughter is beautiful!! They are soo lucky to have you do their head shots!

Ashley: Thank you so much for the incredible comments. It was so fun and the kids loved their headshots. I really DO think it made them feel like superstars tonight! The best part for me personally is that my sister flew in from NY as a surprise! My mom did a pretty good job of keeping it a secret....I had no idea until I got there. She got to come to her nieces first drama performance! I tell ya, life is good:)

Carrie: what a fantastic project and so kind of you to take on! You did a great job!

Holly Sisson: Great shot! Wish I could see all of them. Love the catch lights too! :-)

K: What a gorgeous headshot! Those catchlights are amazing!! I bet that 'wall of fame' will look just amazing!

Jenifer Johnston: your daughter is so gorgeous!!! what a fun thing you are doing for the theatre!

What an fantastic turnout for voting in the contest! Thank everyone so much….from the contestants who sent the word out, to the people who came and voted and to those who commented here on the blog or sent me a message. It was an exciting contest with several people taking the lead at different times. But in the end we had a clear winner.

A very short post today as I announce the winner of the blog contest………drumroll please………..


IMAGE 15!!!! Yay! Congratulations on the win and I look forward to seeing and this precious boy again this year:)

Thank you again to everyone! I hope it was fun for you guys too:) Have a wonderful week!

Laura: What an adorable baby! Great pic Ashley! Congrats to the winning parents.

aseel: Love the colors...what a precious little one! Nice work.

Tanzyn: Love the colors, so soft with a nice pop! Beautiful:)